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  1. Sometimes those who share with us attraction to the sky go. Let's 31 may each year to commemorate the pilots who left us forever in the memory of them to pause the server.....
  2. Good idea but.....what to do with the server overcrowding problem...?
  3. Perhaps the administration of the project will come to the banal conclusion that we need a server of the "second theater of war". That will give the opportunity to fly more people. In my opinion it is quite logical would be the ability to fly simultaneously on the cards: "Moscow 1941" + "Velikiye Luki 1941 and Stalingrad 1942" + "Kuban 1942" with the corresponding sets of planes. At the first stage, you can make unlimited flights on both servers. With the passage of time and experience, it is possible to gradually introduce restrictions on the registration and transfer of pilots and/or units from one theater of operations to another.
  4. There are some doubts about the U-2 as a "landing zone detector". Spend half the time of the mission to detect the landing zone, while it is easier and faster to "see" it in the briefing...doesn't seem like a big deal. I wonder how many percent of the supply can " bring "U-2 and who will use it as a" transport aircraft " in the presence of available in the same role PE-2 .....?
  5. Thanks to the LG team for a very interesting and intense campaign.....
  6. Of all the mass of the pilots shot on a parachute, only you arranged a discussion of this, sucked out of the finger of the problem. If you're not worried about the statistics as I imagine it is, then why all this discussion.....? What you the difference 15 seconds you will hang out on a rag or 20.....? And why 1 second will be enough for you.....?
  7. If I am not mistaken, Katon voiced the idea of historical planeset. This implies that I-16 not will to fight with G-14, and E7 not will to fight against Spit-9. But for example, I-16 against G-2 on the map of Stalingrad - may well fight in the summer and autumn. As well as remaining in the ranks of E7 can meet in the air in the autumn-winter map with the first La-5 and Yak-1B......
  8. The restriction of available aircraft can be made at the expense of a kind of "scissors", one part of which cuts off the most advanced machines for pilots with low ranks, the other part limits the total number of these advanced machines available on this map. for example, on the first map BF-109 E7 is the "base machine". BF-109 F2 - "advanced machine", BF-109F4" excellent machine " available only for pilots of the highest ranks . The same with bomb loadings for shock planes. sergeants and non-commissioned officers have the ability to take the minimum load allowed for the aircraft available to them, with the growth of the title expands the number of available aircraft and variants of bomb loads. Now the bombers dataout mostly with bombs of 500 K and above, although most were massive bombs caliber 50-100kg less, that unfortunately is not yet implemented in the game.
  9. As they say-a well - posed question contains the answer. You are good at shooting down planes and thus help your team. when you make a mistake and you are knocked down what reasons in addition to saving your statistics determine the time of the briefing within 1 second....? And here is musketry you on parachute jump highly and highly useful for my team. on the one hand - this is a purely psychological bonus for those who came under your attack. On the other hand, this is a psychological disadvantage for you, which is actually confirmed by the discussion you raised. Although it wasn't just your lordship who was shot in the parachute. All of the above-mentioned me-just are the very reasons why the time to go to the briefing would not be worth 15 seconds and 25. if "it's a game, it's only pixels you lose" then why start a discussion....? It means you are evil...it's not just a game for you.....so do not deceive yourself and try to powder the brains of others, coming up with excuses for his craving for high statistics and fear of spoiling it.... those who do not worry about their statistics - do not start such discussions, they just fly and enjoy the game.....
  10. I've highlighted the most important point you've made. Only it is not Clear why you need to give you an advantage to save statistics...? Killer of skydivers...? Oh no...in your case, it was the first time I shot a parachutist......
  11. I have an idea about the" downed", but not destroyed tanks. Them after the recount of the mission, it is logical to send "in repair", to make an additional goal type "repair plant", if you put it far in the rear or "field repair", if this target will be near the frontline town. Whether this idea should be implemented is up to the developers. But in principle, bombers may be a new target, the loss of tanks even with a damaged rear plants will be less catastrophic. There will be an incentive to protect the tanks more actively - because they will not be completely written off, and after the repair time can replenish troops at the front. The tank lost its caterpillar-can not attack and therefore can not be considered as a full - fledged combat unit, but as to be evacuated and repaired-it can be taken into account. In the real life so and was.
  12. I completely understand. You want: 1. fly excellent planes and have therefore the ability to gain an advantage in speed, altitude and break away from the enemy in a dive 2. not to be burdened by the ground attack of enemy troops 3. be able to play the role of Eric Hartmann by shooting down enemy planes in large numbers. 4. writing after a successful attack in General chat all sorts of clever ideas 5. losing prudence and falling in a difficult situation - in extreme cases to jump with a parachute and to maintain its excellent statistics leaving in a briefing after 1 second after the jump. I don't understand why we should lose the pleasure of killing you on a rag .....? At the time, the forum of the ADW was a heated discussion on the problem of the shooting of paratroopers. The conclusions were as follows: 1. parachutists in the REAL life shot ALL sides, so that shooting a parachutist or not - deal moreover who his shot down 2. the rescue of drowning - the handiwork of drowning , so if you so care about your statistics - do not let yourself down. On the server NULLWAR was a man exceeding your statistics shot down 3 times. Once he was unlucky 3 times in a row in one mission. The man was drunk for 2 weeks. Save your nerves..............
  13. this was probably the case: https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/4645-полетушки-на-tactical-air-war/?do=findComment&comment=662825 In the future, it makes sense to correct the error with the location of the front-line supply unloading station near the front line, without the ability to cover it from the air. Such situations are typical for both sides.
  14. Statistics as far as I understand now shows not hit as such, and the damage. That is, the hit can be one, and the damage has several factors. This is partly evident from the fact that the damage calculations are in certain time intervals and most likely the first is the calculation of the actual hit, and then the damage from the fragments that damage the design of the aircraft and its system. if we proceed from this, it turns out that you made about 10 hits on the enemy. Even if some hits were simultaneously from a gun and a machine gun it will slightly increase the statistics, but still 42 hits will not work. The same can be seen from the statistics of damage to the aircraft obtained during a fire engine or fuel tanks.
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