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  1. I'm afraid it didnt work, now the missing files are three, MSVCP110.dll, MSVCR110.dll and Libcurl64.dll. I'm still stuck, any good hints?
  2. After an hard fight with Win 10, then SSD formatting and software reinstallation, now it would be time of BOS + BOM, but after several failed attempts, I decided to post here to finding for some help. The first thing that puzzles me, is the name of the laucher... "IL2_setup_BoM" ... and what about BOS??? Also, the icon now in desktop is named "IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow" can't remember how exactly was before... but seem to remember is was different... However, apparently the launcher download has worked fine, including the full game download (6 Giga), but whe I tried the game first time, all I got in screen was a notice windows to inform me that the game won't start because MSVCP110.dll is not in computer, nor MSVCR110.dll, and that to solve the problem you have to retry the installation. I did it already, four times, with no success, and I don't think than one more attempt will sort out... so, what else can I do now? certainly not buy back the game... is not an acceptable solution, nor it is throw everything to the winds and forget about it.... is there a solution? any good advice?
  3. Devo reistallare BOS+BOM ma dopo vari tentativi non ci sono ancora riuscito, mi date una mano a capire cosa non va? La prima cosa che mi lascia perplesso è che il launcher da 300 e rotti mega si chiama "IL2_setup_BoM"... perché BOM e Non BOS? Anche l'icona che mi crea sul desktop si chiama "IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow" ... che fine a fatto Battle of Stalingrad? Dopo aver istallato il launcher e cliccato sull'icona del desktop, è partito il download del gioco (oltre 6 Giga), sembra tutto a posto ma quando avvio il gioco, compare un avviso che dice che MSVCP110.dll non è presente nel computer, e neanche MSVCR110.dll e che per risolvere il problema si deve ritentare l'istallazione... fatto, ma dopo quattro tentativi senza successo dubito che un quinto risolverebbe... che mi suggerite? di certo non ricomprare il gioco non è una soluzione accettabile, devo buttare quindi tutto alle ortiche e non pensarci più o c'è una soluzione?
  4. The development of BOS is proceeding in a fantastic way, but must confess what I really would like to see, is the grass of the first months of the battle... no way?
  5. Saturday 01/03 - 10-05 CET . I can't open the session game as, according to it, my game is not updated (last updating is the one published week 53) but, again according to the game, thare are no available updating.... what happen???
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