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  1. MFW I'm only 20 I'm a [EDIT] baby compared to most of you
  2. In my mind as long as your still flying your still a valid target. Even if you are running for home.
  3. while these websites are great and all i wish they didn't look like they escaped from 1996
  4. I've seen the more recent one but not the original.
  5. Another 190 thread. Time to grab some popcorn
  6. Nightrise

    Boom Boom!

    Nice shooting vade
  7. This thread is almost a year old...
  8. The Il4 is definitely needed. On a similar note so is the A20
  9. I personally would like to see Kuban then Leningrad to flesh out the early eastern front, then after that the some pacific and far east operations would be nice to see.
  10. Thanks man. Is there any sort of TS i can join? I don't see a link to one in this post.
  11. I would like to join however I'm an utter noob having just got my joystick Monday and my trackir today, i'm currently having a hard time of taking off and not crashing too often. Will I still be able to join?
  12. I don't finish work till 8pm on a Saturday,by the time i get home and have dinner it's getting on 9. I don't work Fridays however so I can join in then.
  13. I'm gonna go with the T.1600M. On another note would it be a god idea to buy a throttle as well or is that not needed right away?
  14. Hi I have been flying this sim for a few months using mouse and keyboard and i would like to take the plunge and start flying stick. Could anyone here recommend me a good entry level stick. My budget is no more than £50 and i would need to have twist rudder dude to not having enough space for pedals. Thank you
  15. Just purchased the game. Now I just need to get my new rig.
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