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  1. I did a quick test mission trying to reproduce the above issue. But this time opposite happened and tanks don't shoot at me through fortification... XD Brief description: _ AI tank can't see and shot through fortification's "window" _ Old_T-34_AI_model and New_T-34_AI_model don't behave the same way. Detailed description, conditions: _ AI T-34 (old and new model) can't see me in front of them through the fortification's "window". Probably because as you can see on the screenshot below, there is a transparent 3D model in the "window" place. _ When I
  2. Brief description: AI tank can see and shot through object. Detailed description, conditions: In Finnish multiplayer server an AI T-34 shot at me trough a defense wall whereas I was totally outside of his field of view and line of sight. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): See my sig below
  3. I don't complain about differences between a tank and an other, it's realistic and the purpose of a sim. I just try to have a discussion about how we could improve the gameplay (in my point of view), but if you prefer to troll...😒
  4. I don't think so. Waiting dozen of minutes that maybe a soviet tank come in.... boring.... You say it because your T-34 can go 40km/h off road so you care less... And most of time we have only 2 Panther available (some time 2 tiger too) so we fight mainly with PzIV which is in full disadvantage (speed, armor, ammo) face to T-34.
  5. You missunderstand me. I know the orange box feature, I'm not talking about it. I talk about pushing a button on your stick and then in the input list it automatically go to the corresponding input line and highlight it. Because currently you can only scroll the input list by yourself and read what button name is assigned to the input. But "Joy1_b10".... sorry I don't know my >65 HOTAS buttons by heart...
  6. Yes, and not only in single player. My dream is to "easily" create a multiplayer mission then host it as easily as I do with DCS (or did with former Il-2 1946). I bought all IL-2 GB opus to support the devs team hoping they not only add more maps and more plane but bring more significant contents and major game evolutions. But now I'm tired and my hopes almost vanished after 7 years.... That's why I have not buy battle of Normandie.
  7. Hello ! First, thanks a lot for your combined planes/tanks server ! For some days I play on this server as a tank crew, and here is my opinion on the tank side: As Chaintong said above, spawn points need to be located right next to a road. Why ? Because currently from spawn point (if place next to a road) to target area it takes at least 20 to 30min. And this by road ! On which we can reach speed above 45 km/h. Off road it's a nightmare... for exemple, a Panzer IV is at about 15km/h, so in no way you can reach the combat zone in a decent time and
  8. +1000 ! It drives me crazy from the first day on BOS... How such a basic feature present in all others flight sims is still not available in IL-2 GB ???!!! (as well a user friendly mission editor among other things... but that's off topic)
  9. Checksix-fr Flying Circus Arras april 1917 online campaign: Fight's on !
  10. What a disappointment, I believed in the PTO... But I understand the choice of Normandie too. +1 The plane set don't make me dream that much. Not flyable B-26 disappoint me as per B-25 of Boddenplate... And that price...XD My whining is over, out !
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