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  1. Plenty of G-2s flew in the Caucasus battles of 1943.
  2. Ok, thanks! Yes, that sounds like I need to update the file, then. As for fighter escort, not sure about that one.
  3. My educated guess is that such armor would be a permanent installation, because it would take up a lot of time removing and then reinstalling it.
  4. The first month of the Fw 190 career in Kuban will have the player flying the standard A-5, as the U17 mod was not built and delivered until May 1943.
  5. This is correct - the U17 modification was not available until May 1943.
  6. The Honor Cup isn't awarded after August 1944 - the Honor Clasp replaced it in reality. Front Flight Clasp - what squadron? EDIT: I see the problem in the awards config file: it's III./JG 27. Will work on a fix for the devs ASAP. Not a bug - bombs weren't fitted until May 1945.
  7. You've probably earned everything possible available to a USAAF pilot - there are only so many awards you can earn for accumulated victories, and likewise for scoring multiple missions in one sortie.
  8. Just where they were built - that's it. It's also the only difference between a B-25C and B-25D.
  9. Translation: "It's not fair that pilots of American planes have a higher G-tolerance, so I therefore I want the G-suit to be a mod. I will then convince server operators to ban the G-suit mod in the interest of fairness and balance."
  10. I need some clarification on the mixed usage of P-51 B/Cs and P-51Ds in USAAF squadrons in the USAAF's Ninth Air Force. I am aware of razorback P-47s being used alongside bubbletop P-47s up until the end of the war in Europe, but I'm not certain about the same sort of thing in P-51 units. Was it standard practice to have both types of P-51s in Ninth AF P-51 squadrons? I've seen mixed types in Eighth AF squadron photos, but Ninth AF is a bit of a mystery to me. Thanks!
  11. There were some elements of ZG 26 still active with them in 1945, but seeing as they were all up in Norway, I kinda doubt they would have had such heavy armament. No idea about naval units, but again, highly doubtful.
  12. Lots of recent discussion about it here in other topics.
  13. There weren't any Me 410 heavy fighter units in 1945, not by a long shot.
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