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  1. Not discerning the attempts to realistically model different spotting conditions under various light and time of day conditions, when the game can't do it right under ideal conditions - how is one to expect a realistic rendering under not so ideal conditions? Spotting is by far the weakest point of this flight sim IMO. Especially when compared to the previous two titles that have done it better (as in have a system that works across wide range of hardware), like CloD:
  2. I've never had it happen to me before the last patch. As a squad we only started noticing it when devs said they fixed it. Go figure... โ˜น๏ธ Based on @315_R2r's post above, looks like I am not the only one experiencing this. I am not using any mods or anything. Stock game through and through, with few skin packs and different cockpit photos being the only difference.
  3. I'll try keeping this as short as possible, replying to paragraph per paragraph: Therein lies the problem. Rendering stuff 1:1 is simply not doable with current tech. Instead, IMHO the goal should be to render stuff that would be visible in real life. Not strictly adhering to 1:1 scale rendering as we have it now. Agreed that something in between is needed. I have been asking for a compromise for a long time now. Seconded for real life studies and rendering. I believe this is the reason original 9-9.5 km bubble was chosen. Problem was nothing was rendered past that, and now that it is - contacts around 9 km mark are barely a size of a pixel, i.e. are rendered a size of a pixel. The same can be said for spotting we have in-game now. Severely underestimating what is possible in real life. Hence many of us call this "blindness tuning". It is my belief that combat flight simulator should allow for 20/20 vision. Some of pilots are not in their early 20s and their eyesight has deteriorated. Some in their 20s playing this surely don't have 20/20 vision. No one here is asking for unrealistically easy spotting. Do not confuse that with easier spotting than we have now. Unlike you, my impression is that spotting in this game works either on 4K 50" TVs or 27" 1080p desktops (people having no issues often have systems in this range - extreme end). VR headsets are hit or miss, often easier to spot but near impossible to ID the target. In other words, IL-2 Great Battles spotting is delivering extremely limitating and unrealistic spotting across the wide range of used hardware. Especially for the average user. Here my opinion is complete opposite from yours. From our flying together, it is my impression that since you 100% time use VR - it is easier for you to spot targets at a long range, say 10km. I have very rarely been able to spot anything at that range with my desktop 27" 1440p monitor. As for 2-5 km - I fully agree with you. Same impressions/disappointment on my end. Spotting needs to work both for VR and for desktop, and currently it is working on neither systems. Most likely two solutions would be needed in order to create a level playing field, one for VR and other for desktop (2D) users. Until then, developers will have their hands full stomping various cheating methods. As long as things don't change, people will find ways to cheat. It is my opinion that their time would be much better spent by designing a modern up to date system that allows for easier and yet realistic spotting in this simulator, which would eliminate the need for mods and circumventing the unrealistic blindness spotting, therefore at the same time eliminating the need for occasional game changes to ban such mods.
  4. I spoke/flew with Cmirko a several years back. Glad to see he is still a class act. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Best of luck with your treatment and thank you for sharing the story with the forum.
  5. Lets reverse this a bit... Current solution is rendering contacts as much as possible at 1:1 realistic scale in an already blurry environment. End result is that many players do their best to circumvent the rendering system by either using Reshade, force low gamma or stay at low resolution displays in order to render those pixel size contacts better. Older and other flight sims did not use such approach as it, as can be seen, simply doesn't work in practice. They make compromises to best simulate realistic spotting system. Thus no such problems are exhibited. TL;DR: the system we have in this game is disregarding the lessons learned from other sims and stuff that should be taken for granted in 2020. In order to be fair to the widest spectrum of players, s complete new thinking is needed how spotting should be modeled in a combat flight simulator, or bare minimum - offered as a valid option. Not half arsed butchered solution called "Alternate visibility". Especially in 2020 when we have so many variations on which this game can be displayed - from low resolution to 4K+ monitors to VR headsets each with its own limitations and benefits. Sadly, this forum has a few very vocal individuals that do their best trying to "convince" others that spotting is hardware limitation and "solutions from 20 years ago" shouldn't be used. Nothing can be further from the truth.
