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  1. Anyone else excited? Finally I can play as Johnny Red haha.
  2. It looks the same as ROF but a little better. I want to see infantry in trenches. Will this ever happen? Will there be balloons?
  3. I was just wondering why the last 3 planes are the hardest to develop I wonder? Also was wondering why the B-25 will only be AI? Ju-52 is bigger and 3 engines. I am in no way complaining at all. Just curious.
  4. But Johnny Red was the best ace on the eastern front so the Hurricane must be the best fighter plane, da? 😉 Oh, I meant to quote this haha too much beer 😄 Also, why does it show that I have only purchased Bodenplatte, Flying Circus and tank crew when I have bought all of them. I have Moscow and Kuban as well and obviously Stalingrad... ?
  5. Oh yes, that's right. a mosquito would be so good!
  6. Wouldn't that be fantastic if they added the Hurricane at some point. Does anyone think it will eventually be released? Anyone else a Johnny Red fan? I became a fan when I was a kid and found some old Battle Action comics under my cousins neighbours house haha.
  7. With the new MS Flight Simulator coming out does anyone think they might also release a joystick or even a few different joysticks with force feedback?
  8. As title suggests. I tried it and lost control from mach tuck and another time I bailed and it hit the ground at 1040 km/h lol... Was just reading about Hans Quido Mutke's claim. No wonder he wanted the plane back after war. What a beast.
  9. I have a g27 wheel mounted on a saw horse i made in high school that i placed the camera on a stack of PS1 games to height just under my TV and it seems to work very well!!! Thank you to everyone who helped me through my drunken sometimes angry posts... Long live IL-2!!!
  10. No it wasn't quite sorted as i hadnt set it up properly and it was working but poorly. All of what you have sent me is going to make setting up easier. One thing is that I use a 32' TV as a monitor and it is maybe 2 metres or more from my head and setting camera up on something closer is a bitch... Was thinking of hanging camera from ceiling xD
  11. Ok, got the new one and it worked straight away! Thanks JonRecorn for the reply. I can get a bit childish at times.
  12. Yeah i see the 3 leds. I just want to know how to make it work in game? I think im suffering from defeatsim.... Maybe ill just go back to console and smash this desktop to pieces.
  13. I started opentrack. It recognised the delanclip and i could see the 3 red cross moving about... no values were changing though...
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