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  1. Please fix poor Damage on Axis .

    Not sure about bombers, but there is an interview out there with a veteran La-5FN pilot who mentions a test report saying it would/should take no more than 5 shells to down a 109 or 190.
  2. manual engine start up

    What exactly is sublime about moving your mouse cursor around to find that one small spot where it's going to turn on that light switch? Or work the gunsight dimmer? Etc, etc...
  3. manual engine start up

    5 years on, and it's still not even on their development radar. I think that's a pretty safe bet it's not happening. It "works" in DCS, because it's always been marketed as a study sim. CLOD? LOL...we know how that turned out. Bottom line, it's a very niche feature that very, very few would end up using.
  4. Squaring the vulching circle against 262's

    Well, then defend your airfields properly with your 109s and 190s. It's not exactly hard to figure that out.
  5. It's the same bombsight.
  6. manual engine start up

    I love starting my day with a good horse flogging. It ain't changing.
  7. Campaign Difficulty

    I did some more testing this weekend and figured out the AI skill levels at each difficulty level. Note: these skill levels apply only to planes outside your squadron. Your squadron's pilots can be any skill level: Easy: friendly pilots Expert, enemy pilots Novice Moderate: friendly pilots Veteran, enemy pilots Regular Hard: friendly pilots Regular, enemy pilots Veteran
  8. AI A-20B for the BOBP career

    The other issue with the A-20 is that right now it only has Soviet bomb loads. Would be nice to have British / American bombs for it.
  9. Indeed. All of this time spent typing long-winded replies could be spent doing more productive things...like playing the game.
  10. Squaring the vulching circle against 262's

    Did you already forget the game is going to cover much more than just Bodenplatte?
  11. Which 262 Will We Get?

    They chose the B-25, because it fits the map and the timeframe.
  12. AI A-20B for the BOBP career

    Do agree on the need to have proper generic skins for the A-20's appearance in Bodenplatte. It's going to look very odd otherwise.
  13. fuel mixture and prop pitch after take off

    Might want to check the forum down below.