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  1. Mc202 took off w/o ammo and 200l of fuel touched 11119m before giving up due to fuel warning and being bored (sorry can't replay the Instrument overlay in track record, had to take screenshot live) Entered dive at 0% throttle and manual prop pitch at 100% (lowest rpm possible) reached 500kmh started increasing thrust... too late. Could only achieve 800/810 kmh before pulling up with trim wheel. Again I have no proof because track replay only shows cockpit indicator, not overlay, and the top scale is 700kmh. Landed as usual, the plane and the engine wer
  2. You have to adjust the defaut center view, disabling vr and going full rear with (i think) INS key, up PGup and left END, and save F10, or better editing the snapviews for the plane with txt editor. You're right, head should be in center of cockpit and not attached to gunsight.
  3. Why save a fixed aim position when you just have to move your head using VR?
  4. It works very well with most of the planes I own. However in Fw190 or Hs129, that have stabilizer and rudder trim actuated by switches and not by wheels, the in game axis binding doesn't work, they require you to bind a key for pitch up/pitch down adjustments. I am thinking about a solution with a SHIFT button to toggle from virtual axis mode to default 2 button mode. That should be fine for playing all planes. I'll take a look to profile 1.1.2 and see if it's feasible. S!
  5. Very nice suggestions. Thanks Sokol For the moment the best solution for me seems 2/4 mode with sensitivity at 128x. Adv mode has less precise response and 512k step is too high. I still have to try how does it translate in the sim btw. S!
  6. Hi. I am having problem with new VKB Gladiator NXT and stabilizer binding. To move 1% axis in game I have to rotate the wheel several times. This problem occurs only on planes with vertical stabilizer FW190, BF109, Macchi... On the planes that have vertical trim control (not stabilizer) , P40, P47, BF110, A20, Pe2... the trim wheels work just normal. Anyone has the same problem or a solution for that. For the moment i keep stabilizer control on cursor up/down keys. S!
  7. Ciao a tutti. Bella (fine) serata ieri. Grazie dell'invito. La prossima volta però programmate meglio gli spawnpoint dei blu. 😋
  8. Hi, quck reply. Career is really good (like in RoF) The problem for me is the time wasted traveling long distances. Some missions have 120km to reach action. I have few free time at day to stay 45 min only to do 1 mission! Time acceleration is a joke, 8x that is like a 2,5x . S!
  9. Thanks Will try Extreme clouds on a RX480 8Gb.
  10. If i gift a single collector plane to a friend that hasn't any of the base modules, will he be able to play the game7 online as a gunner of my own plane or join coop missions with his plane or one of the 2 free tanks?
  11. Bello, peccato che non ho ancora il teatro Normandy. 🤪
  12. Something like the good old il-2. Once there are no active enemies around in 10/15 km radius, press a key to skip time and teleport all the formation to next waypoint. Better than an increase time 8x (that increase it only 3x). I like the career single player but all the time spent traveling to target and to base takes me away from it.
  13. + 1 for the button. It may be useful even in multi tank aircraft (110? Stuka?) where the virtual pilot switches the tank at regular intervals like a robot. It would be more realistic to have a button to change tank gauge manually. S!
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