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  1. Jhay would like to join you all. I would like to fly a PE-2, but will take whatever necessary. This would be me first time flying this event.
  2. Jhay will enthusiastically fly a PE-2,... if I can figure out exactly where and when this event will take place,... and TS channel,... etc. I am new to this community.
  3. Blackwolf, I am very interested in your organization. I am in eastern US, an experienced sim pilot, and looking to join a primarily bombing squadron. I have applied to your website. Is there a TeamSpeak channel that you use for your missions? I am currently a lone wolf on Wings of Liberty because that is the only TS addy I have, and no one is ever there.
  4. Is there a way to access the mission map from the bombardier's position? Having to jump to pilot's seat to open map wastes valuable seconds when trying to line up on target.
  5. I am an Eastern Time guy that would love to fly mission oriented events just about any time after work.
  6. LaFrench-LoupVert,,, Merci beaucoup! I wish my fading memory of French could carry me further,... but your solution worked like a charm!
  7. Please Help !? I set out to learn the mission editor with this guide, downloaded and properly installed the tutorial mission, and now my mission editor will not launch. I get a series of error notifications: "D3D Error m_pd3d Device-.Reset(&m_d3dpp) E_INVALIDARG" , followed by "can not create m_prt ScreenNormal color surface", "Can not create m_prt ScredDepth color surface", and "can not create m_psurf ScreenDepth depth surface". I tried deleting the files from the Data/Multiplayer/Dogfight folder, but no luck. then I tried a new download and unzipped them there again, same result, those error messages. I am using Windows 10, Any ideas on what went wrong and how I can get a functioning Mission Editor back?
  8. Where is this mission editor? I do not see it in any game file. Is it a separate download? My game is up to date, but I have searched for the ste... file and it not on my computer. I bought Gold Edition preorder.
  9. Panther,... <S>.....I am nominating you receive the "Hero of the Soviet Union" to be bestowed upon you by Uncle Joe himself at the next Mayday parade in Red Square! Your clear and concise explanation and instruction worked perfectly. The moral of this experience is to stay away from the 'F' keys. Your response should become a sticky, because I'm sure that I'm not the only key masher and thrasher to blunder blindly into this dilemma. Thank you for your attention and patience.
  10. Panther, I have not noticed any function for the F10 key, not in the game or the TrackIR software. I have tried several keys for recentering TrackIR to no avail. What is odd is that in my other aircraft Track IR works normally, even after all the thrashing about I have done trying to fix these two. I have deleted all of the keys in BoS Camera Control menu, suspecting a conflict. Why would this problem occur in only two aircraft and not others? I really think the problem is in BoS and not TrackIR.
  11. I have been running Requiem's TrackIR profile for several months. After an update many months ago, my IL-2 centering became 135 degrees to the left rear! All other aircraft normal - centering right on the gunsight. Recently I tried tweaking a profile while in a Yak - 1, and suddenly centering TrackIR means looking straight down at the seat! And other aircraft normal. I have suspected a key conflict, so have deleted keyboard head controls, with no results. I am afraid that all my aircraft will eventually become unusuable. What could possibly be going on here? Any ideas or advice greatly appreciated.
  12. I have owned the CH Products FighterStick, Pro Throttle, and Pro Pedals for over ten years and they continue to perform flawlessly. They are quality products, built with integrity because the company has a long-standing solid reputation to protect.
  13. Another few thoughts,.. you need specifics. Pitch trim is important, alieron and rudder trim, not so much. If you are using TrackIR, a button to center it is very handy. Open and close bomb bay doors if you want to bomb something, and of course to drop bombs. I do that a lot on the uninhabited multiplayer servers. If you fly Soviet planes, you need an accessible button to activate the goofy brake/rudder steering system, otherwise you will just spin in circles on the taxiway.
  14. Whew, I suggest you keep it simple to start with if you are just starting out on flight sims.. Changing modes can get very confusing very fast. Most of the controls and actions you see on the control menu are for highly complex engine and flight management. If you are just learning flight sims, things like oil radiator settings and mixture control will just frustrate and confuse you. 'Sounds like you have the basic controls down, I suggest that you use the sim on the custom easy settings for a while, then using the custom menu, pick an aspect of control that you wany to master, then map a control to accomplish that. Do it slowly, because you will have to remember where all these controls are mapped. Don't take too big a bite at first.
  15. I am having an ongoing TrackIR issue. When I get in aircraft, I am loooking at the headrest! I cannot look out over the nose! And I don't even have the full range of visual movement, I can only look to my right from the headrest, not the left. Centering TrackIR centers on the headrest. I am using Requiem's excellent profile, it works perfectly on the TrackIR screen and in IL-2 1946, this staring at the headrest just started after two months of perfect operation. I believe the problem lies in BoS somewhere. How can I get an 'over the nose' default view for TrackIR?
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