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  1. You only need like 5mins to get it back. I will admit that the p39 isn't for everyone but its better than this thread makes it appear.
  2. You can "rest" the engine if left on continuous for a while, resets the timers on combat/emergency power. Using combat to climb then "resting the engine once you get to a desired altitude will reset the time so you can use combat/ emergency power once you get into combat. When its fast and has some altitude to work with the p39 is an absolute monster.
  3. Shes not the best fighter but at high speed and in dives shes a beast and doesn't lock up nearly as bad as a 109. Use that to your advantage.
  4. also 20mm Armour plates for the fuel tanks which will also help stop bullets from reaching the pilot.
  5. Well from my experience the G series is much more resistant to PK than f or e series 109s
  6. well probably see it at some point. Probably in the pacific.
  7. I mean the g 14 is basically that anyway. But i think the devs said something about giving the g6 stuff like mw50, rockets, erla haube during bodenplatte.
  8. Also kinda disappointed that we have a russian bomb sight.
  9. The FN is brutally fast and climbs like a rocket. a competent pilot is gonna wipe the floor in the thing.
  10. Honestly i find the mig is better than the f2. now the f4 is another story...
  11. It doesnt do it all the time, from my experience what happened their is in no way the norm and is more than likely the server not registering the hits properly.
  12. hence why i said that it might also be lag. From my experience of shooting at and being shot at in Russian aircraft they don't take that many rounds and not feel it after.
  13. Pretty sure that the old DM, see how the smoke clouds are behind the aircraft. that or good old fashioned lag.
  14. Bring a wingman, they can simply shoot the enemies off your tail.
  15. I'm off work from Tuesday. I hope it drops then.
  16. well it took something like 300 rounds of .303 on average to down a german bomber during the Bob, the'res a reason the brits switched to the Hispano as soon as it was viable to do so.
  17. That break at least one law in just about every country its gonna be sold in.
  18. If you get yourself in a bad situation with an enemy aircraft faster than you and/ or with more height you're gonna have a bad day in any aircraft.
  19. Ive had something come up last minuet. can't make it.
  20. Was a good couple of sorties. My shooting could have been way better but i still managed to bag myself a 109.
  21. That was an interesting session on WoL to say the least.
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