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  1. S! all The final film in the Operation Michael 2021 series - Operation Michael week 4 - The Final Countdown cheers
  2. S! all The final film in the Operation Michael 2021 series - Operation Michael week 4 - The Final Countdown cheers
  3. S! all Operation Michael Week 3 - Part 3 I was going to call it Tanks for the memory, maybe next week? Soundtrack by The Who and INXS I saw the Who live at Charlton's Football ground 'The Valley' with a group of friends in 1976 when I was 20 (tickets were 4£, you'd struggle to buy a pint of beer for that price now). Just a faded memory 😟 Good to see a fellow Douglas Adams fan (So long and thanks for all the fish), Dirk Gently says not to forget to carry a towel around on 'Towel Day' next month! chee
  4. S! all Week 3 Part 2 3 interesting things in this film, 1 the Se5 goes into a turn fight with his Lewis gun tilted for those that haven't seen that before. 2 J5 Mai demonstrates how to scissor in front of a camel until help arrives. And 3, J5 just love clearing 6's Soundtrack by Creedence Clearwater Revival and Joe Cocker. cheers
  5. S! all Week 3 - Part 1 Warning, there is some nudity, Mata Hari keeps me focused on the clock. Soundtrack by Talking Heads. cheers
  6. S! I'm honoured that such highly respected pilots took the time to leave a comment (except you ST Catchov - you were just being cheeky 😁) I can't get Pink Floyd's Dark side of the moon out of my head now! 😜 cheers
  7. S! all I think this may be linked to the glitch with the parser affecting display on the Jasta5.org website after the update. I get the same error msg when I try to see who is on the Flugpark It is being worked on and should be fixed soon, if not, I'm sure we can sort something out about you flying on Saturday for Entente.
  8. S! all Some footage from week 2, with The Free Birds of Red flight performing a Combat Air Patrol over enemy airspace. Our orders were to engage the opposition and force them to retreat, which we did. cheers
  9. S! all Operation Michael - week 1 In this film, J5_Eck and J5_Wilhelm perform an heroic attack on the Outpost in sector B, escorts J5_Konnecke picks a flower as he recovers from a spin in his triplane, and I get my guns so damaged from a Bristol or Se5, I can't use them. cheers
  10. S! Oliver is right, all J5 skins are on HSD, with more to come.
  11. S! all There was a request to see a film of the great gathering in the South, so this is the best I could do with what I had, you nearly get to see all 30 aircraft that were due to be in that formation. Maybe next time...... cheers
  12. Salute all This is a promotional film for Jasta 5's Operation Michael encouraging you to enlist now, just fill in the poll at
  13. Didn't know if you knew about this, but the WW1 Aviation heritage Trust had this Albatros flying in a display in Sept 2020. It was originally from NZ. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Fu3DSBbUt3ii_qE4o1EGVcMmnlrncJNP/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cCg4BykvbsZd4Xev1Ascd9e2-7QvIUr5/view?usp=sharing If it's flying later this year, I might go and see it at Stow Maries in Essex.
  14. If you look at the early posts, all is revealed. Yes you plug it in and it works, it is on the list of games supported by 'Next level racing'. cheers
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