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  1. Type of improvement: Realistic navigation lights during daylight, i.e. much less visible especially far away. Explanation of proposal: Tone down the effect of lights during daylight. Currently they are used as an exploit to "call in for help" or easier pinpointing for friendly planes when you are in trouble - this is being used on all MP servers. Benefit: More realistic MP combat, more realistic flight simulator in general.
  2. Had a blast last night. Those Doras did give us a hard time, but we managed to even out the score later in the evening. Why having a wingman is so important:
  3. From last nigths FNBF. When we are not getting shot down in fighters, this is what it looks like. ๐Ÿ˜„
  4. The tactic is called "egging". ๐Ÿ˜€
  5. And now for something more theatrical, 3rd run from last Friday:
  6. Fierce action on KOTA this Friday, this was just the start of it:
  7. Type of improvement: Multi-player interface message. Explanation of proposal: Notify the pilot when someone joins a gunner position (preferably including details which position is now occupied). Benefit: Knowing when you have a human gunner on board, especially useful if the guy starts making problems (e.g. shooting at other planes in formation).
  8. Thanks! Just last night on KOTA I tried the Split S in the thing and even though I did pull back on the power, I couldn't pull up from a dive lol. This thread sheds some light on why it happened to me. ๐Ÿ˜„
  9. Hi Virtue. Do you guys have a Discord server perhaps? For smaller groups like DBS it serves perfectly well as a forum, next to comms when not needing to use TS.
  10. And game server as well. I failed to join at the start (84/84 slots taken), but DBS numbers were low this evening so we flew casually elsewhere. Sorry for missing out, hope it was a blast like last two times.
  11. DBS signing in, up to 7 bomber pilots. Fighters if needed. Is side selection fixed or can we change once a while /week?
  12. When only the lucky ones get through...
  13. While most of the stuff was covered here already, I'd like to add that COOP functionality is still lacking. Think of the features we had with Hyperlobby back in the '46 days. Shame to see this being barely used. I for one am very much looking forward to the Marshal feature - FNBF could rise to a whole new level with this implemented. Big thumbs up.
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