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  1. Had no issues using the M4A2 in QM here..sorry I cant be of any more help..also noted that the 'turned out' position of the driver in the Sherman has the view point very high, in real life, the head was out the hatch, not the whole body { couldn't find any way to move the view to a more accurate position }
  2. Yep, all the switches work...in game though, there aren't enough controls to assign to them...other games { study sims } allow me to use all of the switches and controls. It does make a massive difference to flying, take offs and landings, with a full size control column.
  3. Thanks Air fresheners were fitted as standard to later marks of spitfire at the Castle Bromwich factory lol
  4. The left hand side ( excluding the lower switch panels, air filter switch, flap control, reflector sight switch and nav lights ) and control column were bought from Spitfire Histories. I made the front panel, lower front, modded the pedals, made the seat and the right side panel...then added the chassis control unit from Spitfire Histories
  5. Thanks..the left side cockpit { Trim wheels, Throttle and radio box } and the control column were bought from EAF79_Topsy { Find him here https://www.facebook.com/spitfirehistories/ } The central section, left side switch panel { bottom section } and the full right side I built myself..I also modded my Saitek F16 pedals to look like spitfire ones lol
  6. I had posted in the suggestion section of the forums that I had issues with the home cockpit working with the trim functions and also the flaps in game..through the thread I had some good help..but I must say, Oliver88 stepped right up to the plate and delivered...wow!! He worked out a script that allows me to utilise my flap toggle and most important, allows me to use the trim wheels in the cockpit in game. I just wanted to publicly thank him for his sterling work..this forum is full of really helpful folks, its a pleasure to hang around here!! MANY THANKS MATE...REALLY APPRECIATED!!!
  7. Thanks for that mate, gave it a try but doesn't recognise the lever control working { although in game it still operates the flap down } From my devices.txt file within BoS configId,guid,model| 0,%225b8d6b00-8cea-11e7-0000545345440980%22,Saitek%20Pro%20Flight%20Throttle%20Quadrant%20(USB)| 1,%225b8d6b00-8cea-11e7-0000545345440c80%22,Saitek%20Pro%20Flight%20Combat%20Rudder%20Pedals| 2,%225b8d6b00-8cea-11e7-0000545345440a80%22,Joystick%20-%20HOTAS%20Warthog| 3,%225b8d6b00-8cea-11e7-0000545345440b80%22,Throttle%20-%20HOTAS%20Warthog| 4,%226fd72d00-ced8-11e7-0000545345440180%22,CH%20THROTTLE%20QUADRANT| 5,%224ca478f0-ebfd-11e7-0000545345440180%22,Arduino%20Leonardo| 6,%2263527110-ebfd-11e7-0000545345440280%22,Arduino%20Leonardo| 7,%22aa167c40-fba7-11e7-0000545345440280%22,vJoy%20Device| 8,%2211ff28de-28de-0001-4449564449500000%22,Controller%20(XBOX%20360%20For%20Windows)| 9,%22f0778340-91c1-11e8-0000545345440180%22,Model%202040%2F2045| 10,%22a727b380-91c2-11e8-0000545345440280%22,Model%202120%2F2125 Row 9 is the controller in question, I tried changing the 10joy1 line in the settings txt file to 09joy1 and also 9joy1 but no working lol
  8. Ok, the controls are Flaps up - U Flaps down - J controller input - joy9_b0
  9. I’ll get that info in a little while, currently at work lol. Thanks for this Oliver88
  10. Yep as a joystick button press..I'll have a look at it, may need some assistance in getting it to work lol
  11. Don't think that would work, I use a push button behind the flap lever, so for activation it goes from a '0' to a '1' then back to a '0' again on one movement from up to down, then repeats that on the opposite way...many thanks for having a look at it, its very appreciated.
  12. I'll add mine into the mix too FC code - RGJ25BDR 25% off - N82P2ZQN
  13. Thanks folks..I'll watch and wait. Lol..you could press a bloody key so much quicker than I can roll that wheel Never thought of that, possible to do that, will need to wait till next week till I'm back at work
  14. The flap switch has a push button behind the body which feeds a Desktop Aviator usb control board, it only registers one key press per activation, to change it would take a lot of work to the actual switch ( took three days to hand finish ). The trims are connected to two 10k pots fitted with gearing to get the correct control... that’s why I need the ability to assign to an axis command, fitting a rotary encoder would screw up for the other sims I play. It would be a shame if the devs don’t look to changes to the way controls are assigned.. but I wait in hope.
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