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  1. Other people have commented on how good the music is too, the track is called 'To the sun and back' and is by TrackTribe, I've used them for other soundtracks to my WW1 home movies.
  2. S! all When I was about 8 or so, I can remember my Gran telling me one of her brothers, a lancer, died at the Somme, and showed me a pic of him in his uniform with his horse. My dad was an apprentice electrical engineer who worked on repairing Halifax bombers in WW2, he once told me they went inside a plane that hadn't been cleaned and there was blood everywhere, must have been quite sobering for a 15 year old. And one of my wives had an uncle who served in a submarine in WW2 cheers
  3. S! all 5 mins of action from Monday 15th June on Jasta 5's Flugpark. It's worth waiting for the surprise ending. Yes I really was shaking my head at the end. There's more like this on my Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXmXU3LmISQ99zFgYDFKj-A/ Hope you enjoy it cheers
  4. Just dloaded your latest beauties thx 😍
  5. If your flight had a Spitfire and an FW 190 in it, there is some footage in my video on the Flying Circus forum. cheers
  6. 2 reasons really 1 - I'm trying to promote Flying circus, so WW2 flyers who've not yet checked out FC might have a look around the other videos and see how exciting it can be, and 2 - I wanted to show the WW1 crowd what we did in the event so more might sign up for Wednesdays event
  7. Check out the inverted pass on the video I posted on the Flying Circus forum, you won't be dissapointed cheers
  8. Salute all Thanks to Shamrock and JimTM for organising it, and my fellow pilots for flying in it, there were some very impressive displays, I hope I captured some of them, you know who you are 🥳 so I won't embarrass people by singling them out. I've put a video up on the Flying Circus Screenshots and videos forum if anyone would like to have a look. cheers
  9. I was watching you all the way, I knew as soon as I stopped flying in a straight line, my wings would fall off, especially if you sneezed 🤧 That's because they know how essential I am to the Kaiser's plan! 🤕 LOL cheers
  10. Salute all We had a really good time on Sunday night, thanks to Shamrock and JimTM. There's a another Fly-in on Wednesday, I can highly recommend it. Thx to J5_Mai, J5_Sturm and Wolfpack345 for making up the WW1 flight. cheers
  11. Hi JimTM This is my personal Jasta 5 skin https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r1K-t9DapMFSRrMB5VrVnPTmztYihBCv/view?usp=sharing Jasta 5 skinpack is here https://1drv.ms/u/s!Av2H1a2BvLbflyNAWQLmJQ_bwPn7?e=gS4axP
  12. Thx Oliver88, I'm still learning about all this new fangled stuff. Hopefully I've edited it to work. cheers
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