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  1. =FEW=nightrise

    You closed my post so...

  2. =FEW=nightrise

    HS129 with 75mm cannon

    Big quack gun would be the only reason i would use the thing
  3. =FEW=nightrise

    This was not me

    Sometimes you're just [edited] out of luck
  4. =FEW=nightrise

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    when you roast a 109 just right 👌
  5. =FEW=nightrise

    DD today?

    I mean i'd rather be addicted to the DD than heroin
  6. =FEW=nightrise

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Tracksuit Yak on TAW yesterday Skin by Psyrion
  7. =FEW=nightrise

    Light vehicles

    The puma with the 50mm would be nice, also the pakwagen
  8. =FEW=nightrise

    Tank Crew

    honestly the stug 3 would be better off as a standalone collector vehicle rather than tied to a specific expansion.
  9. =FEW=nightrise

    Tank Crew

    I would replace the IC with the VC and the jagdpanzer 38 with the pz 4 J ahnd also have the choiceofthe L48 and L70 armed versions of the Jagdpanzer 4
  10. =FEW=nightrise

    Developer Diary, Part 196 - Discussion

  11. =FEW=nightrise

    WT & IL2

    Put more hours into warthunder than i care to admit.
  12. =FEW=nightrise

    New planes

    On the forums of il2 the dead do not rest.
  13. =FEW=nightrise

    Tactical Air War

    Especially cause the Russians don't even get an extra mig to compensate.
  14. =FEW=nightrise

    Tactical Air War

    Oh great the Germans get the f4 on map 2 cause if thats one thing the Germans need it an f4 on map 2 🙄
  15. =FEW=nightrise

    Tactical Air War

    Any changes to the aircraft lineup? and will the mk9 and G14 be available?