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  1. LukeFF

    FW190 A5 armament doubts

    No, they did not.
  2. LukeFF

    Night fighters over the Kuban

    Started this campaign tonight and am really liking it. The cat-and-mouse game of trying to find the find the bombers and then finding the right angle at which to attack them is really compelling.
  3. LukeFF

    Online DMs since 3.008

    There is only one damage model. Quit spreading this false info that there are separate DMs for online and offline.
  4. 🤣 Well, then I rest my case.
  5. LukeFF

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    Not really, since in reality a fair number of those planes that could have had an Aldis never had one fitted.
  6. LukeFF

    KANTTORIN KONE Throttle Console

    That's why I like MonsterTech's product offerings. I was able to build a quite nice flight sim stand around my standard computer desk quite nicely.
  7. LukeFF

    Default 4K skins

    Some already are. Check the update notes.
  8. LukeFF

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    This is what I had in mind, in addition to the other info you've been shown - it's a Fokker Dr.I:
  9. LukeFF

    Online DMs since 3.008

    I see some here decided to not listen to Jason and Petrovich when they said there are no separate online and offline damage models.
  10. LukeFF

    When Do You Stop Shooting?

    For the hundredth time, there is no difference in the damage model when playing online.
  11. LukeFF

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    What, the reflector sight? It existed during the war. Nonsense idea. They didn't go through all that trouble to create the German parachutes just to remove them later.
  12. No problem. 🙂 My guess is that it's meant to give the player extra info about whether there are enemies in the area before the player knows they are there. In any case, yes, I would also like to see this expanded to selectable NDBs and - where appropriate - to filter out radio traffic from friendly flights that are not in my area of operations.
  13. https://theaviationgeekclub.com/pappy-boyingtons-f4u-corsair-lulubelle-and-the-nose-art-that-never-was/
  14. LukeFF

    Airplane FM after being damaged.

    That's the key right there - instead of hammering away with all your ammo until a wing falls off, move on once they are showing obviously significant damage.
  15. Correct, it switches between the Allied (4.0 megahertz) and Axis (3.7 megahertz) comms channels. In addition, if you have the radio compass fitted in the P-39, it will switch to RDF mode as well.