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  1. Tempest and Spitfire, the same problem from the I-16. Few damage in rudder and you need jump quickly. Example of the damages in one 190, taht return to base, and Spitfires (Combat Box server):
  2. RADOVAN KARADZIC?!?!?! Serious that this nick its allowed in Combat Box????
  3. This guy (ex-Belenko) too? The_Butcher 9now he is with other nick) dead my mate Pinheiro 04 times this month in same situation. A shame.
  4. Venlo its a unprotected area. Look that dont have a striped circle around it.
  5. @Talon_ and @Alonzo I saw a new in Y-29 map, 03 simbols of blue planes = Mitchels Men and The 262 Mence maps about AI planes. I ndon read nothing about in brifing. Are more waves of AI planes in map?
  6. When will the developers be doing a realistic FM for 110G2? Because it's ridiculous, climb like a 262 and turn like a Zero, when in real life it was little more than a sitting duck.
  7. Me too, only because we has divergent opinions about one thing that i dont remember more was are.
  8. I was patrolling and defeating a plane that was recognizing the target plus two others that attacked the target without recognition, answer your question? That I know how to prevent recon is one of the objectives of the map. The defense of objectives to stop attacks its other or Im wrong? =BLW= business is =BLW= business, not compare us with him.
  9. I think that to this guys only the individual score is important. Yesterday I down 02 over the flotilla unrecognized : dog1 and =VARP= Munster
  10. @Talon_ and @Alonzo its correct or is forbiden attacking our ships before the target open after recon. Because the player @dog1 , @SJ_Kraken, @GhostDragon (this 03 in the map now open) attacking every map "Standorff in the Lowlands" before the reecon. If can, why the reason to recon to open the target?
  11. A typical day in a advanced airfield from a BoN map. "Why do I want to own that title?" Because I love it! =ABr=422nd_RedSkull
  12. @Alonzo @Talon_ Pls watch the last report of the new map from the 262. The blues dont destroy any targets, we elineted all 262 and destroied 02 targets but the report is a blue vistory. Its reaaly correct or is a bug? Tks
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