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  1. Feathered_IV

    Swap Factions

    You can backup your default Russian voices then copy/paste the US ones into the Russian folders. That way you can hear the American voices well enough. The only discrepancy is that the callsigns you see written in the HUD will still be the original Russian. BoX does not have an option to set a new nation to an aircraft in the GUI unfortunately.
  2. I really like that Gotha too. I've been wondering for a while if I could scratch one up in my scale.
  3. I’ll try the above and see if any of it works for me. I lost 30fps with the last update and more than 40 while taking off.
  4. God help me. I’m so starved for a game featuring Royal Navy destroyers that I started playing world of warships. Really nice models up close, and I never tire of looking at those V&W classes.
  5. I think I would need to know what KOTA is first. Kings of the Asphalt? Knobs on the Apparatus?
  6. Really nice! Would be a beautiful loading screen too.
  7. Lord no! I’m talking from a pilot’s perspective. 😉
  8. Human controlled flak won't be able to hit anything without aim assist.
  9. Added some more details. Test fitted a new set of wheels, data plates and struts etc. with more to come. The black pinstripes either side of the red bands is made from scrap decal material, cut to 0.15mm wide. It nicely covers that slightly fluffy edge to the red!
  10. Looks like very fine day out. Seriously congratulations! Bet you wish you were in the bombardier's position for that last shot
  11. Trudgian must often wake up in a cold sweat, fearing he missed a spot on one of his paintings to add another haystack, distant aircraft or Choo Choo train.
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