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  1. I thought it went into beta testing before christmas.
  2. What the bloody hell did i just read?
  3. IIRC droptanks are on of the post kuban upgrades the devs are planing on.
  4. See little point in them. All that drag for an increase in firepower i could get by flying a 190.
  5. the better guns is the reason i want the G6, that and the fact i buy everything anyway.
  6. 2 250s and the rbs 82s might make me actually fly the 43 over the 42
  7. If you do qm and start in the air its already full open.
  8. The g series have 20mm Armour plates behind the fuel tank that make it much more survivable from getting shot dead six by Russian ap ammo.
  9. 109s better lube up the FN is going in dry.
  10. And i can count plenty of times where i have dumped half my shvak ammo into a 190 or 109 and they have flown on fine.
  11. And change Kuban too caus that's impossible for the Russians to win unless the German team utterly shits itself.
  12. G 6 didn't get MW50 till 1944 so the one in game probably won't have it at all, the g14 however will be a different story.
  13. It might not be as fast as a 190 but it will be close enough that the 190 won't be able to pull away in time to not get shot full of holes.
  14. A8 is also more useful for eastern front with out current plane set.
  15. the Germans have a decent selection of bombers already Ju88 He111 H16 and the allies will have the kuban A20 and hopefully the b25
  16. I do wonder what happened to the Odessa map.
  17. Why would you want less firepower? seems counter productive to me.
  18. TBH i find UBS more effective than shvaks, shvaks are kinda inconsistent in my experience either being one shot wonder guns or taking a full ammo load to slightly tickle a 190.
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