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  1. A typical bombing run, just to keep the videos going.
  2. Tonight I attempted to fly with AA on. No matter what tests show (that there is a 50/50 benefit for either, on or off), for me it turns the already bad visibility to a blind one... Completely ruining the experience of closed pit flying. I am less and less inclined to fire up this game. Been spending my free time with other games/flight sims and hobbies lately.
  3. After a short break, here is another video...
  4. Just came back from an evening of MP with the latest patch (KOTA). I do believe the skin loading and unloading bug has finally been fixed. Other squad mates have the same impression. The overly bright LOD of some allied planes also seems to be fixed. The rest... Not in the near future it seems according to the Jason's Officer's club:
  5. Turn off SSAO, it will remove most of the ugly scratches as well and make them look more "DCS like".
  6. AI gunners on friendly planes simply do not take into account friendly bombers flying in formation with them. I've been shot at by fellow squadmate's gunners quite a few times by now, and have shot down other squad mates flying formation with me. May I kindly ask that AI gunners become aware of the friendly planes in the vicinity? Here is an example of getting shot down by a gunner from a lead bomber last night: I tried diving to extinguish the flames, but didn't succeed... Is it even possible to do such a thing in this game?
  7. This should probably go into a separate thread, but since I don't have a track of the run (mere video via Shadowplay) this is the only thing I can post as evidence. And it is also related / dependent on the zoom: Not to mention it was confirmed by other squad mates during the attack run.
  8. They also can't see friendly planes flying close in formation. The gunners should be able to give us much more information than just "he is engaging"... Some day I hope.
  9. I don't think anyone here doubts that with a proper implementation (local dimming) HDR looks stunning. Just that it isn't an option / solution to only one smaller segment of a problem with spotting. Perhaps in 5-10 years when the prices come down and it becomes more of a main stream. By then the remaining OLED problems should be solved too.
  10. Just released recently, and a good monitor. No doubt. However, it's HDR is found lacking, at best: The screen can take an HDR input signal but has no local dimming capability, so cannot truly offer an improved dynamic range. It has a peak brightness of less than 400 cd/m2 so doesn't even carry the rather meaningless HDR400 certification. It does at least have the extended DCI-P3 colour space and 10-bit colour depth support for improved colours in HDR content so you will benefit from enhanced colours for this kind of content. You just won't benefit from any improvements to the active contrast ratio of the image. Source: https://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/lg_27gl850.htm#hdr
  11. While all of the data above is nice and dandy, it doesn't really reflect the way it is being implemented into the game. If it is, it only confirms my suspicion that the system was tuned for blindness rather than realism. There are few recent posts from real life pilots saying how much more difficult it is to spot planes in this sim / game than in real life. Contacts are not being rendered at wide FOV (sometimes even normal/default FOV) at medium to long range distances. It is one thing not being able to spot, and another not rendering contacts at all. This is all without even digging into the large number of issues described in this very thread (most glaring one being contrast change dependent on FOV, from either white to fully black) which makes for tracking and requiring the target much more difficult than in real life. IMHO: Expert: not realistic, neither fun. Alternate: not realistic, somewhat fun.
  12. Standard feature? Yes on highest end models that cost, like I said over $1000 or even $2000 for wide and curved versions. Entry level HDR is as good as no HDR. For the rest, see my video from last post. Prove me wrong with an actual info, else seek help with this HDR trolling.
  13. Only when the prices come down, we can discuss HDR as an option. Unless you like shelling over $ 1000 for a gaming monitor with proper HDR support. And for that amount of cash, I'd rather spend it on a VR gen2: HDR won't fix the large number of issues visibility currently has. Getting one for this game without changing anything else would be like buying premium tires on a car that doesn't drive in the first place = pointless.
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