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  1. More info on B17, VR mainly with nine others in MP, can also use B24. It’s all here https://microprose.com/games/the-mighty-eighth
  2. Could it be possible that they have the value for the bullet velocity set at WW2 standards and not from our older mg’s? This could explain why a few shots take wings off. Just a thought.
  3. I think the ramming issue stems from the attitude of players..in general, the personal stat attitude. When I was very active in RoF , this was also an issue and its sad to see it hasn't really changed. Is it really that important to show the world you got a kill in a video game? The number of times I used to just break off and leave them to it , would be nice if folks tried to replicate something of how those pilots tried to survive the odds instead of grabbing the limelight....anyways, that's just the opinion of an old flyer, feel free to disagree
  4. @DetCord12BWould it be possible, to contact Jason and see if this sound mod could be added to the actual game in part of a patch...if its of high enough quality then maybe it would , no harm in asking.
  5. Would be great it Pat Wilson got a hold of it...what a career that would bring!
  6. Hi folks..can anyone else replicate what I'm seeing in game....I take the t34/76 and set up a quick mission using the Rhine map in winter. Driving along in the snow, the tank cannot get out of first gear, RPM is to low to allow this, meaning you can only get about 7 km/hr for her. Drivers would be able to keep the rpm high enough to allow the engagement of second or even third gear in snow { T34 was designed to be used in harsh conditions } Is this a bug or is it what the developers wanted? Hope someone can help out
  7. Right you lot..where are all the Russian tank profiles..always the bloody Germans lol This site has some https://www.o5m6.de/redarmy/index.php
  8. Late to the party but been around since a tester in ROF...what gets me is that , as a camel pilot, I have to suffer the feeling that I’m doing something wrong in taking the aircraft...but I always fly with 100% fuel, sad but true I know ...but no combat pilot in his right mind took off with less than full tanks, I asked this of two WW2 pilots when the same argument arose in RoF years ago and was told this from both of them. I have no problem with others doing whatever they wish, but please don’t tar all Camel pilots with the same brush. Some of us are mad 😁
  9. Type of improvement : Server difficulty option Explanation of Improvement : Separate simple gauges for tanks and aircraft in game huds Benefits : Will allow server admins to set different difficulty options to both ground and air, allowing the use of ammo count and mini maps for ground whilst remaining off for airforces
  10. Thanks for the reply..I'll add that to the suggestion section and hope for the best
  11. Would it be possible to enable the small in game map and ammo count server side??..tanking can be quite difficult without it and only using the large lower res briefing map makes it harder to be a cautious tank commander { not one for just charging in lol } Fully understand if you don't wish to do it, just thought I'd ask
  12. Type of Improvement: Graphical Explanation of Proposal: Allow a higher resolution of map with details of roads/rivers/bridges/villages.. etc for use with the tank crewman. All current Great Battle maps would require this addition.Possibly split into sectors for each of the main maps Benefits: Allow the tank crew owners to plan routes and find targets etc on servers adding to the immersion of that role , would require the mission builder to allow the relevant sector for use in game
  13. Its nearly impossible to actually plan anything on servers without a more detailed map..and , if there is one, please allow the seperation of aircraft and tank ability to open the thing please lol Just been in a server with some of the hud locked..so no map?? and also no idea what bloody rounds I have up the pipe lol...makes it really tough to be at all strategic...does anyone know if this will be making it in game? { detailed map that is }
  14. All of the above tanks in the vote and all those mentioned...really hope the devs push towards later eastern front battles before looking west. ( only due to having less tanks to develop than would do on the western front )
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