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  1. I've been getting a bug a lot recently where my aircraft will spawn with no ammo. After an an initial flight if I land, make no changes and take off from the same airfield my plane will have no ammo
  2. I can do one better Day 1 Hours 0.1 Still no word, I think they've forgotten about me
  3. If you delete system 32 it force updates to 3.001, already in the La5FN shooting things down later losers
  4. I'll PM him to see if we can have this thread host the pics all in one easy to find spot
  5. Could someone with some software talent please make some energy maneuvering charts for each fighter? I think the War Thunder-esque days of describing planes as turn-fighters and boom and zoomers can be misleading and the EM chart is the best way to show a fighter aircraft's performance. An example being that you could call a FW190 or P-40 a turn fighter in the sense that they can out turn the competition and high speeds. An example for the F-16 is attached. I think it would be helpful to all pilots to see the EM for all fighters at at least 2 altitudes (prob 1500m and 4500m). Obviously I'm just some good idea fairy proposing this with no ability to deliver but I hope some of you out there know how to make something like this
  6. >fail at making swastika >calling most likely Caucasian people n***ers >uncreative and low tier edgy insults and images You three got BTFO'd from /pol for not being funny there either didn't you?
  7. Nothing like a little hate and discontent to get a post rolling
  8. Is the A5 up armored from the A3 though? I thought the weight difference was due to the extend fuselage and cowl flaps
  9. So to begin I'll say this is all an impression, no data has been collected but maybe some of you other players have had a similar experience. I have 2 aircraft to address and I'll start with the 109. I have recently begun flying out the various 109 models with the armored headrest included as well as the triplex front armored glass. Mostly just to practice maintaining good SA with bad visibility out of the cockpit, but I'm pleasantly surprised to find that my pilot is much better protected than I anticipated. Situations where I'd expect to instantly jump to that dreaded 3rd person view have not happened to me since. Obviously if an La5 is 10m off your 6 the plate isn't going to do squat but, I feel much more confident disengaging from a fight knowing that a stray 12.7mm from 1km isn't going to home in on my skull. So in essence, as long as you can maintain good SA with the plate in, I'd take it as often as possible. The next plane is the 190. I feel like the A5 (non F3 mod) is much more tanky than the A3, specially in regards to pilot protection. In the A3 my pilot has been turned inside out from lucky hits between 800m and 1200m but in the A5... my goodness. I've had mulitple enemies on my 6 as close as 600m and the rear of the A5 just eats it up. In one instance I had a fuel tank explode which required me to restart the engine and I continued flying home. IIRC the A5 is only ~100kg or so heavier than the A3 but I feel a huge difference in armor.
  10. Hey coconut I ran into 2 invulnerable mig3 ai flying a transpo mission I think last night. I got it recorded if you need the files for debugging. Unless it's intentional when there's no human players
  11. Definitely unaware. It the sortie log all that registered was 0.5% damage increments to his pilot. Then death during the crash. No registered kill for me
  12. Pail if you were in the same mission as me do you remember how many players there were? I only recall 55-65 being on at the time so I don't think it was server overload. Plus the message never popped up.
  13. Nah it wasn't you. I thought it was the player FlyingBull at the time because he exited right around the same time the MiG went down, but it isnt him. I included the MiG shooting down a 110 and an La5 getting shot down to show how it's only his plane suffering no damage. I also shot down a Pe2 shortly before engaging the MiG so I don't think it was me with network issues. Idk if it would record in a replay but there was no warping. What you see in the vid is exactly how I saw it.
  14. This was on Wings Of Liberty. Is there a particular dev I should send the replay files to?
  15. Yeah this needs to get looked into... Idk what could cause this but let's not jump to calling anyone a cheater just yet. Sorry for crap audio, actually no I am more sorry for the cringey shooting.
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