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  1. Second video / bombing of 2021, almost complete 10 minutes of action only:
  2. First bombing of 2021, lets hope the rest of the year follows suite: S! to @CrimsonLion for inspiration for this video title! 😄
  3. I kind of "flew over" that one. I see it now. 🧐😆 The reply wasn't aimed at your post, but more towards similar arguments tossed around by few individuals that still live in 2000. 😇
  4. I'll try to keep this as short as possible: - MP lobby is spartan in comparison to other games today (lack of server details, options used, players on it, que for joining etc...) ... hell DCS has a plethora more options here - COOP IMHO is a long shot from the very successful implementation in the old IL-2 1946 combined with 3rd party software HyperLobby where you could easily see when a new game popped up with details on how to join etc. I never saw more than 5-6 servers in IL-2 GB, haven't checked recently or heard anyone talking about it - MP cannot properly handle all the 84 units at one location without warping, even sound engine breaks up when lots of planes and other units are in one location (more evident for us in DBS who fly bomber formations 95% of time, if not bombers than other planes) - in-game chat is cumbersome and lacking in options - no integrated VOIP (no sim that I know has it, not counting for massive MP ones IIRC) - large number of games nowadays get released in MP only versions, with SP as an afterthought (Call Of Duty anyone?) - internet connection in 2021. is leaps and bounds above what was available on average in 2000. (think smartphone coverage)
  5. 'Cliffs has an engine that can actually cope with large number of planes and units at one location. IL-2 GB engine OTOH cannot. However, they have different problems to begin with - the online community is what kept that sim alive IMHO. And it still has by far the worst and least intuitive interface to date. Let us not compare apples and oranges please. The COOP feature in GB is wasted as no one is using it (that I can tell at least). And the MP lobby leaves a lot to be desired featurewise etc. If one doesn't develop the MP for years, it will not improve much. I am not saying drop the offline support, far from it - just that MP side feels neglected and not on par with 2021 standards. Because of that it doesn't attract many new pilots...
  6. That is why The Channel runs better on my rig with 16 GB. When I upgrade and there are campaigns featuring this map - I will add it to my stable. Until then, The Channel features a bucket load of instant missions for WWII birds that alone are worth it for me since those are the planes I fly the most in DCS.
  7. What about the negative effect of having SSAO in terms of the plexiglass blur. I don't use VR but trust the same applies to non desktop use...
  8. How much RAM you got?
  9. I made that exact suggestion in now locked suggestions thread. Seconded +1
  10. Oh wait, it is 2021 and you are quoting a study 20 years old. The number of MP games and average internet connection quality is not even comparable to the start of the century... There should be a much greater focus on MP in this game.
  11. Picked up The Channel map, and few campaigns. They have set the bar high for that map / area, I do hope 1C follows or exceeds it with BON. Skipped Syria for now until I get a new rig with faster CPU and more than 16 GB RAM...
  12. Liking the 4K cockpit textures, this was a nice gift at the end of 2020. Thank you very much. Patiently waiting for further damage model improvements...
  13. Never played Fighter Ace, but I do have a long history with IL-2 and flight sims - dating back from early 2003 to around 2005/6 when I first ventured online. We're always open for new members and will accept any skill level, as long as you are interested. However, before you make any decision I urge you to spend few evenings with us and see how it suits you. Many pilots fly with us on occasion and enjoy simply providing escort duties. Head over to our Discord server and we can continue from there.
  14. The difference being here is that this method of lowering IL-2 app volume in windows mixer wasn't needed for IL-2 1946. Here OTOH it is, if one wishes to run VOIP alongside and game audio at 100%. I have now set 100% audio in-game and am running IL-2 at 20% in windows mixer. Not noticing a major difference, especially since the only reference I have is pre patch in-game volume at 20%.
  15. IL-2 1946 sounds weren't exactly its strong point. No other game in my lifetime (that I have played) required such approach - i.e. lowering individual application volume inside windows mixer. Ever. And I have been gaming for over 20 years now. The 20% windows volume in your case isn't the problem here. Lowering windows volume as in controlling the final output is the way to do it for 90% of the users which plug their headsets directly into the MBO, soundcard or feature an USB DAC built into the headsets themselves. Problem here is when you add another app into the (windows) mix - relative volume vs. other app volume levels, or in this case VOIP comms. What those of us who use voice comms now have to do (in order to keep the in-game volume at 100%) is essentially the same, just the other way around. Meaning we don't experience the full dynamic range of the in-game audio since its volume is (substantially) lowered than the final windows output. For comparison with your setup, my case scenario is: Win10 => USB DAC (DAC only mode, i.e. max volume) => headphone amp (volume and gain control) => headphones (switching a modmic USB between them).
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