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  1. and what server is that does it ever have players on it?
  2. 7 miles is 11 km. i've personally been in light aircraft and have been able to spot low flying traffic that aren't that size miles away when there are literally just a dot. I did that from the back seat of a 182 looking over the pilots shoulders.
  3. did you read my post or just gloss over ULQ in war thunder. We're in that zone with a graphics setting can be both. personally to me if people really are being 100% honest when they say the pre-hot fix spotting was worse for them and now actually see planes better now...and not just saying that because they didn't like getting spotted more easily then why is this a difficulty issue and not a graphics issue?!! and there is is: play my way or go away. what a simple argument. there's only like 4 servers that are ever really populated the community is really small. I'd really love to start a server but i am not a man of means. hell, I can't really afford to get bodenplate this paycheck...maybe not for the next two. but I wanna play IL2 but I'm really disappointed that the devs finally threw a lot of people a bone who have lower end rigs AND YOU GUYS complained and got them to change it back...and now you dangle out phrases like "if you don't like it play single player". sorry some of use aren't in the cool kids club.
  4. not really, giving people the option to use this spotting mode is fairness. see better with your 4k screen using the new setting? use it! see better with the pre hotfix version? use that! making it client side solves the problem of both sides... if people are genuinely saying the saw targets worse before the hotfix and now see them better after and not telling a fib to regain a competitive advantage then why is this an outrage? There's other games like war thunder where ULQ (ultra low quality) is considered to be pretty much a cheat...but it is there to help some hardware differences that arise from PC games. and yes, EVERYONE can use it so it's not a cheat. oh and icons? well what about multiplayer...or are people saying just get off multiplayer now? talk about not being inclusive. you're basically telling people to either stop playing multiplayer or spend thousands on a rig, or thousands on a server! those aren't good options for anyone unless you're really lucky or wealthy. or, that being said you seem to be asking people to be at the mercy of a server admin or be stuck in an empty server. I also don't think anyone would dare to suggest we use Icons in multiplayer either. that's to me is just an appeal to extremes
  5. I agree that we need it to be a client side setting.
  6. if that's true that's a bummer, it made the game more accessible to all
  7. people with large monitors, or highly tweaked setting not available in game menu im sure can do this. that's why I think the devs did it in the first place...but people with an advantage over other people complained. yuo shouldn't have to modify game files manually to be competitive
  8. we were playing before the "hotfix" ive lowered my gamma and calibrated my monitor already. it's how it is because people with higher end computers won out
  9. i'm sure I am...but, i'm not overestimating the value of a function that levels the playing field. I'm sure there are a lot of people asking for it back like me. the difference is that I personally feel the only people who want it the way it used to be are the few who benefited and were able to develop bad habits by being functionally invisible a friend of mine who has a better rig commented: "wow I've never seen so many people on a point before" which I replied:"well you can just see them now" but there are some people who, through some means I can't explain can see you really easily, either through luck, skill, cheats...you name it, when you normally cant who lobbied and won...and i feel thats sad
  10. normal vis seems like the old way. i HAVE TO ZOOM ALL THE TIME AGAIN. thats crazy they think it's an advantage now
  11. sounds like to me after the devs rolled back the spotting stuff, one again higher resolution and a bigger monitor will mean you have an advantage. sorry to say it, but the more money you spend now the better you get on average. just like some people wanted
  12. bring it back, it was an equalizer to the lower end players who don't have a monster rig. it really made the game more fun and fair and I'm really, really sad that the few people who had an advantage with high end rigs were able to complain enough to get the devs to change it and we are here stuck in the "complaints" section that they probably never read prove me wrong and reply to this devs
  13. i think it was overdone sure, but for a good reason. it really equalized the people with high end systems and lower end rigs (like me) now it feels like I'm back in a situation where dollars can beat me when skill is equal besides, unless you're running 4k contacts past 10k are smaller than a pixel. that's basically giving away spotting to people with $$$ edit: so they did add a setting, what a crock. giving the game back to the whales with money to spend on huge monitors
  14. I got on after a week or so and noticed that. one again i'm hunting pixels. did they change it back? I was really enjoying the equalizer against people with deep pockets and 4k monitors the size of the front door or am i just crazy?
  15. with US and British aircraft finally out, is it time for the early spit, p-40, P-39 and A-20 to get the option to use "high Quality Fuel" as a mod for mission makers to increase engine limits? this could be selected for a mission maker that is adding in these "older" aircraft for US and Brit teams to round out a plane set. Surely if these A/C were being used in their original makers hands they historically would be running better gas than soviet use (thus eliminating the purposeful gimping of the limits model due to bad fuel)
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