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  1. Jaw dropping work. The U-boat and Mossie are phenomenal. STN, you win. The D.500-510 series are among my all time favourites. That fourth shot is now my desktop wallpaper
  2. It seems that if your computer has some performance to spare you will get a degree of time acceleration. However in missions or moments where things are busy, you can often find that the acceleration feature either slows down or does not make any significant difference to your game speed. In missions that challenge your computer you will see no benefit from time acceleration and your game will even operate slow-motion.
  3. Nice vids! 👍🏼 That is a different aircraft however. It’s one of the new-build Ki-43 IIs which were made several years ago along the same lines as the reproduction Fw-190s and 262s that you sometimes see. The Ki-43 I is on static display and hasn’t left the ground since that one time it did a fast taxi into the wind.
  4. Horrible film and I've no desire to see it again. The only way I got through the second half and the awful dialogue was by turning the sound off.
  5. You talk in your sleep. Your wife becomes suspicious, and believes that you are having an affair. She hires a private investigator to find out who this "Dee Dee" is.
  6. Looking good though! Nice to see such a classic kit.
  7. It’s not supposed to fly. It did a short hop once by accident however when doing a taxi display at an air show.
  8. Latest test for the scratchbuilt Mercedes III. Lord I am a patient man...!
  9. Much of the documentation is written in something called Technical Japanese. It is a written language unto itself and one that few contemporary Japanese are able to read.
  10. Nah. If they just kicked things off with a Zero and fictitious Pacific Islands map, similar to what the old Aces Expansion Pack did before Pacific Fighters was released; I’d be as happy as a clam. 🙂
  11. Great work everyone. Your finished are amazing. Lothar, I’m used to seeing unique 109 schemes, but that one is something else! Bug, that 38 looks like it could roll right over your neighbours car. And STN... that is one of my top ten favourites of all time. I so wish there was one in my scale. Really looking forward to seeing you give it the works!
  12. Not for me. I might get one under my own steam later, but it’s a lovely thing you are doing.
  13. My wife is Korean and plenty of her family members died during the war. I wonder if your grandfather’s trophy was one of her family’s loved ones?
  14. The current system of radio calls are awful. Completely out of step with the high standards of the rest of the sim. It’s like trying to enjoy the greatest meal of your life while someone is throwing up at the table next to you.
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