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  1. The more information the better. Thank you for doing the report, I'd do it myself but am very busy as of lately and just had no time. Best we keep things on topic and separate thread for this was a good choice IMHO.
  2. I was asking whether to rename the whole thread, seeing how we debated around the issue of disappearing contacts on wide FOV. To include this in the thread title or that you start a new thread with this issue as standalone. Let me know, and I'll link your stuff in the first post with thread name edit.
  3. Do you have moderator status? Edit on the way after pressing post. Interesting. I've only had a chance to test it briefly (real life work and all), but it seemed to me that it was mostly resolved for the better part. Even running with AAx2...
  4. I suggest that we move the aircraft disappearing bug into another thread. Or do you wan't me to edit the title? It is plainly obvious how Expert visibility (and ALT by that matter) is riddled with glaring issues. As others have pointed out - most other sims don't have such problems. Thankfully we got the cloud rendering issue resolved since the last patch. Here is hoping this gets addressed in near future as well.
  5. I can only recommend 144Hz 27" 1440p with G-Sync. Once you try it there is no going back to potato 60Hz level. 2 important things to be aware of: make sure the rest of the system can follow / render your games close to 100 Hz mark 27" 1440p screen will have a much tinier pixel than 24" 1080 If this game is mostly what you play, then I'd recommend sticking with 24" 1080p.
  6. Because it is the middle ground between 1080p and 4K and most games can be run with highest details at that resolution (not requiring 2080Ti). Depends on the OP and what he is playing. Not tailoring - rather staying on 1080p if the primary gaming is this flight sim. Individual answer to the bolded question covers all points above.
  7. It all depends on what you think is better, and in what situation. Sure, 4K image will no doubt look sharper with less jaggies. However, in terms of spotting due to the larger pixel size on a 24" 1080p monitor vs 32" 4K like the one you are using - 1080 has a clear advantage, by a long shot. The statement in bold applies to the HDR as well - completely irrelevant to this title. With that said, users that wish to improve spotting are better off with a 1080p screen than a 4K one. Or getting a second generation VR set.
  8. I can confirm the benefits of VR. Two squad mates fly with it and out spot the rest of us on monitors. There is a definite miss-match of spotting abilities on monitors vs. VR. I've yet to come across a person who tried VR and went back to monitors. Oh wait, there is one in this thread. ๐Ÿ˜„ +1
  9. VR - easier to spot Monitor - easier to ID If you go high resolution, best to go with large diagonal size as well to keep the pixel pitch (size) not too tiny. Neither is Expert. Like others have said, you are entitled to your opinion & nothing more.
  10. A logical next step, and easiest way to build up funds for even greater things later on. Especially if they go into the (to me at least) most interesting features such as better MP GUI and Air Marshal mode. And especially improving this engine and some of its limitations... Fingers crossed for B-25 and B-26 as fliables. ๐Ÿ˜„
  11. I am running landscape blurred, and NV CP sharpening at 0.5 / 0.17. Looks better than in-game sharpening IMHO. I tried 1.0 on both sliders, and got white halos around objects and stuff. Same goes for contacts, might help with spotting.
  12. Been using it for a while now. I recommend 0.5 value for sharpening, as for Ignore Film Grain value... Do try it at 1.0 and report back your findings. Interested what will you make out of it.
  13. Same track, same plane, different settings AA OFF/X2/X4. Meaning your comment "it is hard to tell since you have AA OFF" is completely irrelevant as an argument for not seeing or "hard to see" the bug. Also explains the "placebo spotting benefits" effect some are seeing with AA ON and others with it OFF. Based on @Tes's video it seems like a toss of a coin. For the casual observer reading this: AA OFF advantages at marks: 0.15 & 1:12 (AA ON planes disappears) AA ON advantages at marks: 0:49 & 1:25 (AA OFF plane disappears)
  14. People are running their games at other resolutions than 4K like yourself. The video @Tes posted shows both AA ON/OFF planes disappearing and shows inconsistency with it ON/OFF, meaning neither offers benefits as far as spotting goes. The game with AA OFF doesn't look like jagged horrible mess on much higher than 1080p resolutions with small dot pitch. There are various types of Antialiasing, and alternatives. Each with is benefits. We know what you have and haven't seen. Why do you think it is important to repeat it 10 times over and over?
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