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  1. Hi Tyberan. Those are Pfalz’s factory drawings for the D.IIIa. They were very useful when doing the wings as the cross sections have all the dimensions on them.
  2. I have a chart which accurately records my feelings. I’ll have to get it out.
  3. Made a simple jig to hold the Pfalz fuselage with the thrust-line aligned with the upper edge of the sheet. An identical rectangle was superimposed over my digital drawings so I could plot the position of any detail and easily transfer it to the model. It also allows the shapes to be confirmed and tweaked as necessary. Pretty happy with the shape now. Also masked up the wings the same way as the Sparrowhawk a few pages back. A coat of primer... Then unmask and polish the ribs back to blend them in. Then do it again. Ugh! Lots of subtle cleanup to do, but nearly there with the main assemblies.
  4. I find the Bodenplatte map is 25-30fps lower for me than the other maps too.
  5. It certainly is a win-win situation all round. Looking forward to when a trusted third-party can get the RoF code to continue its development too!
  6. If the most basic functionality was on a par with the ease of use that the old Il-2 FMB had, then yes. Definitely.
  7. I got so such value out of the A6M5 and fictitious Pacific Islands map in the Aces Expansion Pack for the old Il-2. I'm certain that a similar mini-addon would equally as much fun for us now.
  8. No I've got it! I've looked at it quite closely. I think it's like an angry bulldog or something.
  9. Jason Williams was instrumental in persuading 1c games to release the source code of Cliffs to team fusion.
  10. I heard there is an Me-110 career period that features bad weather. However I have never seen anything except fine to average in the careers that I’ve personally flown.
  11. I think it's more a computing term. The first time I saw it was in the late 90's when describing repaints of character models in the game Quake.
  12. Quite right! Happy new year to you too btw.
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