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  1. Thanks guys...these links and info will be of great use!
  2. Hello Is there a updated guide for new players? I was trying to configure the key settings and OMG! There are just so many key settings and I am not sure what the heck some of them apply to. Need a guide as to how to set up the key controls. Also, I did not see any starter tutorial/training missions. Are there any? I just saw stuff like quick missions, careers and campaign being offered along with multiplayer. So, far this game is not too new player friendly. 😂
  3. ok...now how do I download the delux editions I bought using IL2 store? I looked and saw that my keys are activated but failed to see a download/install link. thx guys
  4. So I got screwed buying via the IL2 web store? I bought BoS at Steam because it offered the deluxe edition for sale the other two deluxe editions I purchased on the IL2 store because they offered the deluxe editions for a great sale price. So, now I have one purchase from the IL2 web store and 2 from Steam. How can I play them online together??? Should I just cancel my orders and just buy from the IL2 webstore so i can least link the three versions together? That double sale sale thing, on the IL2 store and Steam offer, are bit confusing!
  5. i just bought all three deluxe editions..how download, install and link to Steam?
  6. I bought BoS a few years back as a disk (hard copy) and now I have a new PC without a DVD player. So, how can I redownload my game onto the new PC that does not contain a DVD player? I have the CD key and all but need a link to reinstall the game. Also, if can I play tanks in BoS without buying Tank Crew? Or do I need to also buy Tank Crew? thanks
  7. I bought, but not played in 2 years, Battle of Stalingrad and considering buying Battle of Moscow premium edition. Before I take the plunge I have a few questions about MP: Is there a robust MP in this game? How many players on for example 8pm EST zone? If I decide to buy the game what joystick would you suggest? Any other comments are welcome... Also, can the Italian MC 202 carry bombs? How is it in multiplayer...underpowered and played?
  8. I still have not played this game. Ordered BoS a year ago but had to wait till I got my new PC in order to play IL2. In the mean time been playing War Thunder. Now that my new PC is here and I am downloading the game client I have a question(s): How is MP in the game these days? I live in the States and was wondering if there are many online pliots taking to the skies like the good old days of early IL2 Stromovik. Can plans attack enemy bases or is AI way too powerful? Is there room for a slower, non zoom-boom, planes in MOP?
  9. No need to make this game a War Thunder II, but IL2 can become much more loved among greater numbers of people if combined arms combat is greatly improved. Just keep it realistic and the MONEY will come in. Let's face it this franchise is all about making money...
  10. One of the difficulties I been having enjoying this game is the key/joystick set-up. For my Joystick I am using the Extreme 3D Pro (Logitech). I am aware the joystick is sub-par but my son bought it for me and I will use it till it fails. Was thinking about getting the Natural Point TrackIR 4 Pro Head Tracking System. Would this be a 'good' trackIr for the game? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000EP3BAC?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_sfl_title_1&smid=A2TXQ7NB4T9QWL
  11. So, can tanks be played on all the BIG servers? Population over 30+? I saw a 1-2 servers with a decent population and was wondering... I would like to drive my tank onto enemy base and spawn camp...just saying)
  12. How do I get a tank? Do I need to buy the newest expansion in order to play tanks? Can players, in tanks, fight each other? Can tankers shoot at and destroy planes with the MGs?))))))))))
  13. I remember IL2 '46 back in the days when I could long into a server full of players in one massive dogfight. Is this sort of 'fun' happening in this game? What is PvP like now days? Many one at one time?
  14. Can the tanks now in game actually shoot at and destroy planes...either with main rounds or more likely MG??? Or is the main purpose of tanks just to take and kill AI ? Which I would find to be boring(
  15. WOW! I bought the main game awhile back but hardly played it...hard time setting controls and other game issues. I was thinking about returning and buying the newest expansion but before I do I have a few questions. Tanks? I play War Thunder and love the combine arms battles. Is IL2 headed in this direction? Can tanks and planes be on the same map and even attack each other? Also, how is the damage model for tanks? As detailed as the planes? How is the Italian MC 202? How does it fight in the game and what is its payload...bombs?
  16. I bought the game about a month ago, tries it and stopped playing after not een being able to take off correctly. It was a combination of lack of skill, confusing key control setup and most of all NO game instructions. Recently I came across Chuck's IL-2 game manual and stated reading it. Great so for! So, I decided to try the game again, using the manual, and plan to now stick with it. I did not buy the premium edition...just standard. It did not come with the IL2 Strumovik unlocked. Are all plans now unlocked with the recent patch? I am coming from War Thunder so have lots to learn in order to play this sim.
  17. I bought the game not too long ago and just recently started playing it. I needed to get a better joystick and video card first) Last night, after 12am EST, I tried multiplayer and only saw about 10 players on ALL the servers combined! I used the multiplayer tab, in game, and was taken to the server list. Is there someplace else the group goes to play...like Steam??? As a side note: I did find a server, had only 4 players, and joined it. Not too fun for me...never got off the ground and blew up my plane 3 times by accidently dropping the bombs while trying to take off or crashing into other objects on the airfield.
  18. I just bought the game and downloaded, using the game site download link, and I got a TON of add-ons and Trojans now installed in the my PC. What the hell is this! It also installed a very add-on ridden Bring as my new search engine...I am more than pissed! Can not this company manage their own links...damn!
  19. That sounds fair enough. I can play the single player till I unlock the IL2 with the rear gunner) If you still have another one of the standard edition I would like it...defently going to play. I have player IL2 from the beginning all the way till it went belly up with the Cliffs of Dover. I just recently downloaded Rise of Flight and also playing War Thunder. My Joystick is older but I feel still works...Saitek AV8R-02 Many Thanks! I sent an email to you a bit ago but it got bounced back( Hope this works...
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