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  1. Fantastic workmanship...looks great...I'll be sure to let others know all about this project
  2. There is a God after all Looking forward to it guys !!
  3. I can recommend Open Cockpit by Arthur Gould Lee...follows his time through the Great War as a pilot in 46 Squadron RFC. It’s a fantastic read!
  4. And you have successfully done that...if some of those shots were in monochrome, they could easily be mistaken for gun footage.
  5. Well done with the movie, was great to watch. Really well done with the editing etc.. The book is a really good read too..but take whats in it with a large pinch of salt.. the October 43 section quotes for instance The ORB shows that 602 only met 190's on the 18th of Oct 43...and there were only two confirmed kills with the escort/sweep at 1315...but Clostermann wasn't flying that mission, the next sweep { with which he flew } at 1615 only spotted 109's that broke off. Flt Sgt Clostermann only flew on 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 9th, 10th, 16th,18th and 21st with only no contacts with E/A's on any of the missions he flew. Does its take away from the pilot...not in the slightest, but he does have the habit of 'adding' to the truths lol
  6. Hi Wolf....as you asked for mate. The list of airframes for 602 Sqn Spitfire MkIX’s These serial numbers are accurate although most were lost in combat or struck off before Dec 44...but we can just run with them if that’s ok...would take a bit longer to find the serials that were with 602 in Dec/Jan LO-R MH709 LO-Q MH512 LO-X MH736 LO-E MH882 LO-C MJ276 LO-D MH586 LO-P PL344 LO-A MK611 LO-M MH504 LO-J MH730 LO-G MH488 LO-T MH972 I’ll give you a call next week for a natter. Cheers Puff
  7. No problem..so why then, are there four crew members in the tank..driver, gunner radio operator/hull gunner and a fourth crew member behind the radio operator...is that a bug in the placing of crew members?
  8. In the latest update, I tested the tank in quick mission, internally it shows four bodies but I can only cycle through the driver, gunner and radio positions....the commander is missing. In the M4a2 sherman, the tech bar at the bottom of the screen is missing from the gunners position...and the camera view for the turned out driver and radioman does not match the 3d model, the camera view moves high, as though the person is standing
  9. Had no issues using the M4A2 in QM here..sorry I cant be of any more help..also noted that the 'turned out' position of the driver in the Sherman has the view point very high, in real life, the head was out the hatch, not the whole body { couldn't find any way to move the view to a more accurate position }
  10. Yep, all the switches work...in game though, there aren't enough controls to assign to them...other games { study sims } allow me to use all of the switches and controls. It does make a massive difference to flying, take offs and landings, with a full size control column.
  11. Thanks Air fresheners were fitted as standard to later marks of spitfire at the Castle Bromwich factory lol
  12. The left hand side ( excluding the lower switch panels, air filter switch, flap control, reflector sight switch and nav lights ) and control column were bought from Spitfire Histories. I made the front panel, lower front, modded the pedals, made the seat and the right side panel...then added the chassis control unit from Spitfire Histories
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