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  1. I hope by that you mean "various paint patterns", because there is no way any plane - German or Allied - would be permitted to fly with paint that had been just splashed on the wings. Yes, it was late in the war and the Germans took shortcuts on things, but they were still polishing the upper control surfaces of planes well into the fall of 1944.
  2. Not overly surprising, since the A-20B didn't carry a lot of armor.
  3. GVL224 🙂 The bonus of buying something from him is that you can get exactly what you want.
  4. And, a higher ammo count in those outer MG 151/20s.
  5. I'd imagine so, but I've yet to read anything about how they flew to and from their targets.
  6. I think what you can expect is all British airfields will be modeled as they were by the spring of 1944, which effectively is when airfield construction in the UK ended during the war. And, thankfully, there is ample info out there showing what those airfields looked like in their final wartime state. One interesting thing I've learned about the Ar 234 is that almost all of their bombing missions were carried out as dive-bombers, not level bombers. The reason for this was primarily because it was too hard to maintain close formation in the Ar 234 - they could only do so if they
  7. It's a problem with whoever designed the mission - not a bug with the game.
  8. Did you actually read anything from this latest DD update?
  9. Mostly phased out in fighter units, yes but the A-6 was still very much a presence in ground attack units all the way to the war's end. It's not all about making pretty contrails in the sky at 25000 feet. 🙂
  10. Truly you can't be serious with arguments like this: You have an entire air force that flew in this area that flew P-47s and P-38s in the tactical fighter-bomber role. The Ju 88 C-6, as has been said repeatedly, isn't just a plane for the Western Front Sturmjaeger 190s are there, because they were deployed to Normandy and the fall 1944 tactical battles Me 410s were heavily involved in night intruder raids in the spring of 1944 Mosquitos most certainly will carry a good bombload. The more I read your posts in this topic, you don't like the planeset because it d
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