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  1. The joystick is attached to the chair, and you can attach the throttle quadrant to the chair but I have mine on the flight stand because there is a lot more chair movement than you'd expect, so It's handy to have something to hold onto and steady yourself (especially if you are in a camel spin) there have been times when I really felt like I was going to fall out of the chair (I now understand why they supply a seat harness which I thought was a bit of overkill and just for cosmetic purposes!) The rudder pedals and monitor stay put. You can get a motion platform which is attached to everything but it is around 5 times the price of this one. When my daughter next visits, I'll see if she can video me using it, that should give you an idea of just how much it throws you around, it's a bit like a bucking bronco at times which makes aiming your guns a bit tricky. So far I have found the Albatros easiest to fly and the camel the hardest, I have yet to recover from a camel spin! But it is so much fun. You should see the walls, they are covered in framed prints, there's a camel, spad and nieuport, various WW2 aircraft - mainly spitfires, one of which is a photo of the recon blue version with the Rolls Royce factory at Derby in the background. There's also one framed spitfire photo from the Rolls Royce boardroom which was rescued from a skip when they redecorated! And if you look thru the hole at the top of the chair in the pic, you can see my copy of Biggles of 266, Biggles Pioneer Air Fighter and Biggles of the Camel squadron!
  2. Hi Szelljr I have 2 pcs, 1 for gaming, 1 for anything else, they were both on a table until last week when the legs broke! I managed to let the gaming pc hit the floor as softly as possible (only the mic usb broke), but the other 1 hit the ground with force and wouldn't start. I still go out for a pint with someone I used to teach 30 years ago who now builds and repairs pcs so he came round the following day and built it back up from scratch, the red stool is temporary as I was told it is best to keep a pc as high as possible if you have a dog and don't like hoovering!
  3. For those that wanted pix - not much to see really Sorry couldn't resist the Biggles pic For those that asked how easy to install - just bolt it onto the flight seat, use the serial number to access the website and dload the software - IL2 GB and CoD are on the game list - just click play and that's it!
  4. Hi all FiF is starting soon, it is a team based evening on JG1s server where each team has objectives to destroy and protect, one of the missions is to shoot down the enemy ace and deliver a wreath. The practice map is currently up, so I practiced shooting down the French ace Pierre Derriere and made this video. For further info on FiF have a look on Flying Circus general discussion cheers
  5. This is a link to what I've just installed (wasn't sure about the forum rules for recommending products), pix to follow https://www.nextlevelracing.com/products/next-level-racing-motion-platform-v3/
  6. Hi all Just installed a motion platform to my flying seat today, flew a quick mission in QMB and couldn't stop laughing, at one point I felt like I was about to fall out of the cockpit after pulling a high G turn. I use an FFB 2 stick and when you land you can feel every bump. You can set up VR to work with it and there's an adapter for a butt kicker, all you need then is a fan and a white silk scarf and what you imagined as a kid 50 years ago after reading Biggles of 266 squadron, seems so real. It really adds to the immersion and I would thoroughly recommend it, I'm retired, single, and this game is my only vice (almost), I appreciate not everybody can, or wants to spend £2.5k on a peripheral, but for those that are interested, it is easy to set up and for me, well worth it.
  7. Hi all Just experimenting with adding music to tracks This is a couple of Dr1s picking on a Camel cheers
  8. Hi all A short clip of the fighting at Jasta 5s Flugpark on Sunday night. cheers
  9. Happy New Year to Jason, the team, and the community S! Daedallus
  10. It's awesome - buy it Pat Carter has done a career mode, and one of the SYNNs has created a mission generator and there are single missions available from Motherbrain I think plenty to keep you busy I've just left J5s server, there were over 40 ppl in multiplayer
  11. Very impressed with the speed of the FC hotfixes You've had a hard working good year and deserve an enjoyable and Happy Christmas Well done S!
  12. Tried a couple of times but goes from splashscreen to server list, no dloading files S!
  13. Hi all I found a Fokker Triplane loitering with intent on our side of the mud on the Jasta 5 Flugpark. This video was uploaded with the kind permission of the Dr1 driver. cheers
  14. I have 3 Biggles books in hardback still on my bookshelf from when I was a kid. (There are 9 books in the series in all) Biggles pioneer air fighter, Biggles of the Camel Squadron, and of course Biggles of 266, I'm still looking for Biggles flies undone😉
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