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  1. And what about using just an interface from old Il2 DeviceLink? It was not a state-of-art protocol but good enough and there is ALREADY a bunch of applications using it for virtual cockpit / gauge / instrument representation... No need to create a client APP, just one port communication, simple request-answer protocol, nothing special. Aha - old protocol was allowing also to change settings / gauges / buttons ingame, not only read values, but it might be skipped now. Just reading values. Sounds simple, isn't it?
  2. So what is the solution??? I had the same problem some time ago with FreeTrack, it was enough to replace its binary with the latest one but yesterday I have noticed - after last updates??? - that I cannot look up anymore, again.looking up approx 80 degrees or so? Extremely annoying especially in the dogfight. And different to all - literally all - flight sim games. Definitely the blocker for me for a gameplay of BoS / BoM / whatever later.
  3. Hi! It was enough to change FT to version and set max range of pitch and it was working again. No need to move to OpenTrack (yet).
  4. Thanks! I will try it soon, unfortunately now I have got guests invasion at home, and I have to be more social in few days... The question is: should we try to convince game developers to do something with that? I still would say that it is a wrong data usage from their side. And after all in RoF it works fine, very fine, so they are able to fix it somehow. And will they do something, so busy with a next game, next planes and maps, to release a brand new game with the same old issues inside?
  5. OK, deadzones help having for stable gunsight view. For any angle look it does not. Filtering settings helped a lot, it is much better now, not so perfect as in FT but close. And of course 90 degrees pitch works only for OT 2.2, not for the latest one, even with setting mapping to +-180 degrees. And obviously not working with FT. By the way NewView does not work also with FT. How it is possible? Registry entry goes to NewView, it redirects to FT or OT, but the game anyway takes data directly from FT and/or OT. Another sad story with BoS.
  6. OK - pitch works fine in OT. Now the problem is the stability. Tomcatqw - could you post your ini file? I would check the filter settings you have got. Gramps - by write-up you mean some changes in github code? And another RC?
  7. PS: It looks for me that it is a bug in the game. Indeed using OpenTrack allows to have full range, +-90 degrees of head pitchamd +-180 of yaw. But strange enough finishing the game and coming again with FT in use it happened that it was also working. But not after system restart. So it seems like OT sets something in the game? Hmmm... And obviously not only a problem of FT, also FTNOIR has that issue: http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11340 PPS: I would move to OT but I still have no luck with its filtering options. From those three included one works only, but the final effects are not promising - still very erratic movement (micro moves/shakes), no stability of FT. Help needed.
  8. Thanks in advance! I have got everything set like you wrote above, but simply the devil is in the details, something is set a bit wrong, and therefore usage is much less effective and smooth than in FreeTrack. Pity, especially when OpenTrack is being developed and FT is abandonware now...
  9. Well I wrote that good challenging AI is also a nice option. Good to see a column of tanks, or ships, going everywhere like small bugs and trying again to form a column after your attack. But of course real players driving tanks is another level of difficulty. Difficulty and the satisfaction after a successful bomb run.
  10. Well, I have tried long time ago WT and I would say that their 'events' in simulation mode, when you can attack tanks with real players inside, it is quite unique and surprisingly enjoyable. It is difficult to find enemies, they try to avoid your attack, and some AAA are manned and aiming at you A lot of adrenaline. See that land/see forces AI is also not so bad as they try to avoid attack also in a quite nice way. Definitely something that other combat flight simulators' developers should study trying to adopt their product to work in similar way - but preferably without micro-payments, ladders, achievements etc. but with all this hard core sim stuff you/us all know and want - that's why we bought that game PS: I miss old Il2 times with tons of people online. Last few years is a massive players' lost on HL. Pity. But that's how it works. PPS: I belong to that aged players. But there are older virtual pilots, many of. I remember 71 years old one - and it was few years ago. And about the age... Even if you do not like WT treat that game as a good investment. Some of those youngsters flying with mouse and keyboard one day might invest in joysticks, try it in WT, and then - why not - in other more hardcoded sims! :D
  11. In OpenTrack? OK, I will try this. In FT I have already checked that option, setting limit from +-160 to 180 degrees of pitch, and it did not fix it, unfortunately. OpenTrack with a version 2.2a2 only? Like mentioned here? http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/12772-opentrack-22a2-file-allows-90degree-pitch-view/ By the way - if someone could pass the good and reliable OpenTrack INI file, I would appreciate it very much. Currently my OpenTrack profile works worse than FT, much less smoother. Looks like it gives integer degrees output, so e.g. yaw 21 degrees, not 20.7, at least this is how it looks now on my computer. Looks like smoothing problems, or filtering options... no idea. PS: I wonder how it works for TrackIR's users.
  12. Hello! Maybe there is a fix somewhere and/or a workaround, but I cannot find it. In BoS - differently to all other simulators - when I do use head tracking software (like Freetrack or Opentrack), my pilot's head movements cannot reach 90 degrees up. Namely I cannot stare up to check what is above me. Is it possible to fix it somewhere? In FT I tried many things, nothing works. I can look straight up in RoF, old Il2, CloD, WarThunder... but not in BoS. Strange, isn't it? And in fact it "spoils" my way I am tracking the enemy. Simply during the dogfight many times he is disappearing from my view and I must do a strange head movement trying to get him back in front of my pilot's virtual eyes. Any help appreciated a lot. Thanks in advance.
  13. Finkeren - I have not known about those Battle of Moscow and Stalingrad maps, and it is a very good news if it is true. Really good.
  14. I guess without any new no-snow map the game would be quite dead, just because it becomes easily boring flying on the same white landscape all the time. I do admit that flying on the white land with white rivers, white cities, white roads and white trucks there... well... it might be a challenge. And it is many times. But the point is that people need differences. Now it is like BattleField game released with one map. Ok - with two. And it seems that incoming Battle of Moscow will be also snow white. Pity. Maybe the next one will be at least sandy? I hope so... PS: A great job indeed. I mean that screenshot and the map behind. Refreshing.
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