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  1. Updated and tested offline now compatible with version 4.002!
  2. As I know you can't edit the effect files ie (.efx files and -EPL files) because they are encoded (until you have a program that you can open them!) And I guess time duration is defined in .efx files.
  3. Updated! compatible with version 3.011b, now it works as it should.
  4. Don't understand what you men with motion blur? i wonder maybe you mean the "cinematic" effect in camera setting that gives some blurring external effect view in game! or blooming effect that can be enabled in startup.cfg. [KEY = graphics] bloom_enable = 1 enabled bloom_enable = 0 disabled
  5. 1) You can start download unGTP-IL2.zip from here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=41627 Put unGTP-IL2.exe inside data folder in: ..\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data then drag and drop an gtp files one by one over the program (unGTP-IL2.exe) which will create a folder called "null" inside your data folder, with all extracted files inside "null" folder. The rest depends on your skills and imagination. 2) Most modifiable files are texture files, many of the other files are encrypted, and adding 3d models and adding code are not allowed. 3) Enable MODS in your game settings-->Game-->Enable mods Download JSGME from here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/631jcvtb8s2hznj/JSGME_version_2.6.0.zip and install it in the main Il-2 directory Create MODS folder in the main Il-2 directory and put you MODS inside it. Run JSGME and enable the mod by choosing them in the left side window and press the arrow to move (enable) the MOD to the right side window. Close JSGME and run your game.
  6. Hi! With mutual respect, there are those who do not want this effect in game! so this MOD is firstly meant for them.
  7. G_GART

    Exhaust Flames

    Answer to Q for moders; Possible, but it requires modification of the file in which the effect is defined and most effect files (.efx and .epl) are encrypted and so far not modifiable files.
  8. Disabled engine flame mod ------------------------------------------- Hi to all! This tiny mod will disable the exhaust flame effect of all aircraft engines (BOS+BOM) after the engine is started. This MOD is tested offline in BOS and BOM. Install: Just use JSGME or other mod enabler and extract (G_Garts-Disabled exhaust flame) to your MODS folder in: \Program Files\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad And enable it! Download: ==>Disabled exhaust flame.rar
  9. Thank you very much for your generosity! but no thanks! if I want, i can buy it myself, but because there are many features that I wanted that were implemented in the game as the developers are not willing to do that, so I no longer have the same interest in this game series as before. Thanks again!
  10. Thank you, unfortunately, do not own BOBP and do not have enough spare time to work with MODS but i will if i get some in future . Hi! Tank you too, (I test my MODS only in offline mode) last tested (today) with latest, version of game (BOS+BOM) and it works fine! I don't know, maybe you must check and remap the AL+F2 keys again: Go to Settings -> Camera Controls scroll down until "switched to attached cameras" and remap LAlt + F2 to it. it should work, otherwise don't know what the error may be! THX and god luck.
  11. You may use Adobe Photoshop with "NVIDIA DDS plug-in" ( plug-in needed for editing and saving dds files) and Windows Texture Viewer (WTV) to determine the right format dds file when you want to save it, as you know there are many dds file with different compression formats in game. The pixelation occurs when files decodes to dds format in editing software. ( depending on the format selection ). You can use gimp too.—> https://www.gimp.org/ NVIDIA DDS plug-in —> https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop Windows Texture Viewer (WTV) —> https://www.nvidia.com/object/windows_texture_viewer.html
  12. My mod works fine with last version, (attached pic. from latest version of game, offline BOS) you may manipulated the game original files!! don't know.
  13. My mod works fine with last version, (attached pic. from latest version of game, offline BOS) you may manipulated the game original files!! don't know.
  14. You kan use this tool: http://aezay.dk/aezay/fsbextractor/
  15. My pleasure, you're welcome and thank you for your feedback.
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