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  1. Well, I hope you hear the voice of the CUSTOMER in the end ...
  2. Pls, as a Moderator Luke, do not disorient my comments ...
  3. I am a CUSTOMER: I would be delighted to buy BOK - I've already spent 240$ (1 gifted BOS) + Yak1b + JU52 on this sim and would gift/buy more if the sim bugs could be fixed instead of new "fancy" content. There are problems which prevent me from "donating" (weird thinking from my opinion @Jason) into this sim, which need to be fixed before I "DONATE MORE": MP performance - ~60 players on MP server is lame .... 10km drawing distance - really, I now now how my goldfish feels FM & DM fixes are pending while new "shiny" content is "developed" ....... Apparently this is some sort of gamble between "customer needs" and "some other needs" (which are unclear to me). Maybe the market targeted in this sim is somewhat different from I am familiar with?? Maybe the 100$ is not worth 6000 RUB??? So once developers introduce bug fixes instead of fancy nice "skins, unfinished planes, eye candy, grass" I would be delighted to pay "tens of thousands RUB", which is the currency you are apparently looking for ... Go read The Machine that Changed the World ... basics ...
  4. Here is the old thread about LAGG s35 tested by Finns, containing the test documents etc.: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/3883-lagg-3-series-35/page-1?hl=+lagg
  5. Look at stats - pilots do not die that much in general. After 4 maps there are only 16 pilots with more than 12 deaths (capture not included) so it wouldn't propably be a show stopper, but something you need take into account when flying too risky alone etc.
  6. If you find it put it on the stats too? Why not limit each virtual pilot lives to 3 per map? We had a discussion yesterday in TS about that feature and it would make it more real if each virtual pilot is accountable for their virtual lives. When you die e.g. 3rd time in one map you are banned till next map/round begins?
  7. Here is the summary of longer clip with all landings & takeoffs: http://www.katsomo.fi/#!/jakso/33001002/uutisklipit/669736/hawkit-ja-gripenit-valtasivat-lusin-suoran
  8. Strange, my internet breakout is in Germany and it plays for me. Do you get an error or something about content availability?
  9. Here is some footage from this weeks combined exercise with FiAF and SvAF training roadbase takeoffs and landings in Finland: http://www.katsomo.fi/#!/jakso/33001002003/uutisten-nettilivet/669706/mtv-paikalla-havittaja-laskeutuu-lusin-suoralle Audio in Finnish only.
  10. This is a harsh statement but: I won't buy BOK till FW is "fixed", Minengeschoss vs. Shvak 20 is "fixed", Vya23 is "fixed" This won't change sales a much but imho, based on the own experience, something is wrong with above things which is consistently denied
  11. Could someone explain what this icon represents? Everytime I have checked it there are no targets on the area nor there is no icon in game map to indicate a target.
  12. Does supplying your existing AF work already as mentioned in the manual? (using HE111, JU88 or PE2)
  13. LeLv8_Ade all flights OK LeLv8_Archi one flight OK, other unknown LeLv8_Otto all flights OK LeLv8_Eba all 3 flights unknown LLv24_Veccu one flight unknown We were all flying at the same time on same area and seems that totally randomly the mission logging fails. Anyway, really strange things can happen when "server overload" message appears so I would suggest to leave server at that time
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