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  1. The devs see these discussions, but do not comment.
  2. It’s a beautiful map. I often take the P-39 and look down on those muddy rivers, imagining it is the Markham river valley in New Guinea. With a couple of Zeros skimming its surface on the way back to Lae.
  3. If the Pacific does eventually arrive, I expect it will be the first installment from a redesigned game engine.
  4. Different scroats, for different blokes.
  5. "The Great Book Of World War II Airplanes" https://militaryantiquesmuseum.com/umb0006-the-great-book-of-world-war-ii-airplanes.22967.htm Big, BIG fun.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I have been experiencing the AI infinity turns since the career came out, but I gave it a try again today just to be sure. This is the Stalingrad career, La-5 vs 109 something. The mission was to protect a river crossing. Difficulty was set to Hard, so I assume this was Veteran or Ace AI. The 109 attacked me from a high quarter rear, so I broke into the attack then reversed the turn as he went past me. The AI was making an easy climbing left hand turn as I moved to follow him and cut inside, pulling a couple of plane-lengths of lead. The AI then turned away in the opposite direction to begin the familiar right hand turn. He stayed that way for about a quarter of an hour and was still going strong before I hit alt-F4 and quit the game. It's a pity the screenshots don't show the radio chatter that was going on in the background. One of the friendly AI was called Arsen Volk.
  7. I just gave it another try. Choosing a Yak 1b vs F4 at 2000m over water on the Kuban map. 1vs1 "Duel" in QMB at 70% fuel each and ace AI. I avoided the initial head-on merge by skidding right slightly out of the line of fire, then breaking back left, changing my mind and breaking right to turn 180 degrees. The 109 Ace AI was extending down at a very shallow angle and turning a wide righthand circle. I followed and cut inside the wide circle to take up position behind. The 109 Ace AI passed me and spiral climbed up to 2000m again, with me slightly below and at full throttle to stay on his tail. For the next twenty minutes the 109 Ace AI continued to turn right at 2200m as I closed the gap and stayed on his tail. From what I can tell the infinity turns still appear to be there.
  8. Its a bit like trying to play football with a group of tennis players, ice skaters and a chess champion on a golf course.
  9. I'd like that. But after doing the uber planes for Bodenplatte, that would be a very tough sell. Having gone for the money and jumping straight to the end of the war, they will surely find they either need to move sideways and do the Pacific or stay on the uber trail and do Korea.
  10. My favourite is the one I like to think of as, "The crash that never came". Hunting for targets in my trusty Pe-2, I came across a convoy of enemy trucks. What luck! Plunging earthward towards the line of German vehicles, we released our bombs and rocketed skywards again, before stall-turning and coming back down to strafe the survivors. Too late, we saw the trees ahead and pulled back frantically on the stick in a desperate bid to escape... Not a chance! A tearing, tumbling kaleidoscope of images as we ripped through the branches of one tree, only to tumble onwards to the next and then the next. Like crowd-surfers at an insane festival of trees. I gritted my teeth and awaited the final explosion that would end us all. It never came. Silence... We were down. Or were we??? The ground seemed oddly distant. The aircraft was swaying. I looked at Boris. He looked at me "Are you okay?" It took us a while to figure out what had happened. Eventually we decided to wait until somebody brought a ladder...
  11. I just wondered if our taxpayer dollars are what funds the rating classification of the latest hentai roleplaying game for example.
  12. Could trees have also functioned as a windbreak on some airfields if the runway couldn't necessarily be angled into the wind?
  13. Do game companies need to pay large fees to get their games rated when they need a higher classification? I always wondered about that.
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