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  1. Im off this week so naturally its coming next week.
  2. As long as there is a way you could turn it off so i dont have to listen to someone who likes the sound of their own voice to much talk about something totally irrelevant whilst im trying to co ordinate with friends in a fight.
  3. Stuka either dies to 1 burst or tanks a ton of hits and keeps going there is no in between.
  4. Can confirm i id see him disco right as i got guns on him
  5. I'm hyped for what next year is gonna bring
  6. you need to select fighters as your primary resupply.
  7. Honestly the tube is part of the whole London experience plus their is a station on the northern line pretty close to the RAF museum.
  8. trust me driving in London is absolutely horrible and the tube is pretty good.
  9. Nah not worth renting a car in London, bus or tube will get you wherever you need to go for less money and way faster in the case of the tube.
  10. that sounds like a good idea. Though to be fair the frontline airfields will remain open for the first 15 mins which is enough to keep a decent presence over the frontline for around an hour or so.
  11. honestly last TAW was fairly balanced till the later maps and a lot of people seem to be going red now so it should be better.
  12. don't get me wrong i lover the patch and the 47 is great when its not fighting against wehraboo wet dreams. The merlin 70 isn't really used and it doesn't turn the plane into a wehraboos wet dream.
  13. the pfalz seems to be doing alright against the camel. also bare in mind we will have the D.VIIF and all the fun that thing brings.
  14. Remember the game is biased unless the 109s have utter superiority at all times kamaraden 😉
  15. Yes it goes in the same folder as they are essentially the same game.
  16. we know how much 150 octane fuel was used down to the liter. We don't even know if 1.98 ATA k4s saw any combat. Yet which one do we bloody get 🙃
  17. 150 octane is not available despite the fact we know how much was used down to the liter yet the K4 gets some BS engine boost that never saw combat 🙃
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