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  1. Thats is not the only topic but is an important topic You should have option to choose what you what in technochat. I dont think this too hard to do Indeed % give a huge advantage since we are playing a combat simulator where fast actions and reflexes make difference 1 sec is a big advantage
  2. Am i so glad people are joining the discussion... This will help everyone to match the perfect sim/arcade balance preferences. More options never should be a problem. Technochat is really immersion killing. How awesome will be VR without that?
  3. Please guys support this suggestion No technochat for us
  4. I think the main issue with aircraft visibility is the pop in effect. 15km range and a fade in view should be enough to fix this annoying event. One HE111 on horizon is easy to see in game but when reach 9.5 they just pop out. This is not good Moving ships and contrails become much more weird with this limitation The game is going foward and that really needs revision
  5. Not exactly I will scrap all 1946 compare data. The program just read txt files and this can work perfectly We have option to add or exclude any plane we need
  6. The game already have the feature. We just need a wait to force that on serverside Big important to most serious campaigns like TAW
  7. You have reference on plane gauges. RPM, Mainfold Pressure, A.T.A.... You have everything you need I use that for SP but in multiplayer cause a huge disadvantage. MP is the focus for me I hope they make theses changes. Will no hurt more options
  8. This is a community discussion not a suggestion for devs right now. I'am trying to get more ideas first 😀 IL2 Great Battles have place to different players, we have place for casual and hardcore pilots so why not expand more difficulty settings? Server owner's should be able to force no Hud information at all. No throttle percentage, no engine warnings, no compass... We can have a minimap as separated option without icons and hud. Full screen map to low spec hardware freeze the game sometimes. With this option we can make a more imprecise navigation system s
  9. I will try to update manually the il2 compare with BoX data Accord to il2 1946 4.11 compare F4 turn much better than Yak1, in box that is inaccurate. First i will update speed chats (much more easy to do), later i have to create a method to update curves Later today i will reply here my methods and the firsts tests
  10. How much planes on BoX have diference in engine performance and turn radius from 1946? We can use 1946 compare to reference BoX planes?
  11. The discussion on Discord is going well but I need more time to share some thoughts. The current airfield system is deprecated. They have a minimum effect on the campaign so here are my ideas about that. Maybe this can help you rework this system or come with other ideas from community Airfields have 2 main attributes: Plans and KG of Bombs. The problem is, Bomb become a useless stuff. Weird right? But yes, we have a campaign based on tank destroyers and tank destroyers do not use so much bombs. Rockets and 37 mm cannons is enough! My suggestion is to increase these attribut
  12. Every city have placed tanks on map? I cant found the parked ones
  13. Yeah. Some of my friends dont enter o server because "ferry is boring" If they had a chance to fly some sorties maybe this can change
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