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  1. cannot wait to get back into game. being able to actually see contacts is a game changer.
  2. actually i think the biggest problem is when you get a plane with a tail gunner, a decent bomb-load that can instantly transform into a UFO fighter. too many tools in it's chest to also have a broken flight model.
  3. why is this in complaints? needs to be investigated.
  4. they need stick forces in game, yes please. could eliminate some of the UFO flight models...especially planes with smaller control surfaces or larger aircraft.
  5. I'm still wanting the Wildcat (martlet) and the Il4 one plugs a hole is Russian ground attack, the other opens a door for pacific.
  6. but is damage to an aircraft calculated client side or server side? where does the RNG roll happen for damage?
  7. I would say, at this point, maybe HE is spreading damage all over the place too far. could also be the reason why pilots get knocked out by it so often too
  8. I don't think climb is the issue, I think mostly it's UFO flaps and the fact that the 110 pilot must be a silverback to throw a plane around like that at low speed. I have to see how it seems to turn now after the fix...but I know it was nuts before when you dropped flaps. it used to seem far too nimble, and may very well still may be. agility over single engined fighters was supposed to be it's weakness...so...where is it?
  9. but we haven't gotten down to the point of: why does it seem that 1 MGFF mine shell can do something that 60 .50 cals are can't even do? that does not seem right at all. you mean to tell me 60 half inch sized entry and 60 exit can't even slow down a plane like one mine shell? I don't buy it
  10. yeah German mine rounds are supposed to be good sure, but right now they are one shot wonders. needs to be looked at.
  11. i wish the map had measurement tools,like what silent hunter had, and a compass so you could determine what directions to steer
  12. We're just luckily that the Germans didn't use a mine shell on New York. They would have won the war. We've all seen the simulations, a single MG/FF mine shell can destroy anything
  13. I hope there is a US version soon, and this gets whitelisted for multiplayer, or the devs agree to put this in game
  14. indeed. as an added bonus, if you ever get cold, there is a source of fire always nearby in a Japanese aircraft.
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