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  1. My deepest condolences to his family, friends, J5 and all those who knew him. RiP Chunko S!
  2. Thx for replay. It was oprotunity to get so there i hade to ask. VR will have to wait. S!
  3. Question for vr users , I have a chance to buy the aforementioned oculus development kit 2 for cheap, 40 $ as far as I can afford (rift s and oculus quest 2 are about 450-500$ and out of price range). The question is it worth it to be taken and whether my computer in general could handle it. Specification of my pc MB Asus Prime Z270-A CPU Intel core i5-7500 RAM Kingston DDR4 16 gb 2400 mhz GK Asus strix 1060 6 gb Windows 10 Pro 64 Thx for help. S!
  4. @Dutch2 i hade the same problem so was asking the same thing. But i think they changed somthing with the store page and Xsolla. I made a succesfol purches of FC. U cann tray and when on xsolla page pick the payment metod the credit/debit cards and note the visa. I have a visa card and when traying the puches with picking the visa i could not make it. Tray and pick the credit/debit cards, tape the number of the card and i hope it will work for u. S!
  5. My first mission in FC with PWCG. Knocked down three camels FC recognize 2, and PWCG 0. LOL
  6. @PatrickAWlson I have a question, is it possible to turn on or do a mod in the FC as it was in the rise of flight static planes to fill the airfield.
  7. LordNeuro*Srb* + BON Thanks and all the best. S!
  8. I have a question. Can I register BoS on the steam, and buy Battle of Kuban on steam. I know that by buying here, all the funds go to the creator of the game But here I can't pay with a credit card, he reports to me that something is wrong, and on the stem I can pay with the same credit card. I hope they will sort something out about the payment, because I would prefer to buy what I am missing directly here
  9. Thanks to SCG_Tzigy who generously gifted me a BOBP , I wont to post first screns from it. I need to work on landing. S!
  10. Thx u wery much SCG_Tzigy for BOBP. U r truly a nooble man S! Thx u for replay Thaddeus_Darwin. I thote it is problem on my end.
  11. I wonted to buy BOBP standard edition, but have a problem. I cannt compleat the purcheas , do i have to check the box on the picture below. Help is welcome , the sale is near over , and i wont to buy BOBP. S!
  12. I dont know it thise the place for it, but trayed to buy BoBP standard edition (we r having new restrictions Covid-19), so to give me a new planes to fly, but i cannt buy it. I have money on cc, and did al the standrad enter for buying but it says Your payment could not be processed. Please contact customer support for further assistance. Do i need to check the 2 thick box to make the purches work. The picture is below. Help is wery welcome so i could bay it before it go expensive for me. Thx.
  13. Thx for chance for BON @ROCKET_KNUT, and conngrat @Ala13_UnopaUno_VR Have fun and enjoy. S!
  14. Well i m not theat funny, but i wont it bad (BON). I will tray to find a comedian to write me somthing good.
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