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  1. :satan: endlich a gscheites Flugzeug!
  2. jetzt wirds interessant... auf FB gefunden
  3. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3619708#post3619708 "As the title says, Heatblur will be on tomorrow to both update us on the Tomcat and to give a module away to a viewer. This module can be any module that Heatblur offers including the Tomcat. The giveaway will be taking place tomorrow, September 8th following the SATAL match between TAW and CNF at 1300z. If you are unfamiliar with Zulu time click here to see what time it is locally. "
  4. Danke für den Link @ram0506 Hast du das zufällig drucken lassen? Falls ja, kannst du mal ein paar Fotos hochladen?
  5. Still looking for an answer why I can't see planes of other pilots (and they can't see mine as well) when hosting a DF mission?!
  6. Any idea why people can't be seen when joining my client-hosted DF server? I can't seith them either... (it's a simple DF mission with 2 AFs)
  7. There are many talented (3D) artits out there with their own uniqe way to arrange a scene. I pretty much like Gareth Hector's work, but also-if we stay in the community-rOEN911. No idea what's the situation with Wiek Luijken (http://www.luijken.com), but in the past (irrc part of aviation arthouse) we created some awesome images we well. One of my favorites at the moment (which was also pointed out in the forums here) is https://de-de.facebook.com/romainhugault/
  8. DCS: Yak-52 Update Although the Hornet and DCS World 2.5 have been in the spotlight lately, the Yak-52 is making great progress and will introduce some great new technologies that will benefit the future of DCS World.We are creating a new radial piston simulation engine from the ground up with a highly-realistic engine cooling model. This will have great benefits for future DCS aircraft like the P-47D Thunderbolt. One of our staff members is also Yak-52 aerobatic pilot! We’ve had our flight engineers in the back seat to get the flight model and quirks of the aircraft just right. A very important aspect of the Yak-52 are the flight dynamics and post-stall behavior. Our team has been making substantial progress to making our Yak-52 fly just like the real one, including edge-of and out-of-envelope maneuvers. She really will be a blast to fly! We are also working to include cooperative multiplayer to allow both pilot and student in the same aircraft. When played in VR, the detailed cockpit very much comes to life. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1920x1080. More WIP screenshots DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Last week we made DCS: F/A-18C Hornet available for pre-purchase and it has been a huge success for us. Thank you for the amazing support! Between April and the end of Spring 2018, we will release the Hornet into Early Access. For now though, pre-purchase and save 20$. Additionally, you will receive $19 in bonus points! Pre-purchase and save $20 in DCS e-shop! The Hornet is a true multi-role fighter that can switch from attacking surface targets to engaging air targets with the press of a button. Equally at home on an aircraft carrier or airfield, the Hornet is equipped with a large suite of sensors that include radar, target pod, and a helmet mounted sight. In addition to its internal 20mm cannon, the Hornet can be armed with large assortment of unguided bombs and rockets, laser- and -GPS-guided bombs, air-to-surface missiles of all sorts, and both radar- and infrared-guided air-to-air missiles. DCS World provides the most rich and authentic digital battlefield for the Hornet to fly in. Key Features of DCS: F/A-18C Hornet:Professional Flight Model (PFM) and authentic Flight Control System (FCS) Realistic model of the F/A-18C, down to each bolt Detailed simulation of the Hornet’s many systems like engines, fuel, electrical, hydraulic, radios, lighting, emergency, and many, many more Inertial and GPS navigation systems with moving map display Virtually all the weapons and sensors that a mid-2000s US Navy F/A-18C operates Highly realistic cockpit that is mouse interactive Spin recovery system Authentic Hornet sounds with assistance from Boeing New effects like over-wing vapor Virtual Reality support Multiple liveries If you have any questions about DCS: F/A-18C, they are probably answered in the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet FAQ You can also find regular project updates here Attached Thumbnails
  9. Type of improvement: Controls, Key Mapping Explanation of proposals: Extend ON/OFF and TOGGLE functions by to separate ON and OFF functions Benefits: I have recently created two rather simple panels with potentiometers and ON-OFF-ON switches (the same kind that are for instance on the Warthog HOTAS). Unfortunately, these buttons are not suitable for functions that are associated with “ON/OFF” or “TOGGLE” as you have to flip them up, back into OFF position and back up in order to switch on or off, for instance, the prop feather function. It would be great if, in addition also separate “ON” and “OFF” options would be given in the key mappings. For the sake of clarity I also suggest to reduce the height (i.e., font size) of items in the key mapping menu and increase its opacity. The list currently holds only 6 key functions and must be scrolled down several pages. It would be better to have at least 10 items visible at one page.
  10. Weiß jemand ob bei den Modulen die aktuell in BETA Status sind noch eine Erweiterung der Achsenbelegung geplant ist? Ich hab mir vor kurzem zwei Panels gebastelt (10 Potis, einige ON-OFF-ON Schalter sowie Taster). Für die F-5 kann ich somit wunderbar die Beleuchtung im Cockpit oder ähnliches regeln. Bei der Viggen oder auch dem Harrier ist die Zahl der Achsen die man mittels Poti belegen kann, leider beschränkt.
  11. Type of improvement: Controls, Key Mapping Explanation of proposals: Highlight/bringing pressed key/joystick button into focus in they "key mapping" menu Benefits: Finding they key binding of a certain key/joystick button without searching the rather long list of different actions / action type pages
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