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  1. What is going on in this thread and can I join it?
  2. This helped, thank you! Next time I promise to read the whole thread before posting.
  3. Just happened to me again what I first described in this topic...
  4. Cannot join the Normal server for several days now. I mean - connect, I see the chat and battle log, I choose a plane, then I hit Start, get the "loading" icon instead of mouse cursor and that is all. Also I can hear the sounds as if I was in game - I can use my keyboard and joystick to control the plane (according to the sounds), but I get stuck in the starting map section... Other servers work fine, single player too.
  5. Same here. Thanks God I found this thread, I was getting desperate. Anyway - I try to join the -DED- Fresh Meat Normal Server, I get the game loading screen, then get back to the server list. I tried to rejoin several times without succes, it has been like this for at least a week.
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