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  1. That is an extraordinary claim for you make. Have you counted them? That is a lot of Bill Gates.
  2. Indeed. 🙂 The dream for me would be one called: Destroyer Captain RN.
  3. A new radio system would benefit every player. No matter what graphics settings they need to use. Whether they are in QMB, a paid DLC campaign or a Career mission. VR or hat switch or whatever difficulty settings they prefer. Right across the player base, it would benefit everybody. Even multiplayer (I'm wounded!).
  4. Thanks for posting. I won't spend too many words on it, as I have already beaten my head against this brick wall countless times over the years, and this thread will soon get archived into a sub forum somewhere where nobody will see it. But yes, the scripting and repetition of the radio calls is awful. Nobody does it worse.
  5. I noticed that too. Very good. When taking hits, the FC aircraft don’t seem to erupt in huge puffs of cocaine anymore either. The impacts seem much more affordable!
  6. Thats a huge update. Do the new damage calculations also include the Flying Circus aircraft at this time?
  7. Its the kind of environment where even the band on your wristwatch will turn green and start to rot in just a couple of days.
  8. With all that extra loaf they look a bit like Klingons
  9. It was never one of the features that would make me quit out of the game in frustration or boredom, but it is nice to see this small improvement nonetheless.
  10. "Cariño, has visto mi trackir y hotas??"
  11. Lol. What was she talking about? Not applying for a job online I hope.
  12. Looks good. I’m definitely interested more in real-time gameplay than the earlier turn based games.
  13. If the amount of traffic this section of the forum gets is any indication; the market is certainly there.
  14. I remember staring at that boxart and a screenshot of the FB Hurri for ages as I saved for a copy of Forgotten Battles back in early 2003. Getting those same feels again, now that I've lost my job and am back to counting pennies. Makes me feel young again!
  15. Terror is not the emotion I would willingly choose to experience in my free time. I guess I’ll continue to wait for a topless female volleyball sim before dipping my toe into VR.
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