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  1. I still don't think that's totally right. Dive-Bomber and Ground Attack Units of the Luftwaffe says "30 June: from this date to 20 October 1944, the Gruppe was provisionally incorporated into KG 51 as III./KG 51 without its designation being officially changed." "25 July: operating as III.(Schlacht)/KG 51." "20 October: officially renamed III./KG 51."
  2. All of the records I've seen show that squadrons moved wholesale from older types to the XIV.
  3. Yes to both - and this is what makes flying planes like the Il-2 a bit more hazardous, as its canopy doesn't have an emergency jettison mechanism.
  4. No, he's right. I./SKG 10 operated as KG 51's III. Gruppe throughout the summer and early fall of 1944, but it wasn't officially renamed III./KG 51 until around late September / early October - and then the Luftwaffe renamed them as a night attack group a short time later.
  5. ? You can have swastikas on skins. The images here just have to be behind a spoiler tag.
  6. After a particularly busy and hectic mission against troop positions that saw his plane set upon by 109s, a grim-faced sturmovik pilot casts a quick glance towards the camera:
  7. There is no trim indicator, so you just have to adjust it by feel. Correct, the default trim setting for every plane is its cruise speed trim, so more often than not it will not be set to neutral at mission start. 1. Fuel mixture is adjusted by feel. In general, you want to reduce it until you can't see black smoke blowing out from the engine. 2. Usually that means you need to reduce the fuel mixture level when it says that. 3. A rich fuel mixture will have a slight cooling effect on engine temperature, while leaner mixtures will slightly increase temperatures. 4. Typically, yes, in my experience. 1. No cockpit indicator for prop pitch. 2. You can typically leave it in the full-forward position for all modes of flight. 3. See #2 1. No indicators for the radiator shutters. 2. The temperature levels will decrease when radiators open - typically the water radiators will need to be farther open than the oil radiators in the Yaks. You'll want to adjust them independently as necessary.
  8. Please post your messages in this part of the forum in English.
  9. I like to think of the built-in career mode as being semi-dynamic. Yes, you and your squadron cannot change the course of the war or move the front lines, but at the same time: Pilots come and go through all the means you'd expect them to (being killed, wounded, transferred out, or captured), with the one of exception of home leave Pilots can earn awards and progress through the ranks The skill level of pilots increases as time goes on All of the depicted units move about the map and change out their aircraft according to the historical record The player's name can be added to the list of aces in the newspaper The player can add and remove pilots from the flight roster, as they see fit The available armament and equipment options follow the historical timeline Where the career isn't dynamic and where I personally would like to see it be more dynamic is: Friendly and enemy AI skill levels being chosen based on the time period, instead of the three options we have now, which don't result in any variance in enemy or friendly skill level for flights generated outside of the player's squadron. More variance in the type of enemy and friendly planes encountered, so that the game doesn't just look at the closest enemy or friendly airfield when generating aircraft formations. Targets that are destroyed remain destroyed, instead of coming back the next mission in an undamaged state (e.g., bridges, buildings, parked aircraft, tanks, trains, etc.). Going along with that, sending the player's squadron back to a particular target if insufficient damage was done on the previous mission. More variance in the times a player is hospitalized.
  10. Suggestion: auto-dimming of the map at nighttime. Benefit: right now, when flying missions at night, the brightness of the map is extremely harsh. Something like the Silent Hunter games, where the map auto-dims when the sun goes down would be great.
  11. Please respond to the topics in this part of the forum in English.
  12. Jason has said recently that they don't have any plans to update that map, but any info you can share may prove useful in the future. Thanks!
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