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  1. Yep that was probably us The one thing I remember from the RoF days, you had a good streak at the time, but you got into an Se5 to balance the teams in one mission and flew over the enemy territory, that impressed me, at a time when most ppl seemed obsessed with a streak.
  2. This is not the start of an argument, but if you are going to comment on my mental health in public, I need to point a few things out. You might have a lot of experience in Flying WW1, but you show little experience of mental health issues or divorce. I served as a trustee of a Mental health Charity and I've been divorced 3 times. Expressing sadness about loss is not a mental health issue, ignoring it, could lead to problems. I am as sane as any other Albatros pilot. I'm retired, can't play sports anymore and live with a dog, through FC I can earn the respect of ppl I respect, I can be creative making missions, skins, and videos, and best of all I can be aggressive in an acceptable environment! And that's on top of the laughs on comms. So maybe I get more out of this game than others, and so feel it more when it's not there, like last night. I've tried WW2, it just doesn't excite me as much. The key thing is, you might be passionate about something I find ridiculous, but that is because we are all different, so no more personal advice about what I should or shouldn't do with my life, and just stick to advice about flying. I can remember how good you were in RoF and was sad when you left (but not as sad as I am now 😁) The balloon basket dwellers used to exit with a dramatic nip tuck and curl, now they just step out of the basket, I looked for any documentation on this change, but couldn't find any. And again, I'm not starting a conversation about this, life is too short for some of us.
  3. I find it really hard to believe, that we've gone from sometimes having to queue to get in the Thursday Night fly in, to it being a ghost town in less than 6 months. Last night, I flew for 2 hours on the Thursday night fly in, trying to find a couple of opponents who eventually left. And 2 ppl I was flying with, it was their birthdays, and they'd come to fly with their friends on the busiest night! From posts I've read, it is a waste of time trying to contact the developers personally, so I'm hoping the moderator will bring this to their attention. You've made me feel like an industrial mushroom (kept in the dark and fed on sh1t), you've made me feel like ppl who haven't got FC are more important than those who bought it (because the message on facebook is so positive compared to nothing here for months). As a loyal customer I bought modules to support 1C even tho' I don't fly them, I would always defend the developers because I thought they cared, you've made me feel like a mug for doing that. All you had to do was talk to us, and don't say you are too busy with other things and didn't have the time, everyone gets 24 hours a day, it's what you spend that time on, says what is important to you, and who you are. How long does it take to say 'we're working with you to make things better, for example....'? If I wanted to feel like this, I'd get divorced again, the sadness, the confusion, toxic communication, endlessly trying to pinpoint where it all started to go wrong..... If you don't do something soon to resuscitate this corpse, it will be too late, WW1 will be seen as a failure. ROF was left to wander in the wilderness, it looks like FC will sadly follow in its footsteps, only its ppl will be wearing vr goggles. I think one of the problems is 'you' don't fly FC very often, if at all (because you would have picked up dm problems so much quicker), you do tests on it which makes you feel like an expert, which enables you to ignore the point of view of ppl who fly it every day. The biggest problem I see is that those tests are not done in multiplayer, humans fly very differently to ai. I always try to keep a scintilla of hope but you really are grinding it out of me. Do something positive please
  4. And here it is, the carnage that was the 1st obstacle course, on the second one you could afford to do a bit of sight seeing, if you didn't get shot by ground fire. cheers
  5. S! all This is the Navigation challenge, which should be renamed the 'Park your plane in the hangar, whether it wants to or not challenge'! I can't believe how long I spent spinning round the runway! Next one to do is the utter carnage of the Obstacle race. cheers
  6. S! all This is a film of Jasta 5's Oktoberfest Day at the Races, where it was definitely not the winning, but the taking part (if you are in an Albatros)! Hopefully I can do a Navigation and Obstacle course film when I've had some sleep. cheers
  7. Balloon max height is 1500m I think, I've seen them in the qmb. cheers
  8. I wouldn't swap my Albatros for the world she rolls well, responds well to a gentle hand, and just looks so beautiful doing it!
  9. S! all Some action from the fourth and final week of Jasta 5's Black September campaign. and I made this film as it shows a Bristol pilot making it really difficult to attack him, my guess is, he was sneakily trying to find our rail bridge for if and when phase 4 started. cheers
  10. Wavy gravy would have liked that colour scheme!
  11. I hope nobody is wearing that skin when I have a hangover
  12. S! all Some action from Black September cheers and this, I hadn't flown the DVII for months, but we'd run out of Albies, so I had to use the 'ugly' sister, she's fast and can take a pummeling, but nowhere near as satisfying as an Albatros cheers
  13. Don't you mean, you need stuffing? 🦃
  14. I was referring to the Camel pilot who kept his machine in the air for longer than I would have thought possible, he had no wings on the left, and a collapsed wing with no struts on the right, if he hadn't hit the barbed wire fences, he might have survived, it amazed me anyway. I was not being facetious. cheers
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