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  1. I have a g27 wheel mounted on a saw horse i made in high school that i placed the camera on a stack of PS1 games to height just under my TV and it seems to work very well!!! Thank you to everyone who helped me through my drunken sometimes angry posts... Long live IL-2!!!
  2. No it wasn't quite sorted as i hadnt set it up properly and it was working but poorly. All of what you have sent me is going to make setting up easier. One thing is that I use a 32' TV as a monitor and it is maybe 2 metres or more from my head and setting camera up on something closer is a bitch... Was thinking of hanging camera from ceiling xD
  3. Ok, got the new one and it worked straight away! Thanks JonRecorn for the reply. I can get a bit childish at times.
  4. Yeah i see the 3 leds. I just want to know how to make it work in game? I think im suffering from defeatsim.... Maybe ill just go back to console and smash this desktop to pieces.
  5. I started opentrack. It recognised the delanclip and i could see the 3 red cross moving about... no values were changing though...
  6. I have camera working, i have a delanclip that the facetracknoir is seeing. What else am i supposed to do? I saw something about changing file types or something...
  7. I can't seem to find a video that shows me how to do it in simple language...
  8. Thank you so much Possum. You have helped me a lot! Ordering filter tonight.
  9. I just bought another bad one and it picks up the IR when i tested camera... Hmm....
  10. I worked out I have the bad version and destroyed it... looks like I might need to source one overseas??? Or can anyone confirm the bad version is useable without modification? I am in quiet a dark room really...
  11. I have cracked the glass on IR filter trying to remove...
  12. Ok... well i ordered a Delanclip in the end and going to modify ps3 camera today. All up cost me $115 AUD. Thanks for the help...
  13. Why do all these forums just turn into arguments?
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