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  1. Added an indent , actually I put one of the screws further through the body which stops the throttle going full forward but allows me to push it inwards and go past the 'gate'....thanks for that
  2. Unfortunately, no, was hard enough to work out without adding that, I did put a small pushbutton switch up at the top of the back panel, allowing me to press that for the boost.
  3. Been using a fantastic printed unit, but wanted to go to metal...after two weeks , lots of mucking around, scrap metals and wood, here is the final result. just waiting to get a printed box to hide the electronics then install.
  4. Have been trying for over three hours to update the game, fails each time with the error in the title. Now uninstalled and reinstalling to try that { steam version of the game }.....anyone else have this issue before?
  5. Started way back in 99 with the EAF...call sign was EAF92_Puffman, then got 602 formed within EAF ...been with them since ( well had a few year break and formed 602RAF then returned back into the fold) flew just about every sim there is/was lol , nice see some old names in here. Trooper...was that your call sign in EAF 19? I remember Alfie, but I am getting older 🤪
  6. Posted a long time back, but now updated my pit with a control column and edge rudder pedals from Spitsim, they are amazing quality and build..
  7. Vander...can I ask mate...any further forward incorperating Tank Crew in this amazing generator ??
  8. More info on B17, VR mainly with nine others in MP, can also use B24. It’s all here https://microprose.com/games/the-mighty-eighth
  9. Could it be possible that they have the value for the bullet velocity set at WW2 standards and not from our older mg’s? This could explain why a few shots take wings off. Just a thought.
  10. I think the ramming issue stems from the attitude of players..in general, the personal stat attitude. When I was very active in RoF , this was also an issue and its sad to see it hasn't really changed. Is it really that important to show the world you got a kill in a video game? The number of times I used to just break off and leave them to it , would be nice if folks tried to replicate something of how those pilots tried to survive the odds instead of grabbing the limelight....anyways, that's just the opinion of an old flyer, feel free to disagree
  11. @DetCord12BWould it be possible, to contact Jason and see if this sound mod could be added to the actual game in part of a patch...if its of high enough quality then maybe it would , no harm in asking.
  12. Would be great it Pat Wilson got a hold of it...what a career that would bring!
  13. Hi folks..can anyone else replicate what I'm seeing in game....I take the t34/76 and set up a quick mission using the Rhine map in winter. Driving along in the snow, the tank cannot get out of first gear, RPM is to low to allow this, meaning you can only get about 7 km/hr for her. Drivers would be able to keep the rpm high enough to allow the engagement of second or even third gear in snow { T34 was designed to be used in harsh conditions } Is this a bug or is it what the developers wanted? Hope someone can help out
  14. Right you lot..where are all the Russian tank profiles..always the bloody Germans lol This site has some https://www.o5m6.de/redarmy/index.php
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