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  1. Thanks for the info Moach !!! Looking forward to hearing on your progress with your " CS inspiration project ". I just googled Crimson Skies with Win 10 and will be downloading and patching tomorrow---- cannot wait !!! cheers--sf--
  2. I am with catchhov----- at the time, Crimson Skies was a great deal of fun for me. It was a very creative piece with nice story line and you can't deny the immersive music. It would be really nice to have a new updated version of this game. -- cheers-- -sf-
  3. Keep up the artistic flow raiad. I immediately recognized your work as Paul Newman. Also, something I noted is the sort of silver bright aura you have around him. This aura depicts a strong physical and spiritual presence of which Mr. Newman absolutely had--- he was a very compassionate person, ( brilliant application here !!! ) Nice work !!! --sf--
  4. Hey BTB, Seeing that you reinstalled game it may have defaulted to " Simplified Engine Controls ". I would check your " Realism " settings in your missions. Make sure anything to do with " simplified controls " is unchecked, and also " Engine Auto Control " and " Auto Pilot " is unchecked. Good luck ! -sf-
  5. Loved it !! Laurel and Hardy were a fitting piece of nostalgia. Thanks for sharing this , -SF-
  6. Hey Thad, I believe you can just click on your il-2 profile and then on the box to the right of the grayed out delete button, select the restore button and this will clear it to the default values when you installed the nvidia driver. cheers-sf
  7. When I was around 58 years old I was having problems spotting aircraft at far distances in this sim. It did not occur to me until at around this same time I was having problems focusing on reading ( especially in dimmer light ). I started using reading glasses at +1.25 and had forgot to integrate this into this sim experience. I could read things on the monitor and read aircraft gauges fine w/o reading glasses. When I wore my reading glasses, spotting was much better, the aircraft represented in the sim far away were much quicker to notice and identify. So, to this day I unfortunately at 62 continue to use my 1.25 reading glasses to spot aircraft in the sim environment--it helps tremendously and all appears at par if not better than spotting in RL flying. Also to note is I use a 27 inch monitor at 1920x1080 which also makes things a bit larger ( I still would like to go to 1440 x 2560 on a 27 inch screen, that is a different financial journey down the road though ). Please do not take this as a hint that this problem with seeing contacts far away is because of bad eyes, this was just my journey. However to note, eyes just as with our whole physiology change a bit over time, we adapt accordingly. Good luck to all on this !! --sf--
  8. I use a powered hub. This is the one I bought a few years ago to replace a very old powered hub and it has been working fine for my usb flight controllers. powered hub cheers -sf-
  9. Hey HansPhili, I believe with the audio quality in BOS that any good head set will work fine. I use a HyperX Cloud and for me it sounds fine. Personally, whatever headset works within your budget I think will be fine. I have heard some recommend a good pair of headsets ( not gaming headsets ) and then buy a separate mic if needed. I guess it comes down to how much of an audiophile you are. Best of luck with this journey, I am sure whatever you choose will sound fine . Cheers--sf--
  10. I use " Core Temp " Core Temp This shows some installation hints if needed. Also, this problem could be coming from something other than cooling, such as a bad power supply or bad motherboard. I would check your motherboard for swollen capacitors and also check your power supply. Good luck with this !!
  11. Beautiful job !!!! I can't help but think the boot around the bottom is from a cv axle--- ( if so, pretty clever )
  12. I am most likely behind the power curve on this, but just discovered that the CH Hangar--- is no longer---. As a flight sim enthusiast it was the home base for any CH flightsim control owners and offered excellent resources and support for all. So, for all those that visit here that were part of that web site---- thanks so much for all you offered !!! For anyone that may need another copy of the CH Manager 4.55a here is a link to get the download CH Manager 4.55a Cheers -sf-
  13. I agree with Black_Sab in that it possibly could be a driver problem maybe from a Win 10 update. I would recommend properly uninstalling the driver and reinstalling the driver and phys X only, I don't install anything else. You may do this when reinstalling by selecting custom install and selecting these items only. Also, I would click the tab for clean install to be sure to clear out anything that may be conflicting. You may also use a tool ( DDU --Display Driver Uninstaller ) to clean out all NVidia gpu driver ( DDU ). I wish you the best with this , be patient ( it will get remedied in time ) cheers -sf-
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