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  1. im on the fence. maybe you computer crashed...and now you lost a re-spawn of a valuable aircraft
  2. early form of IFF due to what kind of phosphorus they used? I know US was red and Soviet Green In Vietnam. hence the red lasers and green lasers in star wars
  3. when war broke out the SB was 94% of the soviet bomber force. that being said, many were lost very quickly but still engaged in the defense of Leningrad and Moscow. I know the excellent abilities of the Pe-2, but I would ask the devs to produce this little under-dog just for fun, as it would be a challenging plane to fly for very experienced pilots
  4. I find it to be hit and miss, sometimes my IL2 can take loads of damage and keep going, other times one good shot does it. I think a lot of it is due to gunnery and luck.
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