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  1. I recal Oleg saying that he texts are not written in old or new Japanese. They are written in another style entirely called Technical Japanese, and there are few people left who can read it.
  2. I would happily have the startup sequences for all Japanese aircraft to be subtitled on a best guess basis. I would also be fine with the D3A and B5N etc having a flight model appropriate to their size, but not necessarily guaranteed in their adherence to details that have already been lost to history. A bit of extrapolation is fine if they just get on with it.
  3. Feathered_IV

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    It was definitely a shocker when the focus of the game switched to Bodenplatte and 1945. Prior to that the tone for the twelve months before was, please buy the Kuban so we can get to the Pacific next. There wasn't even an indication that the Pacific had been dropped. Right up the last day and the eve of the "Very Special Announcement" for the next chapter. I was sitting there, credit card in one hand and pecking away at the F5 button with the other. Right up to the last second. Then the announcement appeared and it was not the Pacific at all, but instead a who's-who of uberplanes from the Warclouds server circa 2008. I thought it was a prank!
  4. That is really good news. The manoeuvring routines developed in the Diadalos patches are brilliant so similar progress for Clod would be game changing in SP.
  5. Feathered_IV

    Developer Diary 208 - Discussion

    It's a reference to the German pilot figure, who henceforth shall be known as Pips Pringle
  6. Feathered_IV

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    As much as I would like it, I don’t believe that will happen.
  7. Feathered_IV

    more benefit from other crew members

    I’d like all the crewmen to talk like a certain beloved plumber Ay! It’s a me!! Mario!
  8. Feathered_IV

    Lancaster VR "game"

    This demo is probably close as I'll get to my 2014 wish.
  9. Feathered_IV

    more benefit from other crew members

    The other crewmen are just there for decoration. You can’t ask your navigator for a heading for example or anything else of the sort. You could fly past enemy ships all day and nobody would think to mention it. The good news though is that there are no more flyable bombers planned for the series, so the issue will only be limited to the small handful of aircraft we already have.
  10. Feathered_IV

    Lancaster VR "game"

    You're right. It would need a different game and a different developer.
  11. Feathered_IV

    Air Strike

    Oh, it got cancelled? https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/movies/2018/10/17/bruce-willis-film-canceled-after-co-star-fan-bingbing-disappears/1668153002/
  12. Feathered_IV

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Personally I would like a recreation of the ubizoo arguments between Skychimp and BaldieJr, regarding whether or not Burma was a major theatre of operations. Now THAT was combat!
  13. Feathered_IV

    Lancaster VR "game"

    A real life recording from WW2 isn't as realistic as your video game?
  14. Feathered_IV

    1943 Berlin Blitz

    Really impressive. Such a contrast to the sanitised e-sports of modern flight simulations.
  15. Feathered_IV

    Lancaster VR "game"

    I've listened to that recording many times over the years. I never expected to experience it like that. What wouldn't I give for a new addon, Il-2 Bomber Crew