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  1. Requiem respect S! I woulg give a shot at Flying Circus . Still loving the rof , and ww1 crates more. Thx.
  2. @YoYo wery generues from U. S! And congrat to the winer.
  3. Gambit21 i would to help and be a fleshy voice actor lol, but i m from europe and english is more like russian english. But if nobady else enser the call i could be a europien imigrant from america flying.
  4. Gr8 comunity, wery generos from u Adger and ChiefWH . S! and congrat to winers.
  5. Hi guys, i have older pictures from Aeronautical museum Belgrade so sorry for not the best pictures , crappy fon. And here is a link for a virtual museum tour, make shore to chekc it out, same cool stuff there and pictures taken below r from there. Enjoy http://www.muzejvazduhoplovstva.org.rs/virtuelna_tura.php?jez=eng&id=1 S!
  6. Werey nice form u. Thx for ur generosity. I would like to enter for BOBP . Thx u and S!
  7. Very nice and generous from U. Thx . I would like to try to win BoBP . S!
  8. Hi , and check if ur windows is up to date. If thise was listed on to do list ignore it.
  9. The comunity generosity in flight sims is just amezing, seen it many many times in rise of flight and here to. Thanks for noble gest. I would like to join for Ju 52. Just adding P-40 on the list to. Happy New Year and all the best. S!
  10. Thx Zami, tray theat to but didnt work. I guess the problem could be my pc. I m having problems with it (pretty old ) , so it could be the windows and hardver related. Rof is working ok, and download for SC wich is a similar like IL2 is working. Thx for replay. I hope i will kanage to make it work. Didnt play IL2 for a long time. S!
  11. Hi all, it is long time i didnt play the game, same rl , same pc problems and so on. I wonted to play the game so i run the launcher and download starting and runing, but after same time it kills my pc and i have to do a hard reset. I trayed a couple of times and it hepens evry singl time. And i relly wont to see what the game look like now. Thx for help.
  12. And the Star Citizen version 1.1 is out for all of u owning the same and aweting it https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link//14609-Star-Citizen-Patch-V110
  13. Just to chek in. Reporting from Novi Sad. S!
  14. Nice pictures Picchio and nice clouds in bos.
  15. Me to from time to time these days, but a lot of if earlyer , wehn i preorder it. But played a lot of RO1 and specialy Darkest Hour. Amezing mode for original RO and there was nice couple of servers with full real settings. U cann look me up on steam so we cann play same time togheter.
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