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  1. He is a little patronising turd. This is not the first time. Oh, he has written a what, a manual? And he has "tester" in his signature, ooooooo, big man must be able to shuffle shit around then.
  2. is this mod no longer supported? Would be nice if you could just pop in and say you no longer support this mod or what ever. I suspect you have to update it for every game update so it is only fair you would stop at some point.
  3. The cockpit enginesound are rather powerful and rather good so you dont have to have them on 100%. I have sound level on around 30 % and the stock flyby sounds are not high enough to ruin the sound from the soundboard. Most of the flyby sounds from tiger33 fits the flyby sequense in length. Man, this is cool. I now have great looking ww2 planes with great flyby sounds.
  4. I downloaded tiger 33 flyby sounds for the il21946 and put a few samples into a soundboard. I mapped the flyby sound file i wanted, example, i-16 to the same flyby key in game, f3 and voila. Under normal flight speed the tiger flyby matched the flyby sequense perfectly. If it didnt i could run it through audacity and alter the length. Wow, just darn wow. This is what I have been missing with Bos. Im in heaven right now ))
  5. You evil man, why didnt i think of that? Great, thanks.
  6. Hello. First off, i cant hold it, what a great sim in vr. These old birds are the best in vr, up close and personal. I remember in ROF i had the option to adjust the joystick to act as a sort of trim. yea, i guess there was no trim wheels back then but remember their sticks was what, 50 + cm? Im using a gamepad and that stick is like 1 cm. Imagine the more fine adjustment you have with original stick. Anyways, im asking if there is a way to do the same adjustments to the joystick as it was in ROF?
  7. What a fine piece of work to share with others. I see you talk about, I guess the newest hardware and vr headsets. If I only have a gtx 1060 and occulus cv1, can i then use any of these settings or this mod?
  8. I used Tiger33 flyby sounds from il21946 and put a few of them in a soundboard. I mapped 1 flyby sound file to the same flyby key, f3. It worked great. That spesific soundfile fitted perfectly with the length of the flyby sequense. If it didnt i would run it through audacity and alter the length of the soundfile. Im sure it would work. The stock flybysounds are so low and bad it kind of drowned in the soundboard sound but I would really like to turn the stock flyby sound completely off to have a perfect flyby sequense with soundboard. I was trying to find a cfg file to turn it off but i can find any. Please tell me there is a way to turn the stock flyby sound off. That would make me a happy man.
  9. For you it was a horrible experiance, for thousands of other it was a complete gamechanger, fantastic. You must love your lawnmover.
  10. It just said ziiiziiiingggg in my head. I came to think about the free software soundboards where you can have it play any sound you map it to. I can even give these sounds a shortcut key and will try to map it to the flyby key. People just saying "no" when they dont really know what they are talking about. How about you say "i dont know, i dont think so." Seen people like you in action before with your fancy nametags with thousands of posts, driving away talentet people with your negative little petty minds. God damn boy..... Im gonna make this work. The flybysounds in this game are just atrociusly uninspiring.
  11. Hey people, help me out. I enjoyed very much tiger33 sounds for the good old il2 1946. Is there a way, a simpel way to have something play just a waw file with an actual flyby sound when i hit the flyby button. It is just for my own amusement and doesnt have to be perfect. Maybe I could alter the length of the waw file to fit the length of the actual flyby? Come on, please tell me there is a way to do this.
  12. Hello and thank you for the generator. I have used it a long time for rise of flight and for Bos. I installed it again in bos and after a mission or 2 the flightleader stops to take off. They just sit there and mission will not start. The same thing happens for both the newest version and the beta version 5.x. What can I be doing wrong. I have noticed the nametag on my plane when in external view has changed from the campaign name i gave my pilot to my online account name. Thank you for any help on this.
  13. Has anyone tried clod with vorpx? I seem to remember or maybe im wishfuldreaming someone made it work. Wouldnt expect it to be full 3d vr as box but still......
  14. yes, the vp modpack is an excellent collection of mods. Enjoy the flybysounds ))
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