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  1. Same here within IRRE squadron but it depends of the player, some of us can open our Reinland summer maps on the editor others crash systematically. Very strange...
  2. The results have been announced and I am the winner! Thank you very much for your great feedbacks, it's really nice and made me want to do more projects like this. And go see the videos of the other participants which are also really nice!
  3. Thank you for organising this competition and thank you to all the people who put a nice compliment under the video or on this forum, it really motivated me to keep making more videos like this in the future!
  4. Let me also do some advertising of my own videos in differents style (short film, multiplayer campaign mission report and compilation, and more or less stupid/cinematic stuffs that you can find on my channel):
  5. The quality of Il2 videos has just increased of one level, well done great video!
  6. Adobe premiere Pro and after effects, Adobe is the most popular editing suite so you will find many tutorials to do anything. It is very powerfull and I learn new tricks everytime I'm making a new video. When I started I didn't knew about Davinci, I think that it is a good choice to, it seems to have evovled quite quick at a very high standard.
  7. Here is my entry with the IRRE squadrons as pilots for the "The Art of War" video contest. I have try to do something completly new,I hope that you will enjoy!
  8. This is my point of view during a huge IL2 strike on the Moscow campaign. It give a good impression on how we coordinate between squadrons (all non native english speaker!) for a huge attack like this (we were 32 players just for the attack!). For non french speakers, the subtiles are avalables on youtube. Thanks to ITAF Aerone for the organisation and thank to all participants! Wave 1 and 2 were composed by gRIJ and Ala13 pilots. The wave 3 was composed by IRRE and NN pilots.
  9. I will try to do a specific video for this competition! Thanks for the organization! If I'm not making any video before the 14th april here is my best one in my point of view so far:
  10. A small cinematic compilation of our last level bombing run between December and January on TAW server and during the ITAF campaign Op Typhoon and Moscow. Thanks to all participants during these flights, IRRE, NN, gRIJ and Ala13 for the bombers and the LAL as our escort event on TAW ;). Thanks to the ITAF for the organization of there Campaign. Enjoy the video and fly safe!
  11. Thanks! That screenshot by night look gorgeous. That is sad that youtube doesn't manage dark scene very well, because the game is truly beautiful by night.
  12. The feeling of this night mission was pretty cool and new. We had to destroy the German HQ while the majority of our forces was attacking Novorossiysk port and defending our float. This wasn't very effective but quite fun!
  13. I like to watch and make memes, so I start this topic to share some of mine and others IL2 meme I liked. I will start with a Dane Da Ne meme that I've done (I found these memes to illarious, so I tried on IL2 ) And here a small selection that I've done by memory (or from my channel): share yours if you know some good ones! And this one wich is from a huge fail on a P38 close fli
  14. I made this cinematic video from the last mission of the ItalianWings battle of britain campaign. We were 13 stukas heading to a ship convoy off the british coast. This flight was really intense, it was a true and long Odyssey where only a few stukas survived up to the objectiv for a beautiful dive attack! Enjoy! PS: English subtiles are available for the french communication, but I think that tha video is still enjoyable without listening the coms.
  15. Just a small vid of a stupid idea about what it feels to press Ctrl+E in flying circus
  16. I made this compilation of some huge sorties in bomber with the IRRE squadron, included an epic one in stuka where I lost my wings. The live talks are in french, but you can activate english subtiles if you want a better understanding. Enjoy!
  17. The Flak can be really deadly on Flying circus. This is what it feels like when your friend is one shot by the first shell, and you are waiting for the second...
  18. Thank you for your innitiative! Put me in for the spitfire please ;)
  19. I found a solution to avoid crash with a spawning convoy that's working for me: Put an Ondamaged event on every vehicles that activate a command: formation "panic stop". Link it to every vehicles of the convoy.-----> If one vehicle of the convoy is damaged or killed, all the convoy should stop. Put an Onkilled event that delete the vehicules killed with a delete trigger. (you can delete him after X time) -------------------------------------> After the vehicle explode, he will desapear after X time and free the road for the other vehicles! When the vehicles is deleted, you can trigger
  20. You can try to increase the AI to "high" for the katyusha. it works rather well for me with a target area of 100m wide.
  21. It would be very nice if we can deduct directly some points to a "trigger: counter". For exemple a trigger linked with a counter can ad 1 to the counter, or substract 1 to the counter. And a undo button would be nice to!
  22. A friend did it one year ago!
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