  6. I don't know if this is something specific to the Finnish Virtual Pilots server, but this evening when joining the rest of my squad that was overflying the field and waiting for me to take off - they could see me, and I couldn't see anyone. Restarted the game, rejoined the server - no change, same invisible bug...
  7. IIRC Jason said that when they do again tackle this issue, they wish to do it properly. Not like the Alternate visibility. Money talks. Once they start losing pilots or better, realize they are not gaining them due to this glaring issue - then we can expect changes. Until then, here are other simulators out there.
  8. You're not the only one. I am considering to switch to Tobruk when it comes out, with all other issues, CloD at least had spotting done right.
  9. I'll be hones in saying that I haven't tried WT. But, literary anything that gives better visibility and spotting is more realistic than what we have now in-game. A solution that does not render contacts on wide zoom is not realistic, not by any stretch of imagination. In older and other modern simulators that do make sure a contact is visible, it is most definitely possible to jump on someone. Just not as horribly easy as it is to do in this sim. It takes skill (I am not implying you have none, just that it is more difficult but perfectly possible to do). The main problem with how easy it is to jump someone, is that often even when you check your 6 OC the contact is very difficult to spot even when you know where to look. Last but not least - about why alternate visibility is not used. Alternate has one huge flaw - and that is ugly ballooning effect of super long distance contacts. This and this alone makes it unusable on any online server. No matter the other benefits it brings, i.e. contact visible no matter the zoom level. I'd rather have poor distance judgement than blindness tuning we have now. Any day of the week. As it allows for a much more immersive game-play. I switched from 24" 1080p to 27" 1440p monitor and can vouch that it is more difficult to spot contacts. Simply due to the fact you are spotting pixels, sometimes not even that.
  10. I strongly disagree. You should most definitely expect to see a plane if it is within visual range being rendered, no matter the zoom level. This is not only realistic, but mandatory for realistic compromise of how one should spot planes in flight simulators. There have been opposing statements thrown around. Most commone one being "real pilots did not use zoom". Yet, with what you describe above is exactly how zoom functions in game = it is mandatory to use as it tries to mimic eyes focusing on one object in a distance or none by having wide peripheral view (i.e. zoom). The problem with that is that in real life objects don't simply disappear when you don't focus on them. The higher resolution the same focus your eyes have to do to pin point that small pixel representing a contact. Forcing one to use zoom is twice the workload when compared to what you have in real life. Not only that, but in other flight sims you can use wide view thus more closely mimicking the real peripheral vision - and the game is still rendering contacts. Explanations that this is a hardware limitation and we need to wait for better technology is nonsense IMO. While the flight physics and engine modeling have gone forward, the spotting mechanics and rendering of enemy planes has gone two steps backwards since the original IL-2. As far as spotting goes and how much inconsistent it is on a desktop monitor - this is by far the worst aspect of this flight sim.
  11. Comparing apples and oranges here. Civil and combat flight sims. Different budgets for different audiences, and with different requirements. You've fallen under the hype train, and have taken this thread into heavy OT. PS: I am betting my money that MS 2020 will not have spotting issues with SDR monitors. ๐Ÿ˜
  12. And what when perfectly calibrated monitor can't show contacts in this sim? If a HDR certified monitor is needed, it should state so in the game requirements. Last I checked, it doesn't. Which defeats your "argument" entirely. EDIT: Like [TLC]MasterPooner wrote, forcing a HDR as a requirement basically locks out a large portion of players, in an already a niche market. How - yes - no. ๐Ÿ˜
  13. No. You just saw one (worst) example of it, that you are clinging onto. You know nothing how it works and benefits it gives. Please educate yourself on the matter before posting such nonsense. A perfectly calibrated monitor makes no difference with spotting here. Game has issues with colors and contrast. Purchasing an HDR monitor to solve such issues is down right ludicrous to even suggest. Further example of not having a clue where the issue is. Too visible is obviously your personal preference. With which many here disagree with.
  14. Just experienced this again, one of our squad mates couldn't see other planes after spawning. This was immediately after map rotation on Finnish Virtual Pilots server. Our first sortie / spawn on a new map. Disconnecting, or game restart solves it. So, definitely not fixed... ๐Ÿ˜’
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