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  1. Actually for that issue, it's me. I'm using version 5.1 which may have something to do with the issue. I'll try to update and see if that makes any difference. (Love your comment about, "If it ain't broke..." I'm with you 100%! The issue is strange. I select my profile out of game and it works fine. Personally, I use a very fast setting with no dead zone. When I get in game, it's as though it reverts to some sort of default: panning becomes very slow and narrow and it has a pretty wide dead zone which I don't ever use. To compensate, I've tried making my settings ridiculously high (almos
  2. Greetings All, Several of us have just purchased the official release and are trying to understand a few things. So far: 1. Trim controls. We don't seem to be able to map them separately. Additionally, they don't seem to work on the defaults either. We realize this may be plane specific, but it would be very helpful to know which planes it can/can't be done with. Same with Tail Wheel lock. This seems only to work on certain aircraft and not on others. 2. Locked features. It seems we have to do the campaigns to unlock certain things. No problem, but is there a list of somewhere
  3. First, it's wonderful to see so many folks still here after all these years! After more than a decade of all the IL-2 fun we've had, we're excited to see this merger with the anticipation that the series will continue for even more decades to come! On behalf of all of TUSA, please accept our congratulations to both companies. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help. Sincerely, TUSA/Pepper Director http://www.flytusa.com/
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