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  1. My opinion too. In future, with the planes from mid-war from BoN we can have many maps in channel in 1942/1943 or specific battles (Dieppe, Cerberus for example). Typhoons, Hurricanes, Spit Vb, P51 B/C, Razorbacks, Mosquitos and A-20 vs 109 G2/G4/G6, 190 A3 and the traditional axis bomber planes. I think a relation 70/80% West Front maps 20/30% East maps ideal.
  2. Tempestade Tempest, Yak-7B and I-16 for my heart, but rationally speaking Spitfire Mk.IX its the more balanced in red side.
  3. Tempest and Spitfire, the same problem from the I-16. Few damage in rudder and you need jump quickly. Example of the damages in one 190, taht return to base, and Spitfires (Combat Box server):
  4. RADOVAN KARADZIC?!?!?! Serious that this nick its allowed in Combat Box????
  5. This guy (ex-Belenko) too? The_Butcher 9now he is with other nick) dead my mate Pinheiro 04 times this month in same situation. A shame.
  6. Venlo its a unprotected area. Look that dont have a striped circle around it.
  7. @Talon_ and @Alonzo I saw a new in Y-29 map, 03 simbols of blue planes = Mitchels Men and The 262 Mence maps about AI planes. I ndon read nothing about in brifing. Are more waves of AI planes in map?
  8. When will the developers be doing a realistic FM for 110G2? Because it's ridiculous, climb like a 262 and turn like a Zero, when in real life it was little more than a sitting duck.
  9. Me too, only because we has divergent opinions about one thing that i dont remember more was are.
  10. I was patrolling and defeating a plane that was recognizing the target plus two others that attacked the target without recognition, answer your question? That I know how to prevent recon is one of the objectives of the map. The defense of objectives to stop attacks its other or Im wrong? =BLW= business is =BLW= business, not compare us with him.
  11. I think that to this guys only the individual score is important. Yesterday I down 02 over the flotilla unrecognized : dog1 and =VARP= Munster
  12. @Talon_ and @Alonzo its correct or is forbiden attacking our ships before the target open after recon. Because the player @dog1 , @SJ_Kraken, @GhostDragon (this 03 in the map now open) attacking every map "Standorff in the Lowlands" before the reecon. If can, why the reason to recon to open the target?
  13. A typical day in a advanced airfield from a BoN map. "Why do I want to own that title?" Because I love it! =ABr=422nd_RedSkull
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