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  1. I dont see the expansion on steam, so its still not available for me :/
  2. After update i cant find the ingame player profile section - that one with xp and medals
  3. when the rest of campaigns and planes will be available in steam store?
  4. The release itself was disappointing - missing starting promo, no information on store page (digging marketing grave, huh?) and why BOM is in DLC section? Several times it was talked that BOM will be standalone title.
  5. - Clickable Pits - Better performance - steam achievements and workshop - full real server with icons - bigger multi-objectives MP maps - more ppl on TS... - flyable, less common planes in sims: i wish i could run search & resuce missions in storch or "bring the rain" via scouting in FW189
  6. Use "home-del-insert-up-down" buttons to adjust and save with f10
  7. Try telling that to a console player xP I got FPS problems after the "tank patch" - before it i played on ultra and after - tweaked the setting to "balanced"
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