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  1. This is something that has to be enforced by server options or admins constantly watching player balance. It's much easier if say the server had the option to say not allow more than 10% 15% player imbalance. Either fly for the team that is under pop or don't allow them to fly on the server at all. If all a certain few amount of players wanna do is fly 109s at 7000m pretending they are Hartmann and base camp. These types of players are of no benefit to the server or multiplayer community anyways. We had to enforce this back in the old Il-2 1946 game on the Uk Dedicated/battle-fields servers with admins because sadly multiplayer options were lacking in forcing the issue. Did it make the multiplayer experience better ? Absolutely. All team play competitive games benefit from team balancing rules.
  2. Where is the player balance that people were talking about? Currently 45 vs 26 in favor of Germans. It should never be more than say 10-15 percent example 9 vs 10 or 18 vs 20 It's frustrating and makes people want to something else. Just enable the pilot profiles for both sides.
  3. Well you can actually get from it considering it's the only thing we have to go on in terms of players playing online in this game. Look at it this way when the original il-2 came out with aces expansion then the release of pacific fighters it largely remained the same being European/Russian dominated. I would go farther saying that there is more Russians in this game now also due to pricing differences and renewed interest in Russia in general among younger people about the conflict. I'm not saying we don't have players from everywhere else we do and I'm glad we do.
  4. Honestly late war western aircraft have been done so much in combat sims in general, would love to see a return to early war/ eastern front or even other early war locations as the planes are much more interesting and have more diversity and are more unique in the way they operate. Where as late war everything is pretty close performance wise and how they operate. There is still a lot of planes to fill in on the Soviet side of things and on the smaller axis powers. Part of what makes IL-2 stand out from everything is that its not just another western themed game that's why it is called IL-2. I have nothing against expanding the series to the med pacific or wherever, so as long as we get more I will be ok. If you are developing a console FPS type game then yes. However I think American PC gamers are in to more casual games than their European and Russian counterparts also keep in mind that this is a PC combat sim, and PCs hold a bigger market share in comparison to consoles in Europe like Russia and Germany than compared to NA in they are also most likely to have the accessories like joysticks. Just looking at the multiplayer server population once Europe goes to bed speaks volumes. You see that not just for this game but also was the same for il-2 1946 and other simulation world war 2 type games.
  5. Hopefully more early war eastern front stuff as it doesn't quite feel complete yet. Would love to see A forgotten battles type expansion on the unique planeset that the Finns and Soviets used early war plus a lovely Baltic/Leningrad map. Early war planes are far more interesting IMO
  6. This was a feature in the original Il-2 1946 and could give away your position a little easier if you did not manage your mixture properly. Works very much the same here for Russian planes at least I noticed so far. Lower the mixture a bit the higher you climb and the smoking will disappear.
  7. Thanks for the update, and thanks to Blackhellhound the new skins and higher fidelity look very good.
  8. Did not the I-16 (not sure which series) and La-5 have drop tanks as well? Was the early series of il-2 able to take more RS-82 rockets than 8? Would love to see some ski's on the i-16 as an option.
  9. Actually Li-2s had bomb racks installed too and were used as bombers, not sure exactly what theatre. Same thing with Yak-6 airplanes. I personally think yes we need as much variety in the game as possible not just across the fronts but in terms of different types of airplanes. A Tb-3 and Li-2 would be great additions because they were used in so many roles and well they are both legendary in their own right.
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