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  1. Hoping for Oct. 1. Thinking of finally breaking down and getting TrackIR. I play on a gaming laptop, but now I have a TV big and fancy enough in the living room to hook the laptop up there.
  2. I've been flying RoF for at least a couple of years now in my limited free time. I pre-ordered BOS because of the tremendous amount of faith I have in 777. I pre-ordered CoD, as well, and only 777's involvement could have convinced me to do so again. As others have said, these guys have skills. Overall, RoF is possibly the most-impressive piece of gaming software this aging gamer has ever owned, and the company has done nothing but conduct itself honorably during my time as one of their happy customers. I lean more toward WWI myself when it comes to aviation, but I'm keeoing an open mind and looking forward to my premium pre-order.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to write this. If I hadn't already preordered, this probably would've prompted me to do so. I already enjoy RoF and have a great deal of confidence in 777.
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