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  1. 10 hours ago, Legioneod said:

    Leatherneck did say they were working on another unannounced aircraft alongside the eagle didn't they? Wonder if the F-8 was what they were working on.

    F4U coursair is coming before the crusader

  2. 44 minutes ago, Rolling_Thunder said:

    I look forward to that in 5 years. Until then...

    Wait a minute, didn't leatherneck dissolve into heatblur and ...the other one, magnitude?

    Magnitude 3 kept all the old branding and social media stuff whilst heatblur used new stuff. 

  3. 12 hours ago, =FEW=N3croo said:

    Hello LG


    Request the LW to hand out this scumbag to be shot (banned)


    He disconnected right in front of me and nightrise, i have a screenshot and a ingame recording + acmi files and rise to verify


    here are the recording files you can see him with tacview

    the tacview file is in the attachments, if you want all of it have it here


    if you want another hoster or send me it directly let me know


    the flight in question is this here



    I also see its not the first time he DCed in an opportune situations



    also check the dates these are consecutive offenses, top flight is my case says "in flight"










    Can confirm i id see him disco right as i got guns on him

  4. 24 minutes ago, Jason_Williams said:

    I could rent a car, but damn you drive on the wrong side! I would be an accident waiting to happen. 


    Nah not worth renting a car in London, bus or tube will get you wherever you need to go for less money and way faster in the case of the tube. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Operation_Ivy said:



    I suppose it isn't possible to limit the amount of active players per airfield?

    that sounds like a good idea. Though to be fair the frontline airfields will remain open for the first 15 mins which is enough to keep a decent presence over the frontline for around an hour or so. 

  6. 1 hour ago, 7./JG26_Smokejumper said:



    You sure can, sign up sheets. When one side is getting stacked on a side in a time zone that side halts recruiting.

    honestly last TAW was fairly balanced till the later maps and a lot of people seem to be going red now so it should be better. 

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  7. 11 minutes ago, CMBailey said:



    don't get me wrong i lover the patch and the 47 is great when its  not fighting against wehraboo wet dreams. 

    1 minute ago, VO101Kurfurst said:


     an extremely rare Merlin 70 engine option that in addition is know for certain never used in the Bodenplatte area by any 2nd TAF unit, (now curious you do not see people complaining about it).



    The merlin 70 isn't really used and it doesn't turn the plane into a wehraboos wet dream. 

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  8. 2 minutes ago, HR_Zunzun said:


    That is a great joke.

    The sure thing I learned from Kurfust is his double standards when asking for quantity and quality of proof depending on the aeroplane.

    There is incomplete but ample evidence of the use of 150 octane by allied fighters. Compared to this, there is hardly any evidence of the use of 1.98 rating in combat.

    Remember the game is biased unless the 109s have utter superiority at all times kamaraden 😉

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  9. 5 minutes ago, E69_geramos109 said:


    150 Grade fuel is far more difficult to corroborate than the 1.98 K4s

    we know how much 150 octane fuel was used down to the liter. 

    We don't even know if 1.98 ATA k4s saw any combat.


    Yet which one do we bloody get 🙃

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