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  1. This is one thing that's making it aggravating trying to keep AI pilots alive in my squadron in career mode: if I have to make a forced landing and thus exit the mission while my comrades are still flying over enemy territory, they are all instantly tagged as captured as soon as I end the mission. It doesn't matter if their planes were undamaged or not - if they are over enemy territory when I exit the mission, poof, they are gone. This really needs to be fixed.
  2. LukeFF

    Kuban missions

    Yes, of course.
  3. LukeFF

    Tank Crew

    Gear changes are automatic right now.
  4. LukeFF

    Unjam Key

    There are no jams in the game, only misfires (in particular, dud rounds).
  5. LukeFF

    The Next Two Planes, my thoughts.

    Because the guys working on the game need to make a living.
  6. LukeFF

    Flying circus and Rise of flight

    Dude, everything that you need to know is in the Development Diary entries.
  7. Right Alt +, Right Alt + / It moves the deflection marker on the Soviet tank sights left and right.
  8. That's a really nice design. I like the ability to set the right hand lever to a neutral position in the middle.
  9. It's the Altimeter Reference Pressure command.
  10. You can now adjust the altimeter on the Dr.I between Standard Atmospheric Pressure and altitude above one's airfield.
  11. You'll find your answer in the 3.005 stickied topic.
  12. How do you expect them to help you if you don't provide proof of purchase?
  13. LukeFF


    Think for a moment about why such a mod would be a terrible idea.