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  1. I do not have an AMD graphics card however am using my GTX 1080 with a freesync/gysnc compatible 2 k monitor . I found this article quite helpful and the settings suggested work fine ( good performance and no tearing with framerate locked at 100 fps on 144 mhz monitor .) I am sure some settings may be labelled differently than Nvidia settings with AMD control panel but maybe you can figure out the settings inferred to use from this. May be worth a try,, Gsync 101
  2. Hey norsetto, I have found from many years of dabbling with flight sims, that investing in good quality gear is the best way to go from the start. I know , believe me I know that money can be a factor in this journey. If you are looking and wanting rudder pedals with toe brakes I have MFG Crosswind V2 MFG Crosswind Pedals and can say they are wonderful and also the shipping at the time I purchased was extremely fast ( I believe I received my set within 5 days of purchasing , I am in southeast US). With the pandemic this most likely will affect this shipping time a bit. If you don't mind using a button function for brakes I know a lot of folks who really like the VKB pedals https://vkbcontrollers.com/?product=vkb-t-rudders-mk-iv . Virpil also makes some great quality pedals Virpil rudder pedals. These are all pretty expensive ( subjective of course based on income level ), however these should last for a very long time with minimal time dealing with repairs and so forth. Cheers, sf
  3. Man GVL is cranking out quite a few new designs. Best part of checking this forum ( for me ) is seeing his new throttle designs . As of now from what I have seen he has about any type design for your individual taste. Great job !!!
  4. Shadow11, If you haven't checked this , it may help. I have seen this to be a problem for some. In steam you may need to uncheck generic gamepad controllers, see link------ Steam generic controller problem cheers-- sf
  5. Very nice, I like the compact design and features of the RH Turbo. Thanks for all these variations in designs. Gotta have one of these soon, driving me craaazy !!
  6. Hey Sublime, This may help you a bit. PCPartpicker is a very good resource for building a pc and has many varieties of builds depending on your budget. You can also use them to help find the parts to purchase at a good price. Also, they choose the proper compatible parts for you that really helps for a first time build. pcpartpicker Happy building !! -S-
  7. This looks like a great read !!! I remember Frank Tallman when he was doing stunt piloting for movies many years back. Thanks for posting this read !!!
  8. Have loved watching your flying videos Motoadve. Also thanks for sharing them, some are very informative for real time pilots going into small/short & soft fields. I am very impressed with your flying skill and love the relationship ( if you will ) between you and the plane ( C-182 ), you have to know that planes handling exceptionally to do and go where you go. I have a couple of questions in regards to that very nice C-182 you're flying. Maintenance wise I was curious of how the nose strut holds up throughout these back country fields and river bed takeoffs and landings. I noticed on your intro an advertisement for McFarlane and I know they make very nice kits that prevent the infamous strut leaks these nose gears can have. Also, I was curious of how you avoid picking up debris from the ground during takeoffs that can nick the prop tips a bit. I was taught a long time ago when taking off from soft fields with lots of gravel and stuff that if you add power gradually you should be fine, however in some of your cases it does not look like you have much of a choice for that luxury although it may be that you are able to keep rolling up to the beginning of the take off roll enabling you to gradually throttle up. Also in regards to some of these strips that are not level, how do you handle a situation where the wind is favoring the uphill takeoff vs the downhill takeoff . There is an old rule of thumb to add 10 % takeoff or landing roll for every 2 kts of tailwind up to 10kts of tail wind, however this just looks like it doesn't quite apply all the time with all the places you go. Well, I hope you don't mind the questions, these have been sort of in the back of my mind while watching some of your videos and now with what all is going on I have time to finally ask. Thanks so much and if you are ever in Greensboro, NC shoot me a notification and we will treat you to a nice southern home meal. -sf-
  9. Great story---thanks for sharing, cheers-sf-
  10. Excellent throttle designs and choices GVL. Cheers-sf-
  11. Eat,drink and be merry, Just don't do it in public
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