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  1. For later, Yak vs P-51 shuttle mission skirmish
  2. Finnish I-16 vs Russian I-16. And for fun, Turkish vs German Fw-190s. Just to see what people could still find to complain about.
  3. Would you buy a premium I-153 Tchaika? Here's why you should!

    Here's one I prepared earlier. Would I go to so much trouble if I didn't want one?
  4. Darius you need to reinstall your game.
  5. For the record, I have aircraft vanishing in middle distance when they pass in front of a distant cloud too. I don't have VR however. This is in SP with Balanced settings.
  6. P-40 vs P-39

    I don’t use externals or flyby in-game. Its okay though. There’s other aircraft to play with
  7. P-40 vs P-39

    Certainly. If the sound is such that it interrupts my enjoyment of the game I’ll move on to something else. I find myself counting the loops of the P-39 sound sample and it makes me exit the mission after 15 minutes or so.
  8. P-40 vs P-39

    Thanks for the answers on the engine noise. Perhaps they are just placeholder sounds and the devs intend to revisit them later. The Yak-1 by comparison sounds a lot more convincing, but I find the P-39 sound is such that I'm not in a hurry to fly it again. The engine noises are too much "in the spirit of 1946" if you know what I mean.
  9. P-40 vs P-39

    First time flying it, and I find my P-39 engine sounds are very poor. Without being melodramatic it sounds like a washing machine with a heavy load. The sound is not steady, but rather sounds like a very short sample played over and over again. A sort of rhythmic laboring like it is struggling to operate. This is when player controlled and when on autopilot. Is this normal?
  10. [MOD] New Road

    I guess the difference is before the mod, it looks like the shots in the latest update And after the mod it looks like the shots above.
  11. Recommend a book about the invasion of Russia

    Beevor's Stalingrad is very good for an overview of the events leading up to late 42, with the rest in detail. Braithwaite's Moscow 1941 is well worth it too. I'm reading that now and finding it very useful. I never realised that more Russians gave their lives in the defence of Moscow than all the US and British forces in Europe combined. PS: Both of these should be available as audio
  12. Failed to update

    Norton hates games. I wouldn’t recommend using it.
  13. Thanks so much. I'm really grateful for all your extra work on the career.
  14. Unable to load BoS

    Launcher and Il-2 exe give the same result online or offline.
  15. DD today?

    I'm getting: #10005: Please update your game: new version available Are we in for a new patch today??