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  1. There's a quick way to fix this: open a command tool/windows powershell/whatever it's called (don't you hate M$ marketing something other OSes have had since the year dot?) as Admin. Then type (exactly, so cut-and-paste it): dism /online /remove-capability /capabilityname:Analog.Holographic.Desktop~~~~ then do your update without the headset connected (so it doesn't reinstall WMR). Then reconnect the headset and install WMR again. 56RAF_phoenix56
  2. Resizeable BAR slows il2 in my test using the SYN_Vander benchmark. But note I'm not using his standard settings, more a set for practical MP play. You'll see in the attached graphs that, depressingly, those settings leave the GPU underused. Also, 50% CPU usage would be fully loaded as the 8 cores are hyperthreaded into 16. I have a Ryzen 5800, 3080 and Reverb G2, but they're stock speeds and the GPU looks power limited. 56RAF_phoenix (edited to correct time origin on graphs) Sorry about the multiple graphics, I can't seem to get rid of the old one.
  3. The most important question is, will the radar objects have realistic detection, search and track methods? Presumably the Axis will get Freya and Wurzburg. 56RAF_phoenix56
  4. It would be great if we could select a standard skin and unit numbering for everyone to see, but load a custom skin on top for squad members (or anyone else with that custom skin) to see. This will be a very welcome feature. 56RAF_phoenix56
  5. Last night I bailed in friendly territory, landed on firm ground, waited until my pilot vanished and hit "finish spectate". Yet it's counted as a death. There's something wrong here, whether in il2stats or elsewhere I wouldn't know. Here is a paste from the end of the sortie log on the server: 56RAF_phoenix56
  6. Sorry I'm not answering the question, but I'd be interested to know who your dedicated server is, what the specification is and what it costs. Furthermore, how well it performs using il2 dserver. There seems very little information on these topics. 56RAF_phoenix56
  7. The Hurricane has curtain flaps behind the centre-of-lift, therefore it should pitch down as the flaps are deployed. The historical pilots' notes say the same. I seem to remember the same problem, initially, with one of the Spitfire models. Otherwise, it seems really great. The cockpit is a delight. 56RAF_phoenix56
  8. I think the database of fields and targets may be out-of-sync with the published maps. That would explain the experiences above. 56RAF_phoenix
  9. Mission oddity - unless I'm not understanding. I just flew mission 189, which has a target at Karmanovo (1508), listed on the current mission webpage and on the mission planner map. On arrival there was no target there. Inspecting the mission file shows no target there. It's possible I'm not understanding and it was deactivated for this mission, but it seems more likely something is out of sync. 56RAF_phoenix56
  10. Of course you're right Alonzo. Not being able to access spawned 'planes as objects is the greatest flaw in the scripting engine. I'm really hoping the delay in the development of the Air Marshal function is because they might have had to add such functionality. But I presume servers (like Finnish, or Coconut as was) detect Supply 'planes landing through parsing the log? On altitude of the recon, I'd make it consistent with the cloud base. Potentially, you could add a delay of a typical flight time to the nearest coalition base, but that's rather artificial.
  11. Recon proposal I wonder if it would be possible to reveal (and make attackable) the Recon targets after the recon 'plane has landed safely? I think it would add a lot of realism and change the tempo of the map. 56RAF_phoenix
  12. Temuri - I can confirm I have this problem too. I led the bombers of 56RAF on a high-level bombing mission of Axis Depot #1 and simply could not see it from about 3.5km altitude in the bomb sight. We went back at low level and it only popped into view when I zoomed in at relatively short distance. Definitely a LOD problem, I would say. Cheers, 56RAF_phoenix
  13. Type of improvement: Realistic RADAR object Description: Report aircraft location, altitude and heading - based on real horizon and clutter effects, the radar range equation, the diffraction equation and realistic operator search and track methods. Benefits: - RADAR had a profound effect on post-D-day air activity which is largely missing from this simulation; - it would promote the effectiveness of larger formations against smaller units, thereby encouraging more group behaviour on df servers; - it could be integrated with the Mission Commander tool to provide mo
  14. With the greatest possible respect to those who put huge amount of time and effort into running this server, I feel you've got your formula a bit wrong. I hope you don't mind some hopefully constructive, criticism. Our squad flies a variety of missions: fighter-sweep, strike, escorted strike. We have a wide range of skill levels. To my mind the biggest problem is that too many of your maps have the targets too concentrated. While this may have been true to life at the time, the limitations of the sim mean that it can only support a limited number of targets and therefore every
  15. Alonzo - Though I'm no expert in this area, I've had some success reducing stutters on Combat Box by reducing the MTU in this way on the PC Ethernet interface as well as the upstream routers. I have a theory that setting the MTU on the PC Ethernet interface allows some netcode API calls in the game to determine what maximum packet size it should use, rather than relying on some handshake protocol. This can be done as follows, open a Command type window as Admin, then type this to see the interfaces: netsh interface ipv4 show subinterface Then look for the one that says somethi
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