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  1. http://forum.vkb-sim.pro/viewtopic.php?p=37914&sid=b9a5f6c216a9e3681614ea441185d684#p37914
  2. Not a bug - that's the way it was designed.
  3. B-25 was only flown by the RAF in the ETO, while the B-26 was used by the Americans in the same theater.
  4. The mixture lever for the Spitfire IX had been removed by the time the game's timeline starts in September 1944. There's a document out there detailing it that I'm sure someone will link to soon enough.
  5. Thank you! That was the sort of info I was looking for.
  6. Yes, back then there was a lot of controversy about how the Air Medal should be awarded - up to around 1944, there was a lot of what was referred to as "score-carding", where a pilot simply earned an Air Medal for meeting an arbitrary set of requirements, with the result that a pilot could complete his tour with a chest full of medals. Each numbered Air Force tried to resolve the issue in their own way - some more successful than others, but in the end it was a right mess. The award system for the game more or less follows "official" policy for 8th and 9th AF fighter pilots circa 1943-1944. There's an informative article about the Air Medal and DFC awarding process during WWII linked to at the Wikipedia page about the Air Medal.
  7. Not excessive at all - the Silver Star was commonly awarded for shooting down 2 or more planes in a single mission, and the Air Medal was awarded for each plane shot down.
  8. You may want to dial back the hyperbole just a tad.
  9. The Typhoon just looks like a plane made for ground attack: big chin radiator, giant cannon fairings, and rockets or bombs hanging off seemingly every inch of the wings. 😃
  10. Guys, please reread what I wrote: 🙂 I know about the mission requirements, but mission credits could also be awarded based on a given number of hours. I'm guessing it was something like 1 mission credit for every 2 hours flown, but I'd like to know for sure what it was.
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