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  1. Feathered_IV

    how long does it take for new tanks to come out?

    I imagine the two scripted campaigns that are mentioned in Luke's link cannot be produced until all the tanks, crew commands and Prokhorovka map are completed. So based on the current rate of output I would estimate it to be the end of the year before you would expect to see too much officially in the way of additional gameplay.
  2. Feathered_IV

    De Havilland Mosquito & gun camera film

    Need a whole new map for that one.
  3. Feathered_IV

    War Online:Pacific, new ww2 flight sim

    Hmmm. It’s out. Not sure what to make of it.
  4. Feathered_IV

    DCS news

    Never heard of that one before. Christen Eagle sounds like a redneck pornstar.
  5. Feathered_IV

    American and British Voice "Actors" Needed ASAP!!

    Would they be pronounced Harringt'n and Bellingh'm etc? The same way Melbourne is pronounced Melb'n, rather than Mel-borne as they do in the US.
  6. Feathered_IV

    DD today?

    How appropriate for this page.
  7. Feathered_IV

    DD today?

    Never too late for some DD's Ooh crikey Asgar, don't fancy yours much!
  8. Feathered_IV

    DCS news

    You should see it in plan view. It looks like a MiG-15 about to make a jump to lightspeed.
  9. Feathered_IV

    DCS news

    Nice one Brano. Didn't they go nipping at the heels of F-105's in Vietnam too?
  10. Feathered_IV

    DCS news

    I like the MiG-19. To my eye it is probably the prettiest of all the MiG family. I hope there will be an appropriate environment and adversaries for it one day.
  11. Feathered_IV

    Best aircraft for attacking ships

    Do you know what the default skill for ships guns might be in the QMB missions? I seem to get killed by them very easily and find their fire difficult to avoid, even at long range.
  12. Feathered_IV

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    If the devs one day get to the point where they decide to create a new-improved game engine, I’m sure the issue of unit caps will receive some consideration.
  13. Feathered_IV

    Random Dynamic 'Battle' Smoke and Ground Units

    That’s really interesting. Nice one! Do they stay visible or disappear and reappear like the default ones?
  14. Feathered_IV

    TFS Developer Update - Patch v4.54

    Just gave it a try. Nice work! The tracers have an unrealistic corkscrew motion as they travel towards you. Apart from that the overall package seems excellent.
  15. Feathered_IV

    Epic flight into Skagit gravel bars WA

    That's what happens when people don't have a modern PTO sim to play. They have to improvise.