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  1. @=LG=Kathon hi, there was a bug in the server. Mission 197 all of a sudden stopped after 9 minutes => https://taw.stg2.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=197 and when server re-launched we went straight to 198 and VVS lost territory and now blue tanks are knocking at Lotoshino's door 😁 I hope it can be fixed, i don't feel like listening to that 90's Guns & Roses song. Thanks. EDIT: Nevermind, VVS kept Lotoshino in #198, so i guess no need to modify anything.
  2. Exactly, call it what you want, but if one side has non historic powerful gunpods with a lot of ammo fitted in their best fighter, we also would like 23mm guns on our not best fighter, and don't forget, it has only 90 rounds. Other than that, there is no complaint and TAW devs have done a great job making current edition very competitive; all the VVS/LW fighter performance has nothing to do with them. Call it whinning as many did before when i was some kind of crusader asking the following changes to TAW some editions ago: 1. Limit the maximum players a side can have, so we don't end up with 65-17 sttacking making impossible to have a fair fight. 2. If a side has a big difference in numbers, reduce the strength in some way (it was done, front AFs disabled and limit the new pilots logging in) 3. Limit the never ending deployment of Ju-52 parachutes. 4. Stop making main depots the most important targets, balance winning conditions, cause when they are gone it's a countdown till the end of the map for that side. 5. Punish arcadish flying by applying a penalty after you lose a certain number of lives. See? All these changes were applied, and now you have the situation of maps like #1 and following being fought intensively with both sides being able to win them.
  3. I also would like to know if the probablity of being captured changed. If IIRC it used to be LW pilots had less chances to survive as they were not fighting over their territory. And yes, i remember and also after checking my squad's archive by current map (#3) there was almost in every edition one or a couple of red squads in the fighters top 5, and also at least one or two VVS pilots in the top 5, and now it's all blue. Also top 10 fighter streaks ATM are all LW pilots. So one out of two, all of a sudden magicaly all VVS pilots became greenhorns, crappy pilots and forgot everything they knew from previous TAWs, or something has to do with now very powerful TNT 20mm from LW and/or weak DM on our fighters. We've been saying this for sometime now and specially after last patch more noticeable with the physiology effect...of course devs deny this, and of course our squad get suspicious about it, as we didt a few times in the past and they ended up confirming us right (by their own changes being made later on their following patches). We are veterans with more than 13 years competing online actively, and very soon realize when something has changed. Anyway, we accept this, we know now VVS early fighters are more difficult and harder than before against their LW counterparts, but will keep fighting till the end of TAW. My only complaint to TAW and specially in current situation: it's incredible a mediocre VVS fighter like the Lagg-3 doesn't have 23mm unblocked by now, but the best LW plane like the 109F4 can have gunpods and with it's 3x20 TNT 20mm, becomes a FW190 very early indeed. Makes no sense really. PD. @Ala13_UnopaUno_VR nice shooting in that video! Also I love how your mini FW erases those 3xPe2 out of the sky, and kills the first 2 with the very first burst as we can see on the logfile=> https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=37710&name=Ala13_UnopaUno_VR .
  4. Congratulations to all LW and VVS for very intense first 2 maps! And specially to VVS who focused in important tasks, and let us come back in map #2 from what it first looked as an almost imposible win. It was very close, so great victory!
  5. Pe-2 is the top funny recurrent subject brought up by RB!WC; fortunately it's only few but they come to forums and are very noisy. All gunners ingame are very dangerous, but if you want to cherry pick go ahead. Again, just like the AA issue, let's use some facts from two of my recent flights, instead of Goebbels propaganda tactics:: 1. Attacked by 2 Emils, none 109 was even hit by my gunners. My Pe2 destroyed after 2nd burst https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=5507&name=666GIAP_Chimango 2. Even better, no damage from my gunners to the the 109E that attacked me dead on my 6; i got plane in flames after first burst. https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=8182&name=666GIAP_Chimango Not the ubermodelledrussianbias outcry we hear so often, is it? Is it tough to kill it in a 109E and survive unharmed, generally not easy and i agree, but maybe these people never tried to catch a Bf-110 or even worse a Ju-88 in an i-16 once it dove away, and if by miracle you catch it before it reaches his defenses/AF, then starts another story avoiding its gunners and doing real damage with our peashooters. We all have stories.
  6. Hola Tarzan, bienvenido. Supongo que te referís a los estabilizadores ajustables en los aviones alemanes, no? Otro luftwaffeano, que epidemia! 😁 Tenés que setearlos en los controles, buscá estos comandos: Espero te sirva, saludos.
