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  1. Hopefully they can figure out how to get AI Ju-52 activity into the Stalingrad career. Particularly around the Gumrak and Pitomnik areas. I’ve flown three VVS careers there now and never seen a single one. Even during the airlift period
  2. So... plenty of spare time to post a DD then. Maybe we’ll get two!
  3. Looks amazing. Best looking lighting and clouds i think I’ve ever seen.
  4. After seeing Hanks’ Greyhound film, I just hope that Germany’s answer to Wolfman Jack doesn’t keep calling up the B-17s to leave lewd messages on their answering machines. “Hallo Masters off zee Air... Vee are comming for you... Aawooooo!!!!!”
  5. It’s all about time zones. Personally I rarely meet people from europe + america.
  6. Honest developer speak for yes, we are currently looking into it
  7. Tank Crew's sequel will be announced soon. I can feel it in my return rollers. It will be set in the Bocage and be called Tank Killer. You will get the Hetzer, Stug III, Jadgpanzer IV, Jadgpanther and 88mm Flak. Be sure!
  8. Now that I think of it, the Love Boat song would probably sound pretty awesome if it were sung in Spanish..
  9. Cheers Zach. I used sterling silver for these. Copper is a bit soft and I’ve got heaps of silver floating around. The streamlined boot at the base is shaped with a blob of superglue that was blended into the surface. I still need to tweak these a bit. The S.5 has the fuselage slightly to one side of the centreline between the floats. Probably to counteract torque. This means all the struts have to be different lengths. It’s a bugger!
  10. That's amazing VC. Where do you find these kits? I feel like I'm giving an ant a vasectomy while doing the struts on mine.
  11. Cheers Zacharias, it really is lovely. Nicer I think than the S.6. The colour photo is the replica with the smaller engine. I can never be quite sure what other differences there are between it and the original, apart from the modified nose panels and had to resist using it as a primary reference. There’s currently an ongoing project to build a brand new one though to original specifications. Hopefully it succeeds. I would love to see one back in the air one day.
  12. Nice one Legioneod. It wasn’t until I got a compressor about five years ago that I really began to enjoy making and began to finish things. My only advice would be to thin your paint way way down and use rapid passes up close. Still working on the S.5. The jig is helping for the main struts but they are only about 12mm long and fiddly as all heck. I got some new info on the wings too and it turns out the upper surface was smooth and pretty much all radiator. I’ll have to reduce the lines down until they are all but invisible under a silver top coat.
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