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  1. sadly I think all of this is more luck based because of the horrid visibility problems in the game at the moment
  2. im guessing an earlier model b-25 because it was also supplied to the soviets. would be a two-for
  3. yeah, I've never had an issue with spotting before, unlike this game. That's CFS2, Rise Of Flight, Il2 CLOD and flight sim x and flight sim 2004 none of those games you had to struggle just to see stuff a kilometer away or so. the spotting system is messed up. we clearly are seeing a pattern. I don't believe that all of these other games took the approaches they did to contacts in error.
  4. there has been much discussion about this, currently there is a thread about "contrast change and zoom" in the bug reports that thor did some great work testing It's IMO a bug where aircraft have very little contrast when no playing fully zoomed in. the setting tweaking seems to have little effect on this issue, and the people who seem to not have this problem have very large screens, some magic software or hardware combination and are flying fully zoomed in. they will fight you tooth and nail over this issue, and often claim messing with video settings are the fix...which i do not believe is true but you are not the only one that feels the game was more "fun" before "expert spotting" was introduced
  5. personally I don't want to see strategic bombers because they aren't being used anywhere near what they were really used for; no one is gonna be up at 33,000 feet in 1,000 bomber formations carpet bombing the place. although the thought is cool, the devs should focus effort on strike aircraft such as the A-26 invader
  6. i cant speak to what the AI is doing, I just know in Multi you cannot dictate an engagement in a rata so you just gotta turn and burn. if a 109 wants to leave he always can
  7. easy: don't turn with an I-16. you can always just run away
  8. Zoom should, again not effect the visibility of items. sure, Items should be easier to identify details or see at higher zoom levels....but, they should not totally / effectively disappear at lower zoom levels like currently two aircraft going 400 khm head on have 6.75 seconds until they meet. so, imagine that you scan front, then look left, right, and check 6 like you should by the time you look back more than likely the person at 1.5K away who suddenly appeared visible somewhere between when you looked away from front to back again is there, lining up a shot. If that player is flying on full zoom, he has already seen you and you lose. that is why this bug is such a big deal. spotting IMO with this bug comes down to cheesing or luck which it should not be
  9. I thought it was "worse" with a larger screen so which is it sharpie? enlighten us Obviously some people (you included) have found a way around the issues many of us are facing. and seem to be fighting tooth and nail to keep your unfair advantage over people who do not have the magic hardware/software settings that somehow solve this issue. but it goes to figure in a game where people stack 50:20 servers to fly 109's and beat up on inferior aircraft the salty people who don't have an issue with spotting (somehow) won out and the devs changed it back. AFAIK they have no plans because "they are too busy" that really fun week where you didn't have to squint to sometimes see an aircraft in the distance will probably be the last time this game was accessible to all but the people with the time and money to massively tweak hardware and settings...and that's the way they like it (see above post)
  10. starting a jet engine: you wanna make sure you DON'T introduce fuel until it has reached a certain RPM if you do that before you'll get a hot start (fire) and yes, you should watch EGT and/or TIT and if you see a spike in heat cut fuel and dry motor the engine. until the fire goes out. I don't have the 262 but Im assuming there is a "cut off" position for fuel right?
  11. Slats 109 doing cooky stuff? slats la5 doing cooky stuff...also slats
  12. Spitfire Vs. 109 in turn there is the problem
  13. i can agree, dropped a 2500kg bomb into a mess of buildings, all looked "not destroyed" as I flew away and got shot down yet another reason why i think "expert" spotting is broken
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