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  1. Hi Jason I'm retired so have plenty of time, and I'm passionate about Flying Circus, it would be an honour to help. Daedallus
  2. S! Jasta 5 Looking forward to this, anybody who hasn't tried it yet needs to check it out, it's serious fun. Thx for hosting again. I am happy to make up the numbers on either team.
  3. Daedallus


    Hi pa4tim You are right, 200m maybe too low for the spawn points in that area, but maybe ok where the land is flat in a different area. If you like that area, just experiment with the height setting until both enemy flights are flying just above the trees, if that's what you want. A more complicated but in the end worthwhile way is to use the mission editor, there are a number of good videos and guides around, and you will end up being able to set up your own missions where each plane can have its own skin, skill level, height, scarves, weapons etc Also a good tip someone gave me was to record the tracks of your flying, to watch back and see where you went wrong or got it right, especially good with getting your lead right, you can watch the replay in slomo to see where your bullets went. Hope to see you in MP soon
  4. It was good to see the server up, I enjoyed flying with you tonight again and hope to see the new missions!
  5. Hi Balloons are set at 1k only, they can't be destroyed, you can even fly thru the wire undamaged! I agree we need a different type of mission with objectives, such as recon or things to bomb, there are missions with the U2 as a placeholder, but I find it rare to see anyone fly it. I think when we get the 2 seaters they should be more popular and mission designers will take that into account.
  6. Hi Swing It can take what feels like quite a while (especially Prok map) to load, I thought about pressing escape just as it loaded 1st time I tried this server, so I suggest you click on 'join the server' and go make a cup of coffee, it is worth it 😉 Daedallus
  7. Hi all Just in case anybody is interested http://yorkshireairmuseum.org/event/cockpits-day/ They have an SE5a and a Kitten (single use WW1 aircraft launched from a ship) I'd like to have a look at among others.
  8. Hi Paul Whoever is putting the map together can assign skins to any plane in the mission editor.
  9. Hi all I wish I lived next door to this bloke! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-47937081 Daedallus
  10. You can try the ground between the group of buildings in the middle, and the southern aa gun, I've managed to land there cheers Daedallus
  11. I've had the continuous machine gun sound from the Pfalz, and if you record a track, the planes are jerking backwards and forwards, unwatchable unless you use F3 I also get missing layers from Alt F2 cameras making them unusable and finally, although the sound is set at 100%, I only get around 20% sound making comms unusable as I have to use the tv sound at max to hear the planes engine
  12. Hi All I have exactly the same problem as Gambit21 with the same 2 maps Daedallus
  13. Just what some of us needed for coops until the Bristol gets here. 😎 Well done that man!
  14. Hi Beez It depends which server you are talking about, and situations can change depending on the map but I have found 3 aggressive Pfalzs at 3k on Jasta 5 and an FDr1 south of their base over the sea, on JG1 there are usually a Camel, Spad, Pfalz and an FDr1 that you bump into reasonably quickly, just remember that they will want to gain alt before venturing into enemy territory in some cases. And on Coconuts campaign server Camels and Spads can be high on patrol or low attacking ground targets after crossing the lines high, both sides usually have a presence near Aumetz. Pfalzs and FDr1s are usually high on patrol, I haven't seen any doing ground attacks, but that is part of the fun, trying to find out where they are. On Coconuts server you even get messages saying where is being attacked or if the enemy is near an airfield. There are sometimes clues on the mission objective map, it might show patrol areas or assets that need protecting. I'd recommend and use all 3 servers, a lot of thought and hard work has been done by the mission designers and I don't think they have made it difficult to find the ai, but it shouldn't be too easy either, or you might as well just fly in QMB. Hope this helps Daedallus
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