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  1. Back when these mods were originally created for RoF, the criteria for them being created was photographic evidence that they existed. How much they were used in combat didn't figure into the decision.
  2. No, you don't need to worry about all of that. The install procedure here is a vast improvement over what's in the original IL2. Anything to do with games, put it on your solid state drive to take advantage of the better write times. Save your HDD for basic file storage.
  3. There are photos out there of Lewis guns mounted to the top of an Albatros.
  4. An interesting document just popped up in my AirCorps Library account, which deals with the topic of wheel brakes. It's appropriately titled "Use of Landing Wheel Brakes" and dated 14 April 1944. I found paragraph 3 and following especially interesting - apparently, the USAAF was getting quite tired of its pilots blowing out their wheel brakes:
  5. The developers have access to the original aircraft strength reports from that time and region.
  6. All of these videos are a blast to watch.
  7. Ditto. I'm seeing a lot of "I'd say", "I believe", "I think" sort of comments without any sources backing them up.
  8. Thanks. The only photos I've found of ETO P-38s with 6x 500lb bomb loads are the Droop Snoot P-38s, which makes me think the 6x 500lb non-Droop Snoot P-38 were unique to the MTO.
  9. Abysmal? What on earth are you talking about? Go look at any cockpit photos of real P-40s, and it looks much the same. It's the export model of the P-40 E originally made to British specs, and the USAF didn't exist at the time. Moreover, plenty of P-40Es saw action in North Africa.
  10. Practically the whole point of adding the Hurricane at this point is to make it available for the Soviet side.
  11. Hey all, Second question on P-38 loadouts: from what I have read and seen, the only place that P-38s carried 6 bombs at a time was in the Mediterranean. Is this the case, or are there documented instances of them carrying 6 bombs in the ETO?
  12. If there's an update, the game will automatically let you know.
  13. No That only gives the option to start from the runway or in the air - not with the engine off.
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