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  1. Everything's perfect after I change 0 to 5 with the Nvidia Inspector. But I don't know why I got nearly the same fps whatever I selected low, balanced or high. and both gpus were above 80℃, I thought I got no more than 55℃ when running warthunder.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I will try it later. by the way, if there is any bad effect to other games just like warthunder after i change the value from 0 to 5. Thank you. Thank you so much, it quite useful. Thank you.
  3. i updated graphic card drivers, selected sli/crossfire support in launcher menu. but nothing happened. i dont know why.
  4. i dont know why but still have no sli with my two gt755m cards. i will update drivers and try again.
  5. thank you so much for your replys. i will make a search that how i can disable the intel graphic card. because i did nothing but just updated il2.
  6. i5-4200m gt755m×2 sli 8gb ram i got 60 fps before but only 3 fps now. anyone knows how to solve this problem? if the directx11 cauesed the problem? thank you.
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