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  1. Thanks for the bug report. I found the problem. At the moment the website makes URLs for squads like this: http://localhost:8999/en/squad/join/5/MjNE6eDWi2gNikxI5prXIIcjlfIYIe3eCvmJtMKD/ The mistake is localhost:8999 -- if you manually edit the URL and change this to il2na.com, the link will work, so for example: http://il2na.com/en/squad/join/5/MjNE6eDWi2gNikxI5prXIIcjlfIYIe3eCvmJtMKD/ I will try to find a proper fix. For now please edit the URL before passing to your squad mates. Works fine, thank you.
  2. Small problem: Squad registration not possible. Link without function!
  3. we only use discord, works fine. Right time to buy it 😉
  4. Is there a list of how many points individual Target`s bring?
  5. Hallo, nice Server, but: why did you turn on external view ?
  6. 109 G14 for II/JG11_Puma and II/JG11_Terzerole please.
  7. " http://www.mediafire.com/file/vv02547a3t5kb77/MC202s8_4k_Public.zip " Sorry, link is not working.
  8. Question: If I select an aircraft, the message Airplane Reserved appears and I am kicked! Why?
  9. Hello everybody Here are the BF109G14 skins of the II / JG11. Please unzib in the Graphics folder https://www.dropbox.com/s/8qx7whrvuqjnmt9/IIJG11_Skins_Bodenplatte.exe?dl=0
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