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  1. The RoF gtp extractor doesn’t work with this series. If you look in the Mod section of the website there is a version that is tailored for Il-2. The extracted files are then readable.
  2. Quite nice to see the making-of and the work that went in. Quite a massive undertaking.
  3. If I can recommend a book, it would be Scramble - A Narrative History of the Battle of Britain by Norman Gelb. Not a new book by any means, but one I have read very recently, and may well read again very soon. It is a collection of contemporary accounts, from the Fall of France to the culmination of the Battle of Britain. Not just from the pilots, but from people of all walks of life. Presented chronologically, each quote or passage is presented in the individuals own words. Very much in the moment, without hindsight or the knowledge of what might happen next. I found it extremely moving. - News pretty bad - Germans now driving NW to cut through to Channel ports between us and French. French army not fighting... We must fight on, whatever happens. I should count it a privilege to be dead if Hitler rules England. I had not thought I should have to live through such awful days... ******************* So that's the book I would recommend. If I had to pick a number... I think it would be 1 BoBp
  4. I agree. That way the developers can see which way the wind is blowing. The Normandy maps will require many new features that are also common to the Rhineland map, so I would suggest that we will see some of these additions backdated to the BoBp map as things progress. Add to that a 1944/45 depiction of the cities, airfields and landscapes. Currently it is more a representation of peacetime 1938/39.
  5. I don’t imagine Ugra Media would be doing any rework of the map for free. Perhaps releasing map editor tools would be cheaper.
  6. SOE Lysander collector’s plane for Normandy?
  7. Deleting the Startup.ini and running the game again might help too.
  8. Thanks for posting that Ricky. I’d be interested to know what the color scheme was on those Mustangs.
  9. Looks like arson. Probably an inside job. :p
  10. If I were to speculate I would say it would mostly be a depiction of D-Day +10 or something like that, with the addition of Marston matting airstrips along the coast.
  11. Well, I originally thought it inconceivable that Tank Crew and the Battle of Prokhorovka map would not show the after-effects of one of the biggest opening artillery barrages in history. Likewise it seemed inconceivable that the vastly devastated airfields and industrial areas of the Rhineland would in fact be portrayed as a pristine vision of prewar prosperity. Going by what can be achieved at the moment I would say 10-12 ships positioned off the coast, and a similar number of static object landing craft on the beach. Some widely spaced tank obstacles and opposing bunkers would complete the picture. Half a dozen MG's firing tracer back and forth would simulate the assault itself. The mission maker will probably position this directly beneath your aircraft's waypoints to try and suggest a larger battle. I don't anticipate too many changes to increase the number of actors that can be supported in a mission. That is fine for me however, and I think my expectations have become well moderated in that department over the last couple of years. I think where Battle of Normandy will really come into its own however is in the pre-invasion map and in the latter use of the D-Day map when it begins to portray a period where the fighting has moved inland.
  12. I remember Oleg Maddox saying that’s pretty much how they handled the gunners in the original series. The multi-gunner in each aircraft was one single entity rather than a group of individual AI in the one aircraft.
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