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  1. I've taken a little break from the other things I was making to take part in a group build. The online club to which I belong is dedicated o 1/144 scale and is doing a 1940 theme to mark the 80th anniversary. I thought I would do a Miles Magister from scratch. Got to start somewhere.
  2. I think this is the first time a flight sim has released a Mk XIV as part of its stock lineup of aircraft. Always nice to see something new.
  3. Yes. It is next to the air brake.
  4. Looks very nice to me despite your struggles. You've just reminded me that I have a Hasegawa one that has been waiting it's turn for more than 25 years.
  5. Whoa. It’s like Grumman lawyer’s wet dream.
  6. On a side note. If you are interested in modeling, have a listen to the podcasts; On the Bench from Australia and the Canadian one called Scale Model Podcast. As well as general interest stuff, there are also recent episodes with lengthy interviews with a WnW staff member and a real world journalist who is covering the wingnut story.
  7. Keep your hair on chaps. You don’t need to split them all at once.
  8. In real life you could go down to the sheds and say to your rigger: "Now listen here, you ill-bred snotty little creep. I want you to rig my machine so it flies straight and level and I want it done now. Do you understand? I'm in no mood to argue. I breathed in a pint of castor oil on the dawn patrol this morning and I've shat myself three times already... So get it done!"
  9. The skirt of birds is baffling to me the outside observer even after a lifetime spent working in the fartsy side of the arts. I’m certain there is a very good reason for it, but it must surely be one element that needs to be explained away and justified every time somebody new comes to see it. The execution of the monument in the round is very good though. Although you do get the sense that it was modelled on a computer and relied on 3D printed components when preparing the parts for the foundry.
  10. Only if you want to insert your spies at active Luftwaffe air bases. Don’t forget your wheels will be in wet cement if you land anywhere else in the countryside.
  11. Has anybody seen Greyhound yet? I read the Forester book (The Good Shepherd) which it was based on recently and it felt very immersive and authentic. Not really expecting anything like that from a modern film of course, but looking forward to seeing it all the same.
  12. By coincidence I watched Sink the Bismarck the other day. It's fairly lightweight but still worth a look. Another one was a rather fun movie from 1958 called The Silent Enemy which dealt with British and Italian Chariot torpedoes in the Med (quite enjoyed that). I'm trying to track down The Battle of the River Plate too, but no luck so far.
  13. Sounds like the Dr1 moulds weren’t fully paid for when Wingnut went belly up and the ownership has reverted to the people making the tools.
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