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  1. Ze-GunnyHighway

    Gunnery Manual for the T-34 Gunsight

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/da3flp9kne3md58/Gunnery Manual%231 ver.1.1.pdf?dl=0 I posted it in the "manual" thread Which book are you talking about?
  2. Ze-GunnyHighway

    Pz III vs Sherman advice

    Train on quick mission, you'll see. It works every day of the week.It is not because you never did it that is does not work.
  3. Ze-GunnyHighway

    Pz III vs Sherman advice

    Five hundred meters for a frontal attack seems arduous at best unless you think ricochet. If it bounces and hit the undercarriage which is thin, you will achieve success. However, shooting at its flank and rear is more likely to put a prompt smile on your face.
  4. Ze-GunnyHighway

    German Tank Manual

    For the manual?...It was made with microsoft word.
  5. Ze-GunnyHighway

    German Tank Manual

    Since there is no gunnery manual I am sharing an old manual I wrote years ago for the Tiger. I also wrote a gunnery manual for the Soviet tank gunsights; T-34, KV-1, etc... some years ago. I have to find it. Let's start with the German gunnery manual. Follow the link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cfhkfq7zlmz4dy8/Gunnery Manual%231 ver.1.1.docx?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/da3flp9kne3md58/Gunnery Manual%231 ver.1.1.pdf?dl=0
  6. Ze-GunnyHighway

    [MOD] Draw distance increase (ships, stalingrad smoke)

    Where is the curvature of the earth?...
  7. What a beauty! What a beauty! How that campaign behaves with the new upgrade?
  8. Ze-GunnyHighway

    Single mission with player controlled tank

    Are you a movie director?
  9. Ze-GunnyHighway

    Manual for Mission making and STEditor

    Thank you Thad.
  10. Is there an English manual for Tank mission making on the STEditor.
  11. Ze-GunnyHighway

    Are there any SP?

    Is there any downloadable SP for the new version and from where?
  12. Ze-GunnyHighway

    Tank controls are ridiculous

    Thanks, Luke and Thad. My 10 cents is that those commands somewhat unusual and classical are good. It is a matter of adaptation. I played Red Orchestra, Operation Flashpoint, Steel armor, Panzer elite, steel fury, Panzer commander, SBProPE, Tiger vs. T34, etc... They all have their differences yet their advantages. In the end, it is a matter of how much one is motivated to adapt to the new commands.
  13. Ze-GunnyHighway

    Tank controls are ridiculous

    Where can I find the Keyboard Tank command?...thanks guys
  14. Ze-GunnyHighway

    IL2 User Manual

    Is there a TANK manual???
  15. Ze-GunnyHighway

    Gunnery Manual for the T-34 Gunsight

    I did not make a vid, as in a vid the process is too fast. It is a process in several sequences, and for beginners, the process has to be broken down and explain slowly to avoid misunderstanding. Select how to want to calculate target distance with known hights, length, or width of the target that you have on the catalog. Then get the number of marks it fills up in the optics. Divided the target known length, width or height by the number of marks it fills up in the gun sight and multiplies by 1000 to get the flat distance to the target in meters. Compensate for movement, meteorolgy, range and type of ammo. For the German, once the distance is dialed up, you can place your target on the top of the triangle or inside the triangle (1/2 or resting on the base of the triangle when very far 88 m/m go a very long way in reality). Finally keep in mind that there are many games out there that have a wrong trajectory for their slugs, wrong dimension for tanks, wrong distance advertised to the target ( it says the target is at 250 meters when it is in reality 300 meters, etc, etc), Wrong optics mechanism, wrong marks engraved in the glass of the optics. There are a lot of things that go wrong into the programming a game, and since most players switch the targetting on automatic; very few gamers find out where there are still some bugs. Besides programmers don't understand ballistics, so mistakes are made. In all, it might not be your fault if something goes wrong. The best I played I think, when it came to German ballistic and German gun sight was T34vsTiger. But that game is old, unfinished and not published anymore.