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  1. i know next to nothing about this plane but it looks cool so that makes me interested.
  2. Perhaps a solution to the depot defense would be having a few ai fighter patrols around the depots. wouldn't be many maybe 2 flights of 2 aircraft per depot but it should discourage the lone bomber pilots somewhat.
  3. I meant to say the D.XII i just confused my roman numerals
  4. so does the pfalz. would still be nice to see both in flying circus.
  5. what i really wanna know its whats next for FC
  6. Having the bombers as collectors would be nice. also stuff like the pfalz D.VII the fokker D.VIII and maybe even a sopwith snipe as collector planes edit:Meant to say pfalz D.XII
  7. They might be high drag but they have a sh*t ton of lift and low weight.
  8. 190 disassembly from a few days ago same wings map, different days
  9. I'd say the albatross will be second. the D.VII will also be the d.VIIF variant which will mean its more work so the albatross is more likely
  10. Honestly i find the Dr.1 to be a bit of a b*tch to fly but then i never played RoF so i gave no reference point.
  11. Big quack gun would be the only reason i would use the thing
  12. Sometimes you're just [edited] out of luck
  13. when you roast a 109 just right 👌
  14. I mean i'd rather be addicted to the DD than heroin
  15. Tracksuit Yak on TAW yesterday Skin by Psyrion
  16. The puma with the 50mm would be nice, also the pakwagen
  17. honestly the stug 3 would be better off as a standalone collector vehicle rather than tied to a specific expansion.
  18. I would replace the IC with the VC and the jagdpanzer 38 with the pz 4 J ahnd also have the choiceofthe L48 and L70 armed versions of the Jagdpanzer 4
  19. Put more hours into warthunder than i care to admit.
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