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  1. and your point is? shooting off parts of the aircraft (other than the formerly broken 109 tail) hasn't been a problem, in fact, .50's don't cause any significant aero damage up until the wing falls off (for example). so, although I'm thrilled to see the invincible 109 tail gone, it can be frustrating to get a good burst into a 109 and have the aircraft be able to perform to the same maneuverability standards as normal. on the Flip side, 1-2 german 20mm HE rounds seem to damage most fighter aircraft to the point of almost uncontrollability. especially in early war bouncing a 109 an
  2. you're first problem is expecting .50's to do anything more than a bb gun could do. meanwhile hits from 20mm mine rounds wound you when you hit even remotely near the pilot. remember when they used to knock you out too?
  3. it's obvious that oculus has flipped a switch to market to more..."casual" users...
  4. magic wing slats right? never mind wing loading or extra slat drag. apparently according to some people on here slats are "free lift" and produce no negative effects until past critical angle. funny how the La5 doesn't have magic pitch authority
  5. let me guess, the .50's don't do a thing from 12 o'clock? just started a career in the p-40. seems broken when to get 200M behind a 109 shooting a wingman, hose him down with about 200 rounds and something like 50 good hits meanwhile he just keeps shooting at your friend. seems like they don't even do enough damage to get the AI to react.
  6. been saying that for a long time with p-40. the soviets ran them flat out, and I think that's why there are anecdotes it could keep up reasonably well with 109's since they were at about 1500HP in combat.
  7. the a20 G with the turret is a must. the single .50 is laughable.
  8. gimpy117

    New Planes

    a better p-40 and P-39 are always welcome
  9. I do agree it need to be fixed. on a side note, if you manage to slip past enemy air defenses in ground strike, you are immediately given away when you strafe ground targets, which is also another problem with the current system.
  10. indeed you are right. I damaged my engine via my own round with a 20mm mine shell hitting another plane with it, i was very close sure, but I'm dubious about that, especially since it's an HE round and has a more hollow case that should cause less fragments. certainly it should strongly effect anything in the immediate vicinity, but throwing shrapnel all the way to the aircraft that shot the round? baloney.
  11. I also wanna throw out, are we also taking extra wing slat drag into account? there's no such thing as free lift...
  12. and you also gotta realize that you're doing a lot of aerodynamic damage with German 20mm too, far more than .50 or just about any other round pound for pound of HE. German HE ammo can even destabilize planes and send them into a spin almost instantly. so yeah, if anything German 20mm is over modeled
  13. do they also get better stall mechanics and high alpha ability?
  14. temporary fixes are bad, unless it makes parts of the 109 invincible
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