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  1. Yes, it feathers like any other twin.
  2. F5, out of stock, F5 out of stock, F5, add to cart, sorry - this site cannot load, F5, add to cart, sorry - we had to cancel your order
  3. Oh absolutely, yes. I just wanted to clarify that, in general, nations did have safeguards in place to keep awards from being awarded too easily. In your example at the end, I would believe that 9 or even 10 times out of 10 an American commander would credit the pilots with a successful sortie. In general, the idea I've seen with most nations is that yes, successful mission credit would be given if (1) the flight crossed into enemy territory and/or were engaged by enemy forces, either in the air or on the ground and (2) the assigned target was engaged. And yes, career mode does have mission requirements for medals and promotions. It took me a long time to refine everything, but I think I have in place now a good system that reflects the individual philosophy of each nation's stance on how and why medals were awarded.
  4. I'm going to have to disagree with you on that. One example: the Air Medal. In the US 9th Air Force, this was part of the determining criteria: From: https://www.afhra.af.mil/Portals/16/documents/Timelines/World War II/WWIIDFCandAirMedalCriteriaChronological.pdf?ver=2016-09-16-111147-907 Then there are the criteria for many of the Soviet medals, which were very often tied directly to mission completion (including the Order of Glory, Order of the Red Star, Order of the Red Banner, Order of Lenin, and Hero of the Soviet Union - all of these medals and awards had specific numeric requirements that had to be met for the mission to be awarded for mission success). As well, there are the criteria for the Order of the Patriotic War: From: http://mondvor.narod.ru/OPatWar.html Now yes, for other nations, awards tended to be awarded for sustained success (especially for the British), but even the Germans had a point system for their awards in the West. Ultimately, when it comes down to it, every nation had their own reasons for why they awarded medals like they did.
  5. I agree, but some of those criteria are already in place. If you lose too many attack planes or bombers to enemy fighters, you will be told you have failed the mission. Likewise, if too many of those planes are lost to ground fire, then you will be told the mission was failed through no fault of your own.
  6. It does have its place when done right - a lot of the medals we have in career mode were based on successful completion of missions. Having played a lot of missions in career mode, I think it's modeled pretty well.
  7. I've been around these forums a long, long time raaaid. You know as well as anyone else that people both here and on the Ubi and 1C banana forums have given you constructive criticism about your art. It would do you good to go back over those old posts and read again what they said.
  8. You and every other sane person knows that's not true. If your work is good, it'll be appreciated by the larger community outside of flight sim forums. If not, well... It may come as a shock for you and others to hear this, but I actually lived for over a year's time with an art student when I was an undergraduate in college - his name is Ryan Benham (see below). Very talented, but he also had his flaws in his technique, and he was well aware of where he needed to improve. In other words, he didn't blame anyone or say there was a "silent competition" that was keeping him down. https://www.artwanted.com/rynoarts
  9. Reports like this mean nothing without context (i.e., was it MP or SP), tracks, and mission files.
  10. No thanks. It's not worth all the drama and BS that we endured for who knows how many years with the original IL2.
  11. I was able to get a card purchased from Amazon this morning, showing a release date of September 30. Hopefully it goes through - I read yesterday of people who ordered the card on Newegg and received a purchase receipt, and then about and hour or so later received another email saying their order had been cancelled due to insufficient inventory.
  12. Not, they are around until the 14th of March. That's when they disbanded. Before that, they are/were off operations from the 15th of January to the 27th of February, as they were converting to the Fw 190 D-9 during that time. As for the other items with III./JG 54 - that wasn't my decision to make.
  13. It was really nasty out here on the weekend of the 5th and 6th - tons of smoke in the sky, and our swimming pool became covered in ash. The only positive is the Redlands Municipal Airport and nearby SBD are resupply hubs for the firefighting aircraft and helicopters, so we've had some unique plane spotting opportunities around here. I even got to see the ultra-rare 747 Super Tanker on final approach to SBD over our neighborhood.
  14. Those that are sharp-eyed will notice that the Tempest and the Spitfire Mk IX now sport their proper post D-Day skins in the Rhineland phase of career mode and transition to their late-war scheme in early January 1945.
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