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  1. Thank you. Do you know if BAT mod works in multiplyer?
  2. Hi all. I'm not new to Il2, but I never tried 1946. I've been told that there are several italian planes and I'd like to try them, if possible online. I've installed SAS mod and VP mod, but there aren't italian planes in them, it looks like I've installed the wrong mods. I've seen that there are many other mods, but I'm confused...can you please point me to the right mods? Many thanks.
  3. That's true, actually, and I'm thankful to the team for representing the Regia. I was referring to Tobruk, though. It's worth developing the Mc200 for that, I hope to see her in a next upgrade.
  4. Thx for the explanation. So, they already wasted time then...😄
  5. Reading the list of planes I cannot but notice the lack of the Macchi MC200. In this thread Bonkin writes: "Q5. Are the Mc 200 and SM79 included in the development?No, the Macchi C-200 is very similar in performance to the Fiat G-50 and therefore the Macchi C-202 was a better choice for our limited resources. The Savoia-Marchetti SM-79 was too large a project to be completed for TF 5.0, but we might see it in the future." With all the due respect for your outstanding job, I must pinpoint that modeling the G50 it's IMHO not a good idea and a waste of time. The G50 was a "second choice" plane, since the contest for the "Serie 0" fighters was won by Macchi. 1153 MC200 were built, twice as the G50s. In North Africa the G50s is less representative of the Regia Aeronautica, since there were at most 80 planes (plus, later, another batch of 31 G50/Bis, modified G50s for assault role, with bigger wings, bomb racks and bigger tank), whereas the Mc200 were instead up to 198. As for the performances, it is somewhat true that the two planes were similar, but at the military test the MC200 was judged better in maneuverability and resulted faster in speed and climb (~30km/h - ~30s). The G50 was still ordered because ita was cheaper to build. I'd suggest you to invest your time and resources in developng the MC200 rather the G50, whose performances would probably deter people to choose it, so you risk to do a lot of work for nothing.. As for the SM79, I understand that the work to model is really huge, nevertheless I hope to se her modeled one day being her so iconic for the Regia Aeronautica.
  6. Hi. It is at least known if it will be released one day? Just to know, to not drool forever...
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