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  1. On the forums of il2 the dead do not rest.
  2. Especially cause the Russians don't even get an extra mig to compensate.
  3. Oh great the Germans get the f4 on map 2 cause if thats one thing the Germans need it an f4 on map 2 🙄
  4. Any changes to the aircraft lineup? and will the mk9 and G14 be available?
  5. I would say the 190a5/u17 is the best hit and run attack plane but the 110 comes close.
  6. Bare in mind this is tomorrow. I have a funny feeling well get lots of news during or just after the event.
  7. Well the tail is made from wood, the metal tail of the il2 41 seems to hold up better.
  8. when Russian AA 1 shot kills you while you're going 750kph on the deck But AA is fine comrade
  9. Looks like we get summer' autumn , winter and spring.
  10. FEW is going blue this round - usually 2-6 of us on at any one time EU evenings and nights.
  11. At the same time you bombers are faster and have better defensive armament and in case of the pe2 way tougher.
  12. I miss read your middle sentence. anyway maybe it didn't work when put around the edges.
  13. the slight reduced visibility is way better than the windows fogging up and the massively reduced visibility that causes.
  14. I had a great fight sicssoring with one of you on the deck, that was until a tree damaged by engine at least.
  15. I'm gonna be honest i didn't like it at first either. Its different to all the other Russian aircraft for the most part and it took a little while for me to unlock its secrets but once you find out how to fly it it does really well.
  16. AP performance of the Russian aircraft makes them good at setting fires and killing pilots, the German AP on the other hand isn't that good and can have issues killing aircraft like the peshka where HE seems to be less efficient.
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