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  1. Yes, this is an awesome campaign for me too. I have a 7 years old system, Intel Core i7-3960X CPU @3.30GHz, 64 GB ram and Win-7 64-bit, and it is fluid.
  2. To shoot a flare from the TC cupola, this is Left Ctrl+1. You can also shoot a pistol from the TC cupola it must be Left Ctrl + 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.
  3. Agreed track repair is not doable in a realistic setting. Besides, the crew is very vulnerable during that lengthy and arduous procedure.
  4. I think this statement is erroneous. What you wanted to express is that the "EARLY ACCESS" is not finished yet because it is not a final version. Some work still needs to be completed, and you warmly encourage the great team of IL-2 to continue to persevere into the making of this unique and great entertaining software. Isn't it? Was it so hard?
  5. Could it be that those specifications are for training only, because US vehicles are equipped with a GOVERNOR, that is disengaged in combat. Hence not wearing down engines in training situation.
  6. Since the Tank Commander can shoot a flare (Left-Ctrl-1) it could also shoot a smoke projectile. Also at a smaller cost, a smoke round could be added. The WWII technology for smoke is certainly very different from today's technology, that also has to be taken into consideration.
  7. There were the same arguments back and forth in the Steel Beast ProPE forum. Get there it might be helpful.
  8. May be the escape hatch was opened?...lol!
  9. I destroyed ENY tank with an AP round ricocheting under their ventral armor. A tank belly is very thin compared to its frontal armor. If your AP round hit the ground at a certain angle and in front of the tank it bounces under, and if it hits the skin, boom goes your target. Not a joke if you are inside the destroyed tank.
  10. Is it counted as dead when the tracks are destroyed?
  11. When you have ethnocentric, vindictive players with contempt for one side, no agreement will last. Private servers for clans won't have a problem as they police themselves efficiently and they are held by common thinking. Public servers will turn into Battlefield (the game). IL-2 is great game, but some players under the belief of some strange views will ruin the MP section of it. IL-2 Sturmovik (the company) has to police some behaviors like it policed the cheaters and the swastikas. The AAA is destroyed by tanks.
  12. I flew over the map to check about the issues mentioned. It was more fluid fun than a headache. It was recorded from a seven years old PC on Win 7. Check it out by yourself.
  13. That post is so vindictive and full of ethnocentrism, I am sad about what it reveals.
  14. So you sat there and waited for a player to spawn FOURTY times in front of you?....Where you part of the problem or part of the solution to the problem? 40 times is a lot of times.
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