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  1. That was very much Map 3. I remember attacking you as my last sortie of the evening and making my way back home with an oil leak.
  2. I don't really think the PE-2 situation is that complex. I think it's a mixture of a questionable damage model combined with a deadly set of defensive weaponry that makes them both survivable and very hard to attack without a large group of support. If they were being shot down at a higher ratio in comparison to their use it wouldn't be as big of a deal. But with the lives system in place making people hesitant about bouncing them in all but the best situations, Axis pilots are just leaving them alone. Nobody wants to throw away pilots and planes. I've never thought that the rear gunners are that out of whack. They have a great threat angle and people should get punished if they hang around in a PE-2's 6. What I would like to see looked at is the damage model. Emptying entire magazines of cannon fire at engine nacelles and wing roots with very little effect is rough. Especially when the legendary "concrete plane", the IL-2, goes down with a quarter of the ordinance in comparison to the PE-2. This is compounded early in the campaign when the E-7 is the primary interceptor. You get exactly one pass at a PE-2 with any chance of survival, or in most cases, catching it at all. And I think I can count on one hand the number of times in the past 6 or so campaigns I've taken down a PE-2 in a single lucky attack.
  3. @CptSiddy Nice catch last night. I saw your lights go on behind me and I thought you had broken off and it was my wingman! ๐Ÿ˜‚ MiGs are always faster on the deck than I give them credit for.
  4. Yeah, I lost one life to the xJammer Express earlier tonight in just that fashion. Never had a chance. ๐Ÿ˜„ Honestly, field raids don't bother me too much, but what annoys me is when it's always in the last few seconds of a mission so any possibility of retaliation is off the table. I'd love pilots over enemy territory or at least near major airfields when the round ends to risk capture. The last minute one-way missions in which the attacker bombs the crap out of a field or warehouse and magically teleports back home safely feels bad.
  5. I like the 30% damage rule simply because it might mix up the late war metagame a bit and force people into suboptimal aircraft in their lineup to keep the fight going while repairs are made. More importantly it makes damaging aircraft important, which I think is something underrepresented. As it stands, we've had pilots smashing into each other to utterly annihilate an enemy because if there is *any* chance of that plane making back home, any damage dealt to it was pointless.
  6. I like the new limited lives system. I especially like how it impacts the smaller team less, which is an excellent addition. It makes teamwork more critical than ever, especially fighter/bomber communication for both sides. I can't wait to get in the sky. Thanks for all of your hard work!
  7. Oh, on a standard frontline rough airfield it's no issue. The problem is on fields with designated runways and taxiways . And although buildings are sometimes in the way, you would be *amazed* at how clever some pilots are about careening across traffic to throw their plane in the air as quickly and dangerously as possible. ๐Ÿ˜„
  8. I'm fine with the engine warming, if for no other reason than it forces pilots to slow the hell down a bit before taking off. The people who spawn in, gun the engine, and then plow across the nearest field across two runways rather than taxiing have always made me extremely nervous, especially since I've witnessed some spectacular accidents occur from doing that.
  9. And that's the draw. Well fought, Red. Thanks for a great campaign, everyone, and to =LG= for setting up another amazing season. See you all in the skies soon.
  10. Some pretty crazy friendly fire on blue today. 2 sorties back to back being shot up by teammates, and I didn't appear to be the only one. Check your targets Blue, there aren't many planes left to waste.
  11. I don't know what changed for blue, but yesterday was the most coordinated action I have ever seen on the Axis side in TAW. I was running attackers most of the evening, and I had near constant fighter cover, as well as groups preemptively taking out AA and focusing on objectives. It was like playing a different game. Keep it up, blue!
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