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  1. Combat Box, earlier this evening: DBS, 6FG & =X51=
  2. Alrighty then... AI gunner friendly fire on nearby bombers. Will they be able to "see" friendly bombers flying near by?
  3. Happy Birthday Jason. My question: are there any bomber specific improvements in the pipeline? Such as: notification when someone joins your plane online (gunner station) gunners "seeing" friendly bombers flying in the vicinity and avoiding friendly fire AI gunners giving info / calling out bandits when they spot them and not just when they start firing more complex AI bomber formations etc... Thanks!
  4. Flew several times on WarClouds server before the mods hit in 2008 IIRC. Spent most of my time on Battle-Fields servers and on organized events. Still use the same callsign to this day. Mostly thanks to IL-2 1946.
  5. This definitely needs fixing. It goes against all that was done in light of the realistic spotting currently implemented. I do hope it gets fixed ASAP.
  6. Experimenting with YT premiere option, new video ready:
  7. Update: on Friday I had this bug happen to me on first join (first sortie) of the evening. Not after map restart as usual. Again on Finnish Virtual Pilots server.
  8. It's not just the blue side abusing this, everyone is. IMHO it is funny how they strive to achieve as realistic as possible spotting in this game, yet we have completely overdone nav lighs combined with star wars tracers. Something just doesn't add up... 🤔 We need to be more vocal about this, just like with the old spotting system.
  9. Enjoyed that very much, especially the message at the end. 😎🧐
  10. Interesting... I've been flying bombers in formation - doing level bombingh, sortie after sortie on MP server for years now and never encountered this bug. Perhaps something else in the equation is to blame...?
  11. Rest assured, the "tradition" has carried over into IL-2 GB and is still used when in a pinch to call upon friendlies flying near by to help you out. When working as a team, due to the lights being so prominently visible - it overcomes any spotting difficulties. Hell, we and many others use it to signal who is a leader in the formation for easier forming up. One of the most unrealistic features in a flight simulator that strives to be as realistic as possible. Go figure...
  12. Nav lights are the most unrealistic feature of the Multiplayer. Remove them and there would be a general outcry for easier spotting lol. 😄
  13. This bug is near 99% time happening whenever I fly with friends on Finnish Virtual Pilots server - after map rotation if you stay connected. The solution is to always leave the server after map rotates.
  14. Second video / bombing of 2021, almost complete 10 minutes of action only:
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