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  1. Hi all I wish I lived next door to this bloke! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-47937081 Daedallus
  2. You can try the ground between the group of buildings in the middle, and the southern aa gun, I've managed to land there cheers Daedallus
  3. I've had the continuous machine gun sound from the Pfalz, and if you record a track, the planes are jerking backwards and forwards, unwatchable unless you use F3 I also get missing layers from Alt F2 cameras making them unusable and finally, although the sound is set at 100%, I only get around 20% sound making comms unusable as I have to use the tv sound at max to hear the planes engine
  4. Hi All I have exactly the same problem as Gambit21 with the same 2 maps Daedallus
  5. Just what some of us needed for coops until the Bristol gets here. 😎 Well done that man!
  6. Hi Beez It depends which server you are talking about, and situations can change depending on the map but I have found 3 aggressive Pfalzs at 3k on Jasta 5 and an FDr1 south of their base over the sea, on JG1 there are usually a Camel, Spad, Pfalz and an FDr1 that you bump into reasonably quickly, just remember that they will want to gain alt before venturing into enemy territory in some cases. And on Coconuts campaign server Camels and Spads can be high on patrol or low attacking ground targets after crossing the lines high, both sides usually have a presence near Aumetz. Pfalzs and FDr1s are usually high on patrol, I haven't seen any doing ground attacks, but that is part of the fun, trying to find out where they are. On Coconuts server you even get messages saying where is being attacked or if the enemy is near an airfield. There are sometimes clues on the mission objective map, it might show patrol areas or assets that need protecting. I'd recommend and use all 3 servers, a lot of thought and hard work has been done by the mission designers and I don't think they have made it difficult to find the ai, but it shouldn't be too easy either, or you might as well just fly in QMB. Hope this helps Daedallus
  7. Excellent post Trupobaw, I had been thinking the same thing. Big thanks to Coconut for providing what he has and hopefully he can shape the maps to give more of a WW1 feel. cheers Daedallus
  8. Hi After a number of crashes to a black screen and rebooting, when I tried launching the game again, the steam game library page said the game was not installed, the game files are still on my hard drive, but there is no uninstall file there. What I need to know, is it ok to manually delete the game files and re install? thx for any help Daedallus
  9. Thx for the reply I can't do what you said as steam doesn't recognise I have the game, it is asking me to install it, but like I say all files are on the disk except the uninstall file which must be linked to steam in some way? Rising storm is no problem graphically Thx Daedallus
  10. Hi G_GART Thx very much for taking the time to reply, somehow the key binding had changed to ALT F3, no idea how that happened, so thx for the help Salute! Daedallus
  11. Hi I've been getting a lot of CTDs lately and after the latest, the steam game page said I needed to install the game! So I can't launch through steam. I could still start the game from the desktop shortcut, but it wouldn't last long before getting a black screen and the PC needs rebooting. I've also sometimes been getting a red screen on multiplayer maps where you choose the base if that has any relevance. But all the game files are still where they should be, except uninstall000 which seems to have disappeared? So, do I delete the game files manually and reinstall, or just press install on the steam page and overwrite (I have copies of input and skins). Any help would be gratefully accepted Thx Daedallus
  12. Hi G_GART Thx for the mod, I'd like to use it but the ALT-F2 cameras stopped working for me about a year ago, I know it has affected others as well as there was a thread on it. Could you suggest any way I could troubleshoot this problem as you seem to know quite a bit about them? Any ideas would be gratefully received. Thx Daedallus
  13. Hi Big thx to you and May-bug, it's looking really good and I can't wait to try it S! Daedallus
  14. Excellent work again Szelljr I like the weathered look keep up the good work it is much appreciated all the best Daedallus
  15. Unfortunately it doesn't apply to me, never had that checked in the 1st place, going to try unchecking full screen next thx for your posting Daedallus
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