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  1. We should get both aircraft aswell as the mk IX and the p47
  2. Will the new TAW be up before or after the new year?
  3. The thing barely flies with two engine yet alone one
  4. Do it anyway Red Dead is amazing its all ive been playing since Friday.
  5. From what ive gathered it seems to be that the guns don't get turned on during start up procedures.
  6. We will wish the new DD into existence.
  7. And the 100th kill is always as fun as the first 😉
  8. When the mig lines up just right 👌
  9. I don't remember 4 volumes being a thing that was said.
  10. Few more victories from TAW the last one with the new effects.
  11. Can i report UC_Nuni for purposefully ramming me on the runway at take off at the beginning of this mission. Was seen by N3cro and Inkocompetent.
  12. Map 3 isnt so bad for the soviets but map 4 isn't great, map 5 is where it starts picking up for them.
  13. they haven't said anything about the pfalz D.XII
  14. I think something like a spy or saboteur drop would be a good use of the po2. the spy can give you information about the position and numbers of the enemy team and the saboteur can damage airfields a bit.
  15. Its happened to me a few times in the g2/g4. My hope is it doesn't happen to me ion TAW
  16. Some victory's from TAW last night
  17. It will be nice to get some choice for the flying circus aircraft and hopefully some more active MP.
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