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  1. While all the facts you presented here are true, they were cherry picked to paint the blue side perspective of the problem - which is a problem on its own. Facts missing from your list: not all pilots fly in squads squad membership shouldn't be mandatory for MP pilots striving for balance are forced to fly red, they are not "red only" pilots related to the above, if we all join blue there are no targets to shoot at blue side has more planes to chose from, especially Bodenplatte, and situation will only worsen as we near summer With facts you listed, one could draw a conclusion there should be an imbalance in favor of red pilots. Not the other way around, as is now. NHF, but please don't bring squad leadership as justification for "other side should do it too". I speak from a squadron leader perspective myself, been doing that +10 years. Fully agreed. It is simple as that. Until we get up to date (year 2019.) MP interface. As an example of a modern MP I will use Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. Few options when joining a server: +/-3 players per team are allowed, first screen you see is team selection in case the server is full - you can enter a que, as soon as the slot opens you are in autobalance is forced after every map, in case players don't do it themselves (don't like it? You can always re-join or find another server) when on a team, people are auto sorted into squads (your squad is denoted with green color vs. everyone else on the team) there are squad and global channels (integrated VOIP) Add to this all other cool stuff 1946 had, though with 3rd party software HyperLobby, and you can see how "ancient" interface we have in IL-2:GB is. Especially the one for COOPs. No wonder you see so little servers running them. Well, until recently that is. Finally we're getting some love in that MP department. Fingers crossed we get a complete overhaul by the summer when Allied iron starts rolling out. Because all of this, DBS, and I know few other pilots, simply spend time with other sims or offline. MP with the unbalance as it stands lately - is a one sided story/fun. Just my 2 cents.
  2. The MP is currently in a very sad state. With no allied planes on the horizon any time soon, and servers allowing everything being flown, the shift in the balance towards blue pilots needs to be heavily regulated in order to keep it fun for anyone. The cherry on top are comments from blue pilots who throw rocks and stones at you when you point how wrong this is, at the same time trying to find an explanation why this is fun for everyone and is perfectly fine as is. MP in flight sims wasn't born yesterday. And still is in its infancy with this game. Unless something gets done, it will never reach its potential.
  3. Almost every formation flying my group does online, when we get engaged by enemy fighters there is a message that someone fired on friendly planes. Often times it is more than one plane which flies in the formation with us that gets the message. So my question is: do the AI gunners take into account the friendly planes flying nearby?
  4. [DBS]TH0R

    When the P51 will be available?

    IIRC some servers even design maps with imbalance in mind. If we're getting Dora and 262 next, I may reconsider which sim to fly in MP until the sides balance out or more servers start enforcing 1:1 side balance. Not 5:3 as evident lately.
  5. No matter how funny this is, the planes in first post are russian. You have the wrong thread m8. Since we're using SW, then this is not the thread you're looking for:
  6. 20km sounds about right, IIRC it is the same or similar rendering distance we had with the venerable '46. Just like we got 150km ground rendering and proper horizon, here is hoping this time next year we will have this...
  7. [DBS]TH0R

    A-20 tail light from afar

    I noticed it too. IIRC doesn't it change color when the bombs are dropped? Not that it matters for a bug. 😄
  8. Yes, ultra settings: Well, I am not that active on the forums. Can you please enlighten me what has been said...?
  9. Short clip from this weekend on KOTA server. This must be a bug, right?
  10. [DBS]TH0R

    50.cal smoke

    DCS has this modeled. Before proceeding with this, it would be interesting to find exactly what kind of ammo produced this kind of smoke effect. Is it a typical APIT loadout or something else... Seconded that we have this implemented btw. Would help much with aiming them .50s...
  11. [DBS]TH0R

    7 kills in a flight

    What Airdoc said. Great flying display. Don't mind the comments. I'm curious, what convergence do you use?
  12. [DBS]TH0R

    Online videos (featuring DBS)

    Last mission of the year, time to go out with a bang!
  13. [DBS]TH0R

    Ground Attacker Handbook

    Wow, that is sure some great work. Didn't have the time to read though it all, but the level bombing section is spot on. The rest looks even better. I'll keep this handy when planing my next attack. Also subscribed on your YT channel. Keep up the great work and thank you!
  14. [DBS]TH0R

    Spotting. Please improve

    I've switched recently to 1440p 144Hz screen and I will say that it helps in my scenario. That plus G-Sync just makes for easier spotting in the sim. That being said, the 10km rendering limit should be increased. Especially for ships.
  15. [DBS]TH0R

    Dedicated Bomber Squadron

    Sure is. We've always welcomed new players, no matter the skill. EST zone could make things complicated on Friday evenings (European time zone), but less so on Sundays which are the two days when we fly. Hop onto our Discord server so you know when we fly - we will gladly show you the Ju-87 and much more if you're interested.