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  1. When you’re downloading the game, can you pause the download and resume another day if necessary or do you need to do it all in one go? With my crappy Australian internets speeds Im looking at 8 to 9 days if I download in the evening and over the weekends.
  2. Oh, I’ll troll the **** out of those guys by flying around them in circles at 1500m until they wish they had thought this thing through. Be sure.
  3. I think I’d happily prefer going up against human flak gunners in the 10 seconds I spend in the target at low level, compared to the crack AI with their built-in early warning system and sniper aim.
  4. I was thinking about this recently. I wondered if the upcoming Air Marshall feature would allow for some kind of improvised night fighter vectoring?
  5. Lol, Spike Milligan became friends with Harry Secombe while serving in the Royal Artillery in Italy. A cannon slipped over the side of a mountain road and rolled into a gully. Milligan went down there and encountered some tommies on the way. He asked one (Secombe) if he saw a cannon go past... Secombe replied: “What colour was it?”
  6. 300? Phew! I only have 150. I can stop anytime. Honest...
  7. Blast away for a quarter of an hour at a distant speck, before finally discovering it is a bit of dust on my monitor.
  8. I wonder how the AA trucks will go on an expert server where all the icons and help features are normally switched off. Will they need to use dead reckoning to lead a target up to 1500m away or would some aim assists be hard coded to function for them no matter what the server settings are?
  9. Will the AA guns carry infinite ammo? Richard Overy’s book, Bombing War Europe 1939-45 mentions a British study conducted by the Air Ministry which calculated an average expenditure of 6000 anti aircraft rounds to bring down a single aircraft. At night it was higher, with the same source quoting a raid on Moscow on 21-22 July 1942 which used 29000 rounds for one aircraft destroyed. Assuming there will be some powerful aim assists to make it say, ten times easier to hit a plane than it was in real life, your average player would still need rather a lot of ammunition and a significant amount of time to keep the target in range to expend it. Will the guns therefore carry more rounds, or will they perhaps be made more powerful so as to have a chance of a kill in the limited time they have to fire?
  10. And at the first sign of trouble seeing your locomotive disconnect and go charging off into the distance, leaving you stranded.
  11. Well I guess it will provide a very useful learning experience for the programmers, to develop the necessary aiming assists to make them even moderately useful.
  12. So players will bail out of their aircraft to hurriedly respawn in a flak vehicle for a few minutes then start a mission all over again? I hope they sell a million, but I really don’t think the developers have thought the gameplay through with this one at all.
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