  7. Rgr Wulfe, nice to hear that. I have commented cause i witnessed something different and i agree with Tumu's comment regarding there being many unrealistic factors in this sim, like in any sim, and we have to deal with them. It's like you yesterday, remember? Luck was on your side then. You were shot down and ditched almost 30km from your lines, but not only that, it was sector 1816.1 over the red town of Mozhaisk just 4 to 5km from our active airfield. You didn't get capture, got only "crashed" status and kept your virtual life. I guess you had a russian lover in that town that gave you cover and hid you there! 😀 Anyway, you seem open minded and it's nice to discuss with you. You remind me of my dear friend Tumu, a very nice guy....and i admire nice people, cause i'm not 😂🤣 ____
  8. A weaker, slower and outnumbered i-16 shoud dictate the fight against 2x110s? LMAO! When you think you have read it all... I think you've been playing another sim...or have no idea what you are talking about...or haven´t flown the i-16 that much. Ot the three of them together.
  9. You guys are exaggerating. I hope it doesn't become a campaign on demand; don't make any changes to flak this edition. Today we had many fights above border flak positions (Presnecovo - 2013.9) and not even once was any 109 or Mc202 hit by any of those. Also during our tank advance to Zenino we had an artillery position, i had a turn fight with a 109 which ended deck level over it, no hits for the 109 at all during the whole minute the fight lasted; and later on i saw a P40 and a Mc202 evolving just above it while our flak kept shooting and not hitting the bandit at all. So that's a fact, sometimes it's deadly, other just useless; as it shoud be. I have never been hit by heavy flak so far, not even once flying both fighter and also bomber over AF's; i've seen Pe2s surviving easily at lvl bombing and also dying like flies when dive bombing AFs. Also i chased a He111 on previous map who bombed our AF from 3.5k and not a single heavy flak got him. So take it as it is, nothing needs to be changed during current edition. And if you are going to ground pound (i doubt it, LW has been generally very lazy about this so far) adapt, and attack it in a well organized group. Ground pounders life it's not an easy life.
  10. Good news the red flak is accurate, it's a nice countermeasure for TNT on Emil's 20mm. Every single burst means engine damage and out of combat to i16 and P40s. Not to mention the Emil out turns the Ishak with no effort, what a joke. The P-40? It has become a flying brick, useless, just one pass if you have height advantage and pray. Bad time to come back to TAW as a red fighter. Terrible performance for us since last patch.
  11. Un grande Moro, y esto revive las famosas Condor War de ECV56_Cherar, donde se armaban campañas PvP entre mas de 30 pilotos todos del ECV56 con una profundidad y una adrenalina a la altura de la TAW, o más todavía. Planificación semanal, estrategias, tácticas los días de misión, mucha sangre durante las mismas, y el tiempo de debriefings que eran un show aparte. PD. Moro querido, que bueno que agregaron el K4, me parece muy equilibrado el planeset ahora. Ni bien me libere los viernes me tenés ahí volándola para el bando que necesite gente.
  12. Then again is not about planes, they are a great match up and it's all about pilots and temwork; there we agree.
  13. This is not a good example, cause ppl was discussing about plane capabilities, and here you put an example of pilot skill. Different issues. Both planes you mention are able to go solo vs 4 enemies if the single pilot knows what he is doing in combination with those 4 not having a clue. The A6M2-21 has the upper hand in a 1v1 against the Wildcat, but you rarely find those situations in good online campaigns or crowded servers. It's all about teamwork; i remember in old il2 1946 there was a very popular MP Zeke vs Wildcat map and when in good hands the F4F's could become untouchable when flying as a team. So it's a good match up, both planes are great...and at the end of the day it's about pilot skill/teamwork.
  14. This is not new, this is going on since few patches back but it's more obvious now with the adition of pilot consciousness loss. Yesterday i flew an il2 in a server, it only took one short burst from a 109F4 default loadout to destroy and stop my engine, the Sturmovik was known to be a flying tank, far, very far from what we have in the sim right now.And VVS guns -except Vya23mm- specially the combo 2xUBS or 1xShkas/UBS + 1xShvak it's really terrible, very poor, 109s laugh at them.Maybe devs don't care much about MP, otherwise i don't understand how come VVS gun performance has changed so much from last year to current patches. IMO you guys need testers with more MP experience...that is if you care about MP at all.
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