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  1. how much flap degrees should we put in comrade? all of them
  2. need the later version with a rear turret. the single .50 is worthless
  3. i'm hoping the AMD stuff gets fixed but in other news: the 110 getting fixed is really good too see. it's gonna bring some balance into some maps, especially when before you had a plane that had the bomb-load of a pe-2, the speed of an early 109, and could out-turn a yak. it was crazy broken.
  4. ap ammo is significantly nerfed with the new damage calculations.
  5. as we know, putting the landing gear down mid combat is of course, the most effective combat technique ever. get real. being able to put the landing gear down on an I16 at the same time isn't making it a more effective combat aircraft, and i don't think anyone in their right mind would use flaps in combat on an I16, it already out turns anything.
  6. the be honest, testing different guns on the same section of an aircraft is actually better data than testing the same gun on different aircraft it helps to eliminate variables. in a perfect world this would be done over and over again with each aircraft and every single gun in the game to establish damage, but that would take gobs of time to me, something that is very telling is the amount of shots on average it takes to kill the 109 with 23mm vs the German 20mm. if this can be repeated that is a discrepancy that can't really be explained by "well it's just because every 20mm shot is HE". you forget that 23mm, although every other round is HE does not mean at AP should do no damage at all to structure. I don't think anyone can deny that all HE rounds is a very nice advantage, but the difference in stopping power, according to the video is staggering if people really want this game to be realistic, than a discrepancy like those should be hunted down. I worry some people really like to selectively quash bug reports, or dismiss historical data to benefit themselves.
  7. I know about trimming up to pull out of a dive easier, but, my question is...then how is someone still able to have elevator authority like in those videos posted? is it lag? is it a cheat? I say this because that is exactly how a pilot was jinking to avoid shots last night in online play, a sudden extra 300 level of elevator authority right as i was beginning to pull into a firing solution.
  8. i've seen videos of it done, finally say my first 100% positive use of it in multi. causes almost instant 20-30 degree jinking, it's silly and broken https://streamable.com/f4ql2 https://streamable.com/pfb9n https://streamable.com/zpb12 this is not my recording, but the behavior of the aircraft was the same
  9. my .02 if the water radiators are eating damage, that is WRONG. very wrong. rounds should pass though those and damage spars, internal structures you name it. only if a component can fully stop a shot should there be no damage transfer. the 109 passing shots straight through the aft to front of the wing, two shots makes sense, pieced both spars, massive damage the Russian round not doing the same just baffled me something is wrong, and once again...broken in german favor i totally agree. there are some shady things with german flight models and control schemes (109 stab mapping) that continue not to be fixed
  10. flaps could be fixed by more drag, stab can be fixed mapping to buttons only. can i ask, do you have stab mapped to your pitch axis? you have a German clan tag it always puzzles me when a community that demands realism is okay with having a crank wheel with a high reduction mapped to a joystick axis. i dont even see what your argument is other than "tough luck hands off my exploit" I see not historical reason to Map this axis onto the same one as pitch. German pilots didn't have a 3rd arm.
  11. when is this gonna be fixed? mapping both stab and elevator to one axis produces broken behavior of the aircraft. this is an exploit....it's been years! i would like to hear from the devs on this
  12. i'm noticing some interesting behavior in the A-20 109 20mm shots seem to absolutely wreck the entire crew. lucky if 1-2 bursts doesn't kill the pilot and gunner
  13. i agree, i hope not that the damage model is addressed, it will be next up for bug fixes
  14. give mission builders time to adjust maps for less bomb damage.
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