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  1. To the pilots on the Combat Box Server: Is it possible that you upload your skins in the HSD, please.
  2. Dear friend, First of all, thanks for this wonderful game. Unfortunately, the sound, especially in the cockpit, has deteriorated. The wind noises are extremely loud, noises from outside cannot be heard. Even hits in the cockpit do not cause any noise! That's a shame, because noises make up a large part of the fun. I hope your team will tackle this problem again. Sorry for my bad English.
  3. Since the last update there is more and more "10009 Error Disconect". Unfortunately, this also affects the scoring system. Are there solutions?
  4. Thanks for the bug report. I found the problem. At the moment the website makes URLs for squads like this: http://localhost:8999/en/squad/join/5/MjNE6eDWi2gNikxI5prXIIcjlfIYIe3eCvmJtMKD/ The mistake is localhost:8999 -- if you manually edit the URL and change this to il2na.com, the link will work, so for example: http://il2na.com/en/squad/join/5/MjNE6eDWi2gNikxI5prXIIcjlfIYIe3eCvmJtMKD/ I will try to find a proper fix. For now please edit the URL before passing to your squad mates.
  5. Small problem: Squad registration not possible. Link without function!
  6. we only use discord, works fine. Right time to buy it 😉
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