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  1. Im not BOBC mate but nice try. Guess its impossible to have a conversation unless your completely political correct or a certain segment of the community will come and chew me up. Forget it then.
  2. Hello. Do these texture mods still works. I check the folder structures and the folder structure in the game is different. I cant even find the equivalent files. The only folder I see in stalingrad is "roads" and those are bin files.
  3. Why dont developers of flightsims care about sounds? Is it because it is difficult? Cliffs of dover looks so good. Soo good. The channel water looks so real. External sounds, flyby sounds and shooting sounds so unreal. That is why i dont use clod blitz, much of the sounds just drives me away. When some great soundmodders comes your way you do what? Push them away. You hide your sounds carefully so no one can touch them. Stupid policy.
  4. is it vr or is it more like track ir with vr headset? Do you get the 3d feel or is it like watching a 2d screen?
  5. There is a ditch on both sides of the road
  6. This still works. I used it even in assetto corsa, rise of flight and tried it on il2 blitz but there I could only open the fsb file with the fsb version of soundmodder. I changed the intro melody in il2bos but its not perfect since it has to be the same length as the default intro waw file and that was 19 seconds. Is there a way to make the game accept longer waw files? Some ini or cfg file etc? I tried to open the core.bank file in il2 blitz but no go. I tried to rename it to MasterBank.bank but same result.
  7. Hello and thanks for the campaigne generator. I use the newest pwcg in flying circus and all are well. I downoaded the lastest for bos and after I hit the exe it says it uses java 1.8.0 for 64bit and points to the java website. There it says firefox doesnt support java. Ive never had any problems before and im using pwcg for flying circus. What to do? )))
  8. il2 series with fc and all the user made and paid campaigns makes it a gem. Almost perfect. All that lacks somewhat are external sounds and flyby sounds. It might only be me who thinks this regarding ext sounds but all in all im impressed and il2 box and fc with user made and paid like campaigns are my favorite sim.
  9. nice idea. I do something similar to have tiger33 flybysounds. You can put them in a soundboard or use voiceattack and bind the sounds to a key. Bind that same key to trigger flyby inside game and you got awsome flyby. Its not perfect obviously, you have to be within a certain range of speed to have the flyby sequense match the flyby sound but it so much better than the dull flyby sounds in il2.
  10. I suspected flying circus would be no lesser experience in VR and I was right. It is amazing actually as the rest of the modules in the il2 series. Only wish they opened it up for modding. So much we users could do to ambience, sounds of all sorts.
  11. Thank you alot for this program. So useful. The first thing I would like to put in are flybys like the ones of the master, Tiger33 for il2 1946. That I cant see how is possible here. There arnt spesific soundfiles for flybys in box but rather it render an outside sound. If you could crack that my friend and replace it with tiger flybys you would become a god to many. We would worship you. Your program is so good for all the rest. The second thing i would like to change are less wind db etc to suite me. Not saying the original sounds are not good or unrealistic, but is a game, my game, and I find the wind level of db to much after a few hours. Great program. I found a working solution to have tiger33 flyby. Not a perfect solution but better than stock flyby which are so weak and uninspiering. I use a soundboard and map my flyby key ingame to the same on the soundboard that will play tiger33 file. Like I said its not perfect and you would have to be at a certain speed to match the length of the flyby file with ingame sequense, but still, awsome and brakes the boredom and give a little ingame kick.
  12. Maaan, just because ive seen operated tits before doesnt mean I never want to see them again. You should stop trying to be a camp guard and let people ask what the hell they want. Its good to keep it going. Vr is nooothing special anymore. Not even very expensive. You think he is proud he has VR .....pffffff....keep the discussions going i say. New info will pop up in those threads. If your so darn annoyed with these questions [edited]
  13. Late to the party but still an interesting question. It is well worth it. At least you can heavily mod it. Acutally you need to mod it with a big modpack. You get soundmods, oh my god do you get a beutiful sound mod with bad ass flyby sounds from tiger 33. All these new sims cant get their heads out of their butts and see whats missing in their sims. Yeah, I got a beef with the new sims lack of flyby sounds and access for the modders to do something about it. Flybys in clod, box and dcs are terrible. Sounds and inspires as much as a lawnmover will going past you. Yeah, il2 1946 modded still has a punch in it.
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