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  1. but it's a glider....i mean being able to tow AI gliders would be cool for the normandy map
  2. The Russians really need a medium first. with the P-47, Typhoon, and P-38 right now I feel the USA ground pounding line up is very strong (i do admit they need a medium though) the Russians need the Il4. also, the A-26 is probably like others say before the plane people don't know they want. really fits the meta...6,000 pounds of bombs or rockets. and it's small, has a turret, nose guns. I'd like to see this aircraft before even the B-25 or B-26. but first priority is get the soviets something that can actually carry a lot of bombs onto target. the He-111 and Ju-88 have almost double the bang cans that the pe-2 can tote around.
  3. along with a p-36 and some earlier soviet aircraft for a winter war scenario
  4. I don't think this is a fair thing to be implemented and can be totally abused by server makers or just players in general. it's a slippery slope to have G effects based on some assumption that a late war German pilot must have a heart condition or an early war soviet pilot was starving. If we open that Pandora's box there would be a litany of thing everyone could argue. how about German planes in bodenplate can't take over 25% fuel because of shortages? Or all early war laggs have a 25% chance to be overweight due to poor construction? Maybe your late war german pilot has a 25% chance of having a heart attack? or maybe an engine goes out due to low key forced labor sabotage? see how that would be very difficult to implement, tedious, or unfair? also, experienced pilots G effects? was there even much training in this during WWII? and I would believe that different people have different G tolerances based on differences and physiology and maybe a little to do with proper breathing techniques. but you don't just "level up" you G tolerance like its war thunder.
  5. I can say as well, it has really put a damper on my play I barely fly anymore, two buds a flew with moved to DCS because of it none of us seem to have the drive to play often/ but more planes and avid flight simmer i work with i have even cautioned not to buy the game yet because he is visually challenged already and even me with at least 20/20 cant see anything. I know my eyes aren't the 20/15 they used to be, but i cant imagine how his experience would be! AND when one got on an played we just stumbled around blind at 11,000 feet for half an hour, saw nothing. it got late so we left bored. not a very good experience. it seems now either 2 things seem happen in any given sortie: 1. You get jumped out of nowhere 2. you fly around blind bored there seems to be a elite few who have no issue with the current state of the game. and i'm not sure what is different for them. maybe if the devs look into it we will finally get an answer but at least for me, and I think many others, game-play often fits into these two scenarios
  6. yeah but sharpie, I don't think the "teleportation" issue is all that's going on here. you know that. I don't think there is any difference other than occasionally net-code causes a few planes to warp. I think though this is mostly when you get the flood of "outdated hit data". but this has little to nothing to due with the extreme difficulty many have seeing aircraft in this game.
  7. I agree. I think a timer though, some sort of thing like after dropping bombs, firing guns, damaging targets, getting hit should count as a bail out. also, exit and re-join should also have a timer involved I too have seen a lot of people: especially the try hard clan groups use this tactic.
  8. emergency extension would be nice yeah if the plane had no trim it's kinda tough to justify putting one in though.
  9. no i agree, those planes can outrun a 109. but it feels like you really gotta run the hell out of them to do it. and also implying that the La-5FN is available or isn't used up any given match
  10. I don't like it either, but until we get into bodenplate the 109 is the king of the skies if you don't fly is like an absolute pillock. there is a reason why a lot of people straight up refuse to fly Russian and "don't like Russian planes". besides the 2min glass Allison using prewar engine tables doesn't help
  11. ive never seen it as a meta aircraft. the 109 has always taken that cake. the problem with it's "speed" is the 2 min timer. it's pretty hard to pull any appreciable distance from a contemporary 109 within that two min. you better help friends are not less than 1km away or so. I don't doubt how great the p-39 is when you get guns on target...but you better pray the 37mm and 50 cals get a good RNG roll and evaporate the 109.
  12. sadly I think all of this is more luck based because of the horrid visibility problems in the game at the moment
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