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  1. The hell you guys talking bout??? 🤨
  2. An award winning documentary. They even got the colour of the Zeros right. enjoy!
  3. I find it very hard to dwell upon the issue with the floats when I am continuously distracted by your beautiful paint finish.
  4. That’s the bit I’m always looking for. I want a game to focus on the feeling of being a war flyer and less of an e-sport competitor.
  5. In addition to the poor comms, don’t forget improved AI performance and abilities. Plus a much needed overhaul of the radio command system and interaction with the tower.
  6. If western front is where they feel the money’s at, maybe the next chapter will be reusing the Normandy-channel map for 1941-43. Just without the bombers.
  7. Back up and running again at last. Was there ever a fix for the constant thunder and lightning that occurs in just about every live-weather condition? Its beginning to drive me batty.
  8. Managed to rig the other wing today. The weather has been too hot during the week, but a cool change just came through which allows me to take the lid off the PVA without getting a skin on it almost immediately. Slightly better photos this time. Funnily enough, the white background is the remains of the sheet of plastic card that the model is made from.
  9. Impressive but omg, I was having flashbacks to the 1990’s. Those Japanese 25mm sound like Riverdance...
  10. Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it! I didn't get it through steam, but instead bought it through the MS store. Hopefully I can get it downloaded/updated over the weekend. Really want to see those new clouds
  11. Day #3.. Getting home and switching on my computer, the remedial 10.66gb of download has now grown to 58 smeggerbites 😮
  12. No nothing like that. it seems stuck on decompressing fspatch.006 just before completion. I left it running all night then tried again when I got home this evening, but its still doing the same thing. Here's a screenshot. It's using quite a bit of memory for very little in return. I've just read that locating the fspatch.006 file and deleting it can help, so I'm trying that. The game is now redownloading 10.66gb. Hope that works. Fingers crossed!
  13. Downloaded last night but I’m having some trouble. The update got stuck at about 98% just as it was unpacking the last piece. I left it for something like 8 hours to see if it could chew through it but no joy. Hope I don’t have to download 100’s of gigs worth to get it going again.
  14. If they can do that, could they also make a smokey truck? One that burns for ages and emits big plume of smoke?
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