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  1. Yes, the code and licence key i think on the same thing. Licence kay u send to ho u wont and it cann be activetade.
  2. Yes my luncher is the same, the problem I m having is there is wery slowly download of the game. My internet is ok but downloding the game hole day, and it is only 6,7 gb so far.
  3. Hi all, I have planing to get beck, didnt play for long time, and when i wont to instal BOS agen it say 20 gb, but donwload is wery slow. I downloaded the IL2 setup and it was slow, but it is 168 mb so ok. But downloading 20 gb with a speed so slow is crazy. MY internet is ok, 11 mbs and tested it on other thing work ok. Any suggestions or ideas, I remember there was somthing like p2p to check on box but dont see it now. Any help or suggestion is welcom, i wont to check out BOS agen. S! and thx.
  4. U cann check in stroe , then profile, then Purchases. There u will hopfoly find the kay
  5. Hi, yes he need to be register on site. When u purches u recive the code and u send him the code. On store page u have a licence keys were u enter the recived key and activate it. I hope it helps. S!
  6. Well u could ask sombady ho wont to purches BOBP to purches it as a gift and he send u the key , u send him the key and maybe it could work. If not maybe contact the suport. S!
  7. I have a same thing to ask, i have BOS , and there is a discount so I was hoping to add somthing to colection, and if get it ride the BOK is a good place to go , nice map and good plane set.
  8. I having problem downloading. It is wery slow for download, is there a problems with the servers?
  9. LordNeuro*Srb* + BON Thx for a chance. S!
  10. My condolences to friends and family!! Such a horrible news. Eternel glory to him and clear sky. S!
  11. Requiem respect S! I woulg give a shot at Flying Circus . Still loving the rof , and ww1 crates more. Thx.
  12. @YoYo wery generues from U. S! And congrat to the winer.
  13. Gambit21 i would to help and be a fleshy voice actor lol, but i m from europe and english is more like russian english. But if nobady else enser the call i could be a europien imigrant from america flying.
  14. Gr8 comunity, wery generos from u Adger and ChiefWH . S! and congrat to winers.
  15. Hi guys, i have older pictures from Aeronautical museum Belgrade so sorry for not the best pictures , crappy fon. And here is a link for a virtual museum tour, make shore to chekc it out, same cool stuff there and pictures taken below r from there. Enjoy http://www.muzejvazduhoplovstva.org.rs/virtuelna_tura.php?jez=eng&id=1 S!
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