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  1. Soviet testers FV-190 noted that: "the pilot is not completely protected from fire from the side and bottom"..... so despite the back, attack with 5 and 7 hours is VERY dangerous for the pilot.
  2. I know all this and fully agree with your description of the reasons for this state of Affairs. But in reality, the Luftwaffe did not have such a number of Yu-88\BF-110, and the red army air force did not have such a number of PE-2. And both parties had such an amount of heavy ammunition 250-500kg. All this combined makes the bombers and BF-110's main strike aircraft. I think it makes sense to make the PE-2 more variable, for example He-111 with blocked loads of heavy bombs caliber 250-500kg. In the game, unfortunately, there are no SB-2 aircraft, which were the most massive at the initial stage of the war. They can emulate a limitation bomb load to one of the PE-2 6-10 FAB-100, for the Ju-88 also to determine the most typical making download of one of the available Ju-88 heavier and the other lighter. The same bombers with restrictions on downloads and no restrictions, you can breed the types of airfields. From small airfields to allow the rise of only melkimi medium bombs, and large airfields with any bombs.
  3. Usually the tank division has its own artillery, which allows you to throw shells at 20-25 km. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Will the developers somehow try to solve the problem of almost complete absence of the use of assault aircraft on both sides....? Currently, the most used are PE-2\Yu-88\BF-110. Il-2 and Yu-87 are practically not used. That is not good and historical. Do you think this is a problem and if so, what solutions are you considering....?
  4. due to above mentioned problems I suggest the following: 1. change the start mission cards Kuban in such a way that would be armored columns appeared at least 40-50km from the aerodrome which is offensive ( in this case from the airport Okhtyrka and Timashevskaya) 2. in the first mission of the new maps to do the advancing tank columns hidden, columns in obrazu supplies that you have to explore 3. tank columns located from the front lines more than 15-20km to do hidden
  5. With extra guns MG-151-20 - without a doubt......
  6. The problem is that the side arrows aircraft (at least Soviet aircraft) is absolutely not exposed to Minengeschoß, which in the tapes of German fighters - a fair amount.......: https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/12352-228-я-часть-дневников-разработчика/?do=findComment&comment=715959 More or less effective armor-piercing projectiles to the cannon MG-151-15, especially if you use it as gun pod to F-4. Macci with their machine guns 12.7 mm with explosive charges are also almost useless against shooters. The problem is once again brought to the attention of developers. Let's hope that in the nearest patches it will be corrected. Taking into account the above, the level of Soviet airborne shooters should not be higher than "experienced"....level of "AS" in this situation is uber-weapons. Said the pilots also are not killed by Minengeschoß. By the way.....it is likely that the same problem exists for Soviet High-explosive shells. need to inspect.....
  7. Sometimes those who share with us attraction to the sky go. Let's 31 may each year to commemorate the pilots who left us forever in the memory of them to pause the server.....
  8. Good idea but.....what to do with the server overcrowding problem...?
  9. Perhaps the administration of the project will come to the banal conclusion that we need a server of the "second theater of war". That will give the opportunity to fly more people. In my opinion it is quite logical would be the ability to fly simultaneously on the cards: "Moscow 1941" + "Velikiye Luki 1941 and Stalingrad 1942" + "Kuban 1942" with the corresponding sets of planes. At the first stage, you can make unlimited flights on both servers. With the passage of time and experience, it is possible to gradually introduce restrictions on the registration and transfer of pilots and/or units from one theater of operations to another.
  10. There are some doubts about the U-2 as a "landing zone detector". Spend half the time of the mission to detect the landing zone, while it is easier and faster to "see" it in the briefing...doesn't seem like a big deal. I wonder how many percent of the supply can " bring "U-2 and who will use it as a" transport aircraft " in the presence of available in the same role PE-2 .....?
  11. Thanks to the LG team for a very interesting and intense campaign.....
  12. Of all the mass of the pilots shot on a parachute, only you arranged a discussion of this, sucked out of the finger of the problem. If you're not worried about the statistics as I imagine it is, then why all this discussion.....? What you the difference 15 seconds you will hang out on a rag or 20.....? And why 1 second will be enough for you.....?
  13. If I am not mistaken, Katon voiced the idea of historical planeset. This implies that I-16 not will to fight with G-14, and E7 not will to fight against Spit-9. But for example, I-16 against G-2 on the map of Stalingrad - may well fight in the summer and autumn. As well as remaining in the ranks of E7 can meet in the air in the autumn-winter map with the first La-5 and Yak-1B......